Natural beauty product review: annmarie Aloe Herb Cleanser and Anti-Aging Eye Cream


A couple of months ago, I purchased a couple of full size, natural skin products from annmarie.

You see, I’d been happily using Andalou Naturals’ facial cleansing foam, “1000 Roses” for several years. However, recently, I’d not been able to find it on the various health food store shelves (nor in any of the organic type food store shelves). Thus, I decided to give the annmarie product line a try.

I’d had kept the annmarie products in mind to try (whenever I ran out of the cleanser I’d been using) because the annmarie line doesn’t contain any of the chemicals I avoid. As well, annmarie had been very generous to us this past March, by donating a glorious gift basket of sample products for a raffle at our Awakening Into The Sun health and wellness festival in St. Petersburg, Florida!


There’s quite a difference in price and size of the two products, but I decided to toss those differences aside, and support a small, family run business.

As for using the annmarie Aloe Herb Cleanser:

The largest and most stand-out difference, was in the application of the annmarie product. The texture between the cleansing foam I had been using and the creamy lotion-like consistency of the annmarie Aloe Herb Cleanser was a huge change for me! But, I stayed true to the course, and within a week or so, I the Aloe Herb Cleanser won me over.

Next, I had always loved the smell of roses when I washed my face with the Andalou 1000 Roses foam, but, as you can probably guess, the scent of the annmarie Aloe Herb Cleanser became just as enticing. It’s light and a bit garden-like. I began thinking of not only my grandmother’s rose bushes when I washed my face, but now, her whole garden! And to me, the thoughts that I’m thinking while I’m washing (or doing any task for that matter), mean as much or more as whatever it is that I’m doing!

As for how much I’m using, I’d always used one pump of the Andalou foam, so at first, I used one pump of the Aloe Herb Cleanser. Over time, however, I’ve increased to using two pumps of the Aloe Herb Cleanser. I’m not sure why, it just feels like I need more. Perhaps, I’m enjoying the luxury of it more. I believe I’m also taking a bit longer while washing my face–perhaps because I am caught up in all of the aforementioned thoughts! Haha!

As for results, I’m noticing my skin has improved some, though, remember, our skin changes every day–any typically, not for the better. So, as we age, I’d expect anyone’s skin to age also. So, for me to see any visible improvement is a big payoff!

While I do believe in and practice, facial massage and exercise, I think I’ve switched from performing those little rituals after my shower, to doing most, in the shower–because of using the Aloe Herb Cleanser. This is because the lotion-like consistency of it lasts longer than the foam did.

As for the annmarie Anti-Aging Eye Cream, I definitely recommend it! I’d not been using anything for my eyes on a regular basis prior to purchasing this eye cream, so it’s probably pretty straight-forward to me to notice an improvement by using it. Thus, this is why I focused on the cleansing for this article, versus the eye cream.

Like the Aloe Herb Cleanser, the annmarie Anti-Aging Eye Cream has a rich, creamy feel to it; it smells wonderful with a light, pleasant scent. And the pump applicator top allows one to get as tiny of an amount as you’d like–and I use it sparingly.

So, both thumbs way UP for these two natural skin-care products from annmarie. I’ll be a repeat customer!

To learn more about Annmarie Gianni’s story (which I could rave about, but you should read first-hand), the annmarie products, or to order, please visit their website at:

Note: I have not received any commission or product for this endorsement.

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, wholly vibrant, and beautiful.

Be the best version of who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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Vital healthy delicious nutrition: Ionie’s Healing Center and Raw Food Cafe

Originally published: January 1, 2015

I love Ionie’s Healing Center and Raw Food Cafe!! Love, love, love it! Let’s start the New Year right! How about it? So many people are perishing. They’re literally perishing for lack of knowledge, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and NUTRITION!

Every food made at Ionie’s Cafe is delicious and HEALTHY! This is VITAL food full of nutrition for you – especially if you’re fighting a dis-ease in your body. Time is of the essence. Do not procrastinate to give your body what it needs. No one wants cancer, chronic or degenerative dis-ease. No one wants to suffer.

The menu at Ionie’s Cafe is 100 percent organic, vegan, and raw – they have everything you need to get and maintain a healthy, life-giving lifestyle, even through the winter months! Ionie’s Healing Center offers infra red and oxygen saunas. Fabulous healthy way to get warm, strengthen your immunity, and reduce weight.

I would scream (but I won’t because I’m a very nice, kind, and compassionate person) because if you are unwell I want so much to tell / show you that YOU HAVE OPTIONS!

This is a topic I am totally passionate about! I have learned quite a bit about enzyme-rich, nutritionally dense living vegan foods and how intelligent they are for you because I used to be hungry all the time and fat when I ate processed, nutritionally deficient foods. Fast food, canned, boxed, and overly processed foods never fill you up — thus you eat, and eat, and eat and wind up getting fat!

You eat, and eat, and never get proper nutrition. Then you wonder why you feel like crap, are sluggish, no energy, and suffer from type 2 diabetes, inflammation, and so on. How can this be?

To explain it thoroughly I’d have to take you down the rabbit hole of nutrient deficient SOIL that vegetables and fruits are grown in these days, not to mention all the extra crap that’s added to foods (to make processed food taste good and perhaps even get people addicted to it) which raises blood sugar levels and prevents our bodies from actually producing some of the things the body needs to maintain good health. That’s all before we get into the conversation about pesticides and herbicides which are sprayed on produce at the farms, along with hormones, antibiotics, and so on. Much of what’s fed to animals gets passed to us via dairy products, meat, etc.

It’s a bit overwhelming when you think of all the contributing factors in the food chain that are unhealthy for us and contribute to various dis-eases.

When I think about and analyze all the reasons processed foods hurt us, it propels me to do all I can to educate people (which is the main reason I write these articles). Do you know that white sugar is addictive as heroin? Yep. Interesting huh?

So, would you rather pay the farmer or the doctor? Sure eating healthy may not be as glamorous as laying in a hospital with an IV in your arm but I say, I’ve got way to much to do than to lay around feeling sick and yucky. Nor do I care to run to doctors or hospitals. Those are pretty scary places!

I don’t know about you but I want to fully LIVE! I want to feel GREAT, vibrant, vital, with lots of energy!

I know I can feel my best when I eat mostly organic whole local produce, nuts and seeds. I do not need dairy. I do not need grains.

Yes, it is possible to live on a raw vegetable and fruit juice diet, with some raw vegetable salads along with nuts and seeds, or soups, or only juicing.

You can learn about raw food and juicing.

This brings me back to the purpose of this article. Visit with a raw foods gal like Ionie (at Ionie’s Healing Center and Raw Food Cafe in Sarasota, Florida). Consult a nutritionist or naturopath. Ask others who have been eating a raw foods diet for years. You get all the protein you need (actually your body makes protein from enzymes) from a variety of raw leafy greens. Note: Some people need additional Vitamin B or D supplements.

Cows eat grass and forage for their food out in nature (the ones that live and roam the fields, not the cows that are factory-farm raised) and they produce protein – right? Use the intelligence in that brain of yours. You do not need to buy into mass media marketing.

Take It Upon Yourself to be HEALTHY and HAPPY.

This is a positive post.

I want to encourage you to check out how EASILY you can regain your vitality, vibrancy, and exquisite health! You do not need to take pharmaceutical medications for the rest of your life for chronic dis-eases. That’s rubbish!

I want to inform you that there are many, many people in our central and southern Florida area (and in the world) who KNOW about fantastic nutrition and they’d love to help you!

I’ve literally watched friends and family turn their illnesses OFF and heal a variety of chronic dis-eases by changing their diets, so I know it works.

I’ve also seen profound changes in my body by juicing and eating raw organic whole foods. I am not just a believer, I know!

Ionie also knows. She can also share plenty of health success stories. Ionie has much nutrition know how and has a center and cafe aimed at helping people live and be well. Here’s the link to her center –>> Click here.

I am going to make this really simple. Do you want to be healthy and FEEL great??? Really? Do you understand that you are what you eat? Do you get that concept?

What I would love to see, is a way for anyone who is recovering from drugs or alcohol to consume a raw food diet (to get proper nutrition) and allow their body and mind to heal. If you’re unaware of the struggle addicts go through please watch this excellent documentary by actor and comedian Russell Brand –>> Click here. My bet is that a raw food diet, along with meditation and an honest commitment to working a 12 step recovery program – anyone can do the day-to-day work to overcome addiction.

My suggestion to replace your alcohol drink of choice: Ionie’s Elix This tonic! It’s so zesty and tasty! It’s the perfect adult non-alcoholic drink to aid your recovery from alcohol or cut back on alcohol (if you’re just a social drinker wanting to consume less). This tonic is wildly spicy and yummy! I love that it’s made from organic ingredients like lemon and ginger and contains NO SUGAR! aWEsOMe!! I drink some everyday!

My favorite juices and smoothies at Ionie’s Cafe are:

• Elix This- Lemon, ginger, cayenne, coconut nectar & pure water. Spicy!

• True Blood – Apples, beets, ginger and lime

• The Assunta – Apple, lemon and kale juices blended with spinach, banana and kiwi

• Shake Your Tail Feather – Creamy almond milk, blended with sweet coconut nectar, bananas, cacao, and the perfect mix of spices! It’s malty, spicy YUM!

• Strawberry “Milk” Shake – Ripe strawberries, homemade almond milk, and dates. Also a big YUM!

• Green with Envy – Parsley, spinach, cilantro, kale, cucumber and celery

Call Ionie’s or visit her website – she plans to open on Friday and Saturday evenings for dinner soon! I am certainly hoping she will! The raw food movement is growing by leaps and bounds! People are waking up to what real health is and I am ecstatic!

Ionie’s Healing Center and Cafe is located at:

1241 Fruitville Road
Sarasota, FL 34236

Ionie’s Healing Center and Cafe phone numbers:

941-955-4599 (spa)
941-320-0504 (cafe)

Just know that there are MANY choices are available for you to be well and feel good. If you do not live near the Sarasota Florida area, here’s some more options:

Reach out to Chef Olive Mackey on or connect with any of the following raw food / health education folks in the list below:

• Hippocrates Health Institute (West Palm Beach, FL)

• Markus Rothkranz (Feb 2018 (while Richard and I were on a cruise to Cozumel!!)- I dreamed Markus and Cara came to our house and caught me doing a lot of things wrong, from my eating to my thinking! They encouraged us and the children who were with us, to eat better! It seemed so real!)

• Dave the raw food trucker

• Rawbin

• Mimi Kirk

• Dan the Regenerator

• Matt Monarch – The Raw Food World (Angela Stokes was the first person who taught me about raw vegan food!)

NOTE: I originally published this article on and it was republished without my knowledge or permission elsewhere since. However, this is my original work. I’ve also updated this article.

To learn more about me click here –>> Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, vibrant, and beautiful. Be who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

Natural remedies for a cough or cold

In a previous article, I listed some of the best natural remedies I rely on for reducing sinus congestion (garlic capsules), but this time, I want to focus on giving you some easy natural remedies whenever you have a cough or cold.

This is one of the mixtures I either buy at a health food store, or make on my own, which consists of:

  • Apple cider vinegar (ACV)
  • garlic
  • onions
  • cayenne
  • horseradish
  • ginger root (or ginger powder in the herb aisle of your grocery store)

I’ve tried a few different formulations of this concoction and it works every time.

Or, I take a few drops of Young Living Thieves blend, or lemon (as shown in this picture) of therapeutic essential oil and blend it in my Vitamix along with one fresh cucumber, one lemon or lime, and an inch or two of ginger root water (which I peel and blend with 2 cups of water).


I’ve also put a drop or two of the essential oils on my tongue and then drink this water but recently I’ve quit taking the oils that way. I’ve also dropped one drop of P73 Oreganol on my tongue–but it’s really spicy hot, so be careful if you decide to try that.

Otherwise, if these remedy ideas seem too strong for you, try some warm tea or golden milk (which has turmeric in it). I love it! It’s super soothing. I’ve also tried colloidal silver with varying degree of results, as well as, I’ve recently drank bone broth and found it to be hydrating and energizing.

At the first sign of congestion, I grab my clean condiment squirt bottle and fill it with room temp distilled water with a half teaspoon (more or less) of buffered salt (you can buy it where netipots are sold), and shake until the salt is fully dispersed in the water.

Over my bathroom sink, I bend over a bit and squirt the saline water up my nose (in both nostrils), then again, but like using a netipot, I tilt my head to one side and allow the water to flow in. Repeat for both sides, allowing the water and mucous to drain out. Watch a YouTube video on this if you are unsure about doing it.


I also take herbs of Ashwaganda and Echinacea for 5-7 days during the time of experiencing any cold symptoms. For me, it helps. Your experience may be different. And certainly seek the help of a qualified licensed health practitioner, such as a naturopath or Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Here’s the honey I use also, if I add it to the tea–and the raw garlic:


I’ve read that most Americans are deficient in magnesium and other minerals, so whenever I have a cough or cold, sore throat, I make sure that I’m taking my trace minerals, bathing in epsom salts, or that kind of thing.

Lastly, I love these particular homeopathic pills. They are my go to remedy for lots of things. You can find that at most good health food stores. They’ll have a chart/booklet to help you with the ones you need. Or of course, you could consult with your naturopathic doctor to determine the best ones for you!


My disclaimer: I offer this information for educational purposes only. You can use it to ask better questions of your licensed health practitioner. I am not a doctor. I am not diagnosing or offering any kind of treatment.

I believe our bodies have innate healing abilities, just like how our skin heals on its own if we cut or burn it.

The words in this post are my personal experiences only.

To our feeling great, better health, and longevity,

Sheila Murrey

Your alternative health researcher, joyful wellness guinea pig, and mindful Mind-Body-Spirit guru! Reach out to me if you need a boost, or a boot, to get yourself back in charge of YOUR well-being.

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, wholly vibrant, and beautiful.

Be the best version of who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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Oh, snap! Natural Health and Wellness is big business

In 2005, when I began writing a holistic, natural health and wellness book, I set a Google alert for simply, “natural health and wellness.” And I’d get an email from the alert every few days with one or two results.

But yesterday, I realized the email often contains twenty or more results!

In the years I’ve been writing my book (and blog articles because everything changes so fast), the industry has taken off in a big way–and I’m seeing an even larger market for my book–it’s always been needed, but I didn’t think many people would be ready for it.

I am sure one of the reasons that I’ve lagged in finishing my book was due to a kind of lackluster interest. I mean, I’d talk with people about holistic health and they’d look at me like I had three eyes. Okay, I have a third eye–that has opened up in the last five years–but that’s another post for another day.

I’d try to give family or friends advice about the alternative treatments I’d been getting, the healthy organic food and clothing options, or herbal and homeopathic remedies for colds and flu, etc. Yet, most of my attempts to help were often frowned upon, sometimes I’d even be scolded! I learned to only offer suggestions when asked. And that asking wasn’t happening with any regular frequency, so I kinda gave up.

I threw my hands in the air and decided to let them spend their money on outrageously priced health insurance premiums and co-pays. After all, it was their choice.

I sat by while family and friends underwent painful medical procedures.

I read emails and Facebook posts from them. I did the best I could to remain compassionate and loving. But, I knew deep down, I had an understanding that could help, if they’d only listen.

And then today, something happened. I caught a glimmer of hope!

Awareness is E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G… for the general populace–about all kinds of things!

With the boomers talking about anti-aging (and how chemically-laden skin care costs a small fortune), solar energy getting easier to acquire and afford, the buzz words of green, eco-friendly, and sustainable being used all the more, the list of chronic ills growing larger by the minute (with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease seeming to lead the way), more people (college age or boomers) living in “tiny houses” or RVs full-time to downsize, live simply ,and save money, the March against Monsanto movement gaining a strong foothold (due to the multitude of bees dying), National Geographic highlighting the massive deforestation that’s been going on for some time–for all these reasons and more–masses of people are waking up!

And many of these awake and aware folks are now looking for natural health and wellness options to ease the rising tidal wave of humongous healthcare costs–better late than never in my humble opinion!

So, among other things on my daily alert, I found such things as articles on collagen peptides as a non-surgical solution to reduce facial wrinkles, how to throw a healthy dinner party, natural health trends, how many companies now make tea tree essential oil, whole body healing products like mats and pillows, and of course the latest in nutricosmetics–yes, I’d heard of nutriceuticals a few years ago and have written blog articles about some, but nutricosmetics made from natural elements was a new term for me!

When Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Jin Shin Jyutsu, and my 660nm red light therapy go mainstream, I’ll really hoot and holler!

I mean, natural health modalities of detoxification, organic food, physical therapy, hypnosis, yoga, meditation, Pilates, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, Kinesiology, colon hydrotherapy, and essential oils are fairly common now, with insurance covering acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage therapy for certain situations.

However, it may still take some time for raw vegan food, Reflexology, the Energy medicine modalities like Theta healing, Healing Touch, Reiki, Pranic healing, past life regression, and Pranayama breathing techniques to be accepted. And other more hands on or physical approaches to wellness of Feldenkrais, Cranio-Sacral, Tai Chi, Qigong, Yamuna, herbal and Bach flower remedies, biofeedback, oxygen, chelation, and stem cell therapies to become commonplace.

Note: March 21st, 2018 The Tomah, Wisconsin VA center is offering a new Tai Chi class to help veterans find relief! Yay!!

There really are (gasp–apparently), lots of people like me out there in the world who care about all this natural stuff! Haha! Yay, finally!

I knew I’d been able to buy a lot more organic food (produce, canned, and frozen items) at our local–non-health food type–grocery store, which has been especially time-saving! But, what I hadn’t realized was just how the whole “get healthy naturally” idea has blossomed!

Someday soon it seems, I may be able to buy some of the cottage industry clothing, skin care, organic recipe ingredients, and so on from our local grocery store. For now, I’ll continue to support (in alphabetical order):

Awakening Wellness Center

Blue Canoe Organic Clothing

Cottonseed Casual Wear

Dan McDonald

Ecoland Organic Clothing

Gerson Institute

Healthy Traditions

Hippocrates Health Institute

Markus Rothkranz

Oh My Gauze Cotton Clothing

Olive Drab Farm

Raw Food World

Suja Juice

Synergy Organic Clothing

Tree of Life Center

Life’s sure amazing! And to think it wasn’t but just a couple of years ago that I was called a “crunchy mom”! (As in granola, not because of my scrunchy, curly hair). I guess I’d better get back to finishing my book.

I’ll leave you for now with this quote, “How blessed it truly is to stumble upon a Soul that wants nothing but smiles and sunshine for you, for the rest of your life.” Author unknown — (Please comment if you know who the name of the original author.)

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, wholly vibrant, and beautiful.

Be the best version of who you want to be.

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Book Review: Riding the Dark Horse And the Fall of Man

Riding the Dark Horse And the Fall of Man was a deeply engaging book to read and study! After taking more than two months to read, research, and fully absorb this intricately written book, here’s my review:

As a reader and author of non-fiction works, I’ve taken my time to dig into Lama Nicholas Packard’s exceptional writing.
From the “Contents” section to the “About the Author” pages, this intelligent and insightful book is well put together and nicely organized. In fact, I didn’t find one typo! That means a lot since typos nearly always jump off the page to me!
I took so long to read this enlightening book, because I felt it worthy of an in depth study. I would read one or two chapters at a time, ponder what I’d read, and then research some of the historical points of what had been presented.
Book cover - Riding the Dark Horse.jpg
As I read, I learned quite a lot about Western culture and how we’ve wound up in the mess that we’re in! I dug deep, underlining many passages–all while learning many reasons why people get caught up in consumerism.
Considering this book focuses a great deal on cultural history, as an aside let me explain that Lama Nicholas and I share a similar background. Lama Nicholas was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I was born and raised in the Mid-Ohio Valley area of West Virginia, often called the Chemical Valley–and in my youth, Pittsburgh was one of the closest metropolitan cities to my hometown.
In Lama Nicholas’ early career he moved to Washington, D.C., New York and Italy, but he eventually gave up everything to live a life of personal transformation and renunciation. He has lived, studied, and practiced as a healer in India , China, Tibet, Bhutan, and Thailand. Conversely, I only moved from West Virginia to Florida (primarily to escape the chemicals in that environment so I could breathe easier), and chose a simple life of living full-time in an RV (mainly to reduce expenses).
Similar to Lama Nicholas, I’ve studied and worked alongside those of different cultures, and languages. When I was in college, as well as at work (in the IT industry) I’ve sat beside and gotten to know many people from different backgrounds, religions, beliefs, and who spoke differing languages.
Something I noticed through the years was that even though I couldn’t always understand an international person’s dialect very well (typically because they learned English as a second language and continued to speak their mother tongue at home), I found that if I looked at them directly–in the eye–I could get a sense of the person. This knowing somehow helped me focus, and improve our communication!
I’ve met Lama Nicholas Packard in person and listened to many of his presentations when he’s visited the St. Petersburg, Florida area. I feel very fortunate to have been able to meet him and learn from him. Thus, I could hear his voice often as I read the pages of “Riding the Dark Horse.”
I’ve even had a healing session with Lama Nicholas, which you can read here. But I digress. Let me return to my review of his book.
The book is organized into three parts.
The first part lays out how man separates from heaven. The second part presents how man separates from nature. The final part presents how man separates from self.
As I read, I grasped the importance of this work. This book could serve to answer many questions for myriad of seekers. Read it.
 The first 9 chapters give a broad brush background, and details about Plato and Aristotle to help the reader understand the beginnings of, and the meaning of Duality. And how the obsession of worldly desires began to shake the very foundations of culture and religious beliefs.
I read about the Cathars, whom I had only first heard about a few years ago. Catharism focused on spirituality, which was unaccepted by the Roman Catholic Church. Thus spirituality and religion were split. The Cathars believed that the Church moved far from the true nature of God, instead becoming drawn into ritual, power, materialism, and sensual gratification.
Think about the rites and traditions of  your church, if indeed you attend any of the large organized religious churches–most of which have somehow descended from Catholicism.
Have you wondered why sometimes you attend church out of habit, not because you feel an intense thirst to seek the face of God?
I was raised to seek the presence of God by going to church, and had been told that my particular faith was “the one true church.” Sensing that may not be all there was to it, as a teenager I attended other churches. And over the years, attending each church provided me varying degrees of “Connection”–or you might say, “a feeling of God’s presence.” But, as for “one true church” I don’t believe that anymore. Instead, I turn within. And perhaps that is why I am open to books such as this one.
Chapter 10 was one of my favorite, and most marked chapters. I won’t spoil it for you and describe it, but to convey my take-aways (what I got out of it). The following are the notes I wrote in the blank spaces:
  • We have free will to consciously access God
  • God is in every breath, every molecule of air
  • Amazing and authentic history of the Cathars – yes!
  • Many Cathars consciously chose to be burned at the stake
  • The Cathars felt they had fully realized God
  • Realize = Real Eyes
  • Abandon Dogma – yes! There’s also a Dogma within Science
  • Churches only feed milk
  • Any spirit independent of the Holy Spirit was called wrong, bad, evil (Duality)
  • What’s wrong with a person’s individual spirit?
  • Giordano Bruno – heliocentric universe, without limitation, unfathomable, infinite – yes!
  • Body can be destroyed by weapons and fire, but not the human spirit
  • The Church adopted Aristotle’s view
Chapter 11 goes on to explain how Galileo used a mathematical model to challenge the Churches authority, by proving their “truths” wrong. He did not believe in the same ideas as Plato and Aristotle.
Chapter 12 presents Isaac Newton’s discoveries and world of reason and mechanic predictability. Newton killed Aristotle’s ideas. Newton wasn’t a religious person, but he was a spiritual person. He was always concerned about what links the immaterial to the material; believing in an immanent God, and a pure substance called, ether. Yes, Newton believed in an invisible force, spirit, or chi that could organize life and act over great distances. His peers and eventually, scientists, disagree with Newton’s esoteric leanings. But I question, what is hidden or occult, if God is Omniscience?
Ah, then again, I am a spiritual and mystical person with deep knowing of our Limitless Creator Source God, and as an educated mathematical and analytical type, I think in terms of reducing the complex down to its smallest common denominator. Breathing into this, I must try to stick to the subject at hand.
Chapter 13 ends the first part of the book with us learning more about how Westerner’s have been conditioned to believe in Duality and Materialism.
In the second part of Lama Nicholas’ book we look at Descartes and how he’s a bit like Byron Katie, always asking what is real and true. Descartes gave humanity a new philosophy, to give humans the permission to rule nature.
We see that the new age in the West is really all about Science. Most people were educated in the public school system to turn away from anything to do with heart and soul, and definitely anything of a spiritual nature was left to the Church (and as stated earlier, that was defined in a narrow sense, being the Holy Spirit). Predominately, students were taught scientific theories, including evolution.
Sorry to diverge once more, but I must say that few things upset me more than to think about how the Native Americans had been forced to attend public school, in a blatant attempt to civilize them and strip away their natural beliefs. I am part Cherokee and I still remember the disempowering stories my grandmother shared with me about her childhood. It’s perhaps a strong reason why today, I embrace diversity.
It seems we only have free will insomuch as it suits the ruling class of the place and time.
Reading about natural considerations, artificiality, and the monster Descartes created (the ego), I understood how the West came to believe in the split of mind and body. Apparently, this mind-body split needed to occur in order for science, and eventually, chemical, mechanical, and pharmaceutical industries to take hold. And instead of living as the Native Americans had in harmony with nature, we wouldn’t flow with nature, we would control it.
The Reformation dramatically changed the Church. There had been a time when all of the Catholic churches were torn down and Protestant ones built in their place. And that the view, or interpretation, of Christianity changed too. Alters were stripped of idols and sermons were no longer preached in the Latin language.
In the third part of this informative book, we learn that the Western perception of reality was changing, and not for the better. Instead of embracing ourselves in a holistic way, we began to experience the world more abstractly, through words over the wire, words on paper, and eventually, screens–certainly less physically connected.
It is explained that in spiritual traditions, the essence of a person is honored, their words only explaining who they are, as much as the garments one wears show you who they are.
Continuing, we learn about the Renaissance and Newtonian physics and how these shaped the Western mechanical and non-spiritual mindset. And that we welcomed a rebirth of Greek culture for it’s art, heroes, and warriors–but of course!
Modernity is presented, with all of the why and wherefore of it with the rise of educational institutions to teach engineering, to build our infrastructure, train civil libertarians, and indoctrinate our politics with secularism. We needed modernity with its principles of progress, didn’t we? We all know Western medicine and good sanitation have been welcome advances–or have they? But where I feel it falls apart is that we’ve allowed modernity to shape our material reality.
The last chapter reveals much about our true nature and if we can be awake and aware, how we can live moment-to-moment in alignment with our true nature–and not be afraid of it. Talk about a light at the end of a tunnel! Namaste.
Things I loved learning about this book:
  • The laying bare of how we got here
  • The most important non-event in the history of the West
  • Reading about the seed of life; the spirit behind everything
  • The understanding of how America came to be such a competitive society
  • The stories of individuality within each culture
  • What the mind seeks to know and the heart’s instinct
  • What conscience, essence, and potential are
  • Why so many yearn to find their purpose
  • Why so many don’t believe God speaks anymore
  • Each is a product of his/her past conditioning
  • Why some cannot/will not listen to anything about holistic health
  • That the global community is an artificial construct
  • How Science replaced a Divine Creator for many
Areas that I would love learning more about:
  • How we can live more in tune with the natural ebb and flow of life
  • Even a baby can be scared, will jump if you startle it–why?
  • How or why we store trauma in the cells of our body
  • How to live more peacefully and with more vitality from the Eastern traditions
  • Name the virtues and provide practical ways to live virtuously each day
  • Ways of practicing non-attachment
  • Methods of meditation and healing
  • What we are ascending to–what’s next?
  • If peace can be found by renouncing our desires, why do we desire?
  • Direct experience can be so painful–do not the most wise learn from others?

Thank you, Lama Nicholas! I’d love to read a second book!

If you haven’t purchased Lama Nicholas’ book yet, here’s a link to it on Amazon:

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, wholly vibrant, and beautiful.

Be the best version of who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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Label checking: Sugar!

After watching a docu-series online, iThrive by Jon McMahon, a month or so ago, I learned that there are 56 names for sugar!!! This could be one reason why those of us who strenuously check labels at the grocery store, have still found it difficult to lose weight.

What’s even more surprising is that out of those 56 names for sugar, only 9 are controlled by the FDA!

I’m fed up of fat corporations lying to us!

When we lived in hunter gatherer societies we did not have access to sweet foods daily. We may have sought out berries or grapes on a vine, or fruit and nuts on trees, but for the most part we ate leafy, tuber, or root vegetables, along with the occasional meat from killing an animal, and of those, the majority of the meat coming from easily caught, and more readily available small wild animals and fish.

I strive to live a wholly vibrant lifestyle, so hears to you and I learning more about how “they” sneak sugar into our foods, much of the time without our ever having a clue!

Stay tuned, because at the end I’ll give you a couple of my hacks for making tea and condiments without any added sugars!

Here are the other names for sugar (so you’ll know which ones to avoid) and I’ve alphabetized them for your convenience:

  • Agave
  • Barbados Sugar
  • Barley Malt
  • Beet Sugar
  • Blackstrap Molasses
  • Brown Sugar
  • Buttered Syrup
  • Cane Juice Crystals
  • Cane Sugar
  • Caramel
  • Carob Syrup
  • Castor Sugar
  • Confectioner’s Sugar
  • Corn Syrup
  • Crystalline Fructose
  • Date Sugar
  • Demerara Sugar
  • Dextran
  • Dextrose
  • Diastatic Malt
  • Diatase
  • Ethyl Maltol
  • Evaporated Cane Juice
  • Florida Crystals
  • Fructose
  • Fruit Juice
  • Fruit Juice Concentrate
  • Galactose
  • Glucose
  • Golden Sugar
  • Golden Syrup
  • Grape Sugar
  • High-Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Honey (*Possible natural medicinal qualities in some)
  • Icing Sugar
  • Invert Sugar
  • Lactose
  • Malt Syrup
  • Maltodextrin
  • Maltose
  • Maple Syrup
  • Molasses
  • Muscovado
  • Organic Raw Sugar
  • Panocha
  • Raw Sugar
  • Rice Syrup
  • Refiner’s Syrup
  • Sorghum Syrup
  • Sucrose
  • Sugar
  • Treacle
  • Turbinado Sugar
  • Yellow Sugar

Be aware that most low sugar diet proponents call for us to only consume foods that contain less than 5 grams (5g) of sugar.

I switched to KIND bars, for my protein bar snack, after following author, fitness and aerobics instructor, JJ Virgin’s Elimination diet (October 2016). I also found several other foods that I could snack on and cut a lot of the hidden sugars out of my day-to-day diet.

Here are a few of the other nutritious snacks that have less than 5g of sugar per serving:

  • Roasted chick peas
  • Edamame
  • Seaweed crunchy snacks
  • Unsweetened coconut (I eat two or three handfuls when the urge strikes.)
  • Pumpkin bars or smoothie
  • Veggie chips (homemade or check the label, especially for serving size!)
  • Popcorn (though unless organic, I stay clear of any corn due to it being one of the most heavily GMO kind of crops.)
  • Dark chocolate
  • Walnuts, Almonds, or your favorite nut

Also if you love fruit, raspberries have less sugar than grapefruit! You can have 1 C of raspberries for 5 grams of sugar–half a grapefruit has MORE sugar!

Did you know that ever condiment I checked in our local grocery store, contained sugar? I was shocked! I couldn’t find one ketchup, mayonnaise, or mustard that didn’t contain sugar, or at least vinegar. Not one!

Being that I restrict my vinegar to only apple cider vinegar (ACV), I had to find a recipe that worked for me, that I liked, so that I could have mustard.

Here’s the homemade mustard recipe I use often that contains no sugar, and no vinegar! I initially followed a Hot Mustard Sauce recipe and found it was a bit too spicy for me and called for a couple ingredients that I didn’t keep on hand. So, I used a bit of creativity and came up with the following modified version. Lots of love and thanks for the original though to Anna Maria Clement Ph.D, N.M.D. of Hippocrates Health Institute for the original recipe, “Hot Mustard Sauce” from her book, “Healthful Cuisine” published in 2013 that I’ve been using for the last couple of years. Highly recommend it!

Sheila’s modification: “Easiest No Sugar, No Vinegar Mustard”

  • 1 T flax seed (grind the seeds first, in your high speed blender)
  • 1/2 C of mustard seed powder (available in the spice section of my grocery stores)
  • 1/2 t ground turmeric spice
  • 3/4 C water
  • 1/4 C coconut oil or olive oil (highest grade you can afford)
  • 1 T Tamari (or soy sauce if your body can handle soy)

In my Vita-mix, I grind the flax seeds first, then add the mustard seed and grind on high again. After that, I add the turmeric, water, and Tamari and blend again. I drizzle the coconut oil (liquid state, warm it if it has hardened in the jar) or olive oil into the blender.

You’d be surprised how long this stays good in the fridge! I put mine in a glass jar and use it for 2 or 3 weeks.

In place of mayo, try smashing an avocado! How easy is that? Don’t think you like avocados? Think again. Try it on your next sandwich and then comment below to tell us what you think! If you’d like it smoother, blend the avocado with some fresh squeezed lemon juice, little bit of water, and/or some Coconut Aminos (You’ll find that in a tall glass bottle where soy sauces or vinegars are usually sold.)

Be sure to let us all know in the comments what you discover!

The reason I needed to find condiments without vinegar? Because I have been on the Dr. D’Adamo Blood type diet for more than a year, and while I’ve felt better physically, it hasn’t helped me lose much weight. The best part of this diet has been discovering that I actually could do without a lot of high calorie and unhealthy foods (like the fried chicken at Publix). I didn’t lose as much weight as I had thought I would though.

Then, I got a free calorie counting app for my iPhone (called, Lose It!) and meticulously tracked every morsel of what I consumed for the last four months.

In the first two months I released about 10 pounds (about 18 pounds now), but not nearly what I thought I would lose by tracking my calories and sticking to a 1200 calories a day. I’m sure I had consumed closer to 2,000 calories per day—prior to tracking my caloric intake.

To our better health and longevity!

2017: Review of a deeply profound and busy year!

Jan. 8th: I attended a beautiful “Soul Connected Sister” kind of meditation event at Awakening Wellness Center with Kristen Tenpenny and found a deep kinship with several of the participants, opening me to more ways of experiencing my mantra, “We Are All Connected.”
Jan. 14th: I attended a raw vegan cooking class at Ionie’s cafe in Sarasota, FL and picked up a new raw vegan pizza recipe from Ionie Berg and her instructor pal, Kathy, and met more like-minded people when I got to share my healing journey (which my book is about).
Jan. 21st: attended the Native American festival in Brooksville, FL and picked up tiny moccasins for my two new granddaughters (who were to be birthed in February), talked with Shelley Morningsong and Fabian Fontenelle and got to introduce them to my friends Kim and Marie! What aWEsOMe weather and beautiful afternoon we had learning more about the 500 different Native American tribes who used to live free in America, speaking different languages and even different dialects within the same tribes, and sadly how only 200-300 tribes remain, since many died off due to famine, disease, war, or slavery. We learned that the Semoran tribe (now known as the Seminoles) were not an original tribe, but a collective of tribes that moved to Florida many years ago. We learned a couple of ways to say “hello” also, and that “how” was only an invention by Hollywood.
Feb 5th: Made a quick unplanned trip to NH for the birth of my twin granddaughters. Normally, I wouldn’t go north in the winter, but when my daughter called me that the twins were coming a week earlier than planned, we figured out a way to make it happen. Ever so thankfully, I was able to be there when our beautiful Jaclyn and Jewel were born! I was actually driving from the small airport in Portsmouth to their local hospital (about an hour or so away) as they were being delivered! And yes, I drove straight to the hospital! I was so excited to be able to go right in and see my daughter and babies in their private maternity room! This was such a precious and surreal time. Once in a lifetime!
Then, I got to spend the first night with my five year old granddaughter, Jennifer, at their house, to take care of her and bring her back to the hospital the next morning. Unfortunately, I had breathing issues at their house, so I had to stay at the hospital with my daughter and wonderful newborn granddaughters for the next three nights, so I had the most wonderful privilege of getting to help out with the girls, while my son-in-law cared for Jennifer at home. I still got loads of me time with Jennifer though, when Mike would bring her to the hospital during the day (since she had snow days a couple days that week), and then when it was time for me to fly home on Thursday, my flight was canceled due to a snow storm! While normally it would seem a hassle, not so this time! I just called a fabulous hotel resort across the street from my daughter and son-in-law’s home and I got an incredible room for one night, where I could catch up on my sleep, eat a delicious meal (no more hospital food for me!), and then fly home on Friday (after stopping by my daughter’s house one more time to give grand hugs and kisses and say goodbye–for now!

Feb. 18th: I went with my friend Terri, to a DoTerra Certification Technique Class. I’m so thankful for having experienced this class because not only did I perform this technique in my husband and myself to help our bodies heal, and sleep better, but I was also able to apply these oils to my mom’s feet on the last visit I had with her before she passed away! Thus, this class was very important to me, even more than I could have known at the time.

Mar. 3rd: My husband , Richard, and I got to do something I had wanted to do for years! We got to see Willie Nelson perform at the amazing Strawberry festival! Willie was fantastic and Richard and I really enjoyed our day and this concert!
Mar. 4th & 5th: I was given the honor of being an emcee for several performers and speakers at our local zen festival “Awakening Into The Sun” the first weekend in March. I ran around both days at the festival, totally in my element, helping where I could, chatting with vendors to ensure their needs were met (or exceeded), and letting speakers know when they would be next! It was an exhilarating and thrilling weekend experience!
Mar. 11th: I assisted SCIONS at the Green Frog Moon festival at Sacred Lands. I was able to learn more about SCIONS and the Pachamama Alliance.
Mar. 18th: This was my second of two Fluid Movement classes with Donna Waks at Ionie’s in Sarasota. I love these classes using the Yamuna balls, and this is something I do at home also, at least once a week when I feel any tightness in my legs, shoulders, back, or neck. I have written an article about the benefits of Yamuna before and will put a link to it here. Donna’s classes are geared more toward people in my age group or older.
Mar. 19th: I went to Visit mom and dad and on this visit, I had found mom’s Bible on the floor near the front door of their double-wide mobile home. I asked dad why it was on the floor and he said that every time he’d try to give it to mom, she’d throw it down. I knew for sure that was not like her, and that she was slipping away. I couldn’t breathe well enough to go in, so I had been visiting from the open front doorway. Quite synchronistically though, I could stretch my arm just far enough in the door to grab the well-used book. Mom’s Bible, since that day, has been my most cherished possession. Her writing in the margins and underlined passages are proof positive of her strong desire to learn and follow the teachings of the Holy Word. It was also on this particular visit that I distinctly remember a few moments before I left that my beloved mother gently placed her hand on my face and looked me straight in the eye, her eyes still with a sparkle. She couldn’t speak well, but what she could manage let me know with no doubt that she knew I was her daughter. From this day forward I would know that to remember her and her love for me, all I would need to do would be kiss the palm of my hand and feel her blood that runs through my veins. I am never alone. My mom, dad, and ancestors are always with me.
Apr. 2nd: I had the eternal privilege to attend a SCIONS event at First Unity to meet and hear the first US lecture and presentation of Lama Nicholas Packard.
Apr. 9th: I attended a Lars Muhl and family concert in Sarasota. I loved seeing Lars’ wife and sons all perform together. What an aWEsOMe musical family! They put on an enchanting evening of entertainment and I would go again sometime whenever they return to the area.
Apr. 14th: I attended my first Intuitive Development class to learn about how to meet my guides and guardians with Kim Cintio, and later, I sat in on a sound therapy class with Lindy at Awakening Wellness Center. Throughout the year, I attended several more of Kim’s classes and was overjoyed at the information that came through her and others. Meeting like-minded friends at Kim’s classes are so thrilling!
Apr. 15th: I sat in on a sound therapy class with Lindy at Awakening Wellness Center. Amazing information was shared during this class and I was so glad that I’d been able to be there. Making new friends at these kinds of classes are an added bonus!
April 16th: Once again, I drove across the state to visit my mom and dad on Easter Sunday. I went totally prepared though, with hymnal in hand and all of my essential oils. I had a plan for my visit and I’m so happy to say that it really all did go the way I’d envisioned it would. I will forever be grateful for this visit as I sung hymns to my mother, put essential oils on her feet, and showed her pictures and videos of her great granddaughters, Jennifer, Jaclyn and Jewel. I also took a short video of mom, dad, Matt, and I to send to my daughter in NH, so we could share in the day–at least a little bit. However, though I might have known it subconsciously, I did not know for fact that this was to be my last visit with my beloved mother, but it was very special and beautiful, thus, I am incredibly blessed that we shared this day together.
Apr. 21st: Maria from Awakening Wellness gifted me with 3 tickets to the Listening Room festival at the Palladium theater. My husband and I, and friend Serena, enjoyed a fantastic night of top-rate live music entertainment!
Apr. 22nd: I celebrated Earth day in a big way while enjoying music and education at Williams Park, with friends, Kim and Marie, then went to author and friend, Patricia McGiverns’ second book launch in Dunedin.
Apr. 27th: I attended a special talk by Christa and Ainsley as they recounted their individual near death experiences at Blissful Beginnings Center.

May 1st: Attended a James Van Praagh event at First Unity with Kim, Marie, and several of my Sedona sisters.

I continued attending a series of lectures and Qigong classes by Lama Nicholas Packard throughout the year learning much about Balance and Chi.

May 4th: I attended the long awaited Snatam Kaur concert with Alania, Serena, Kim, Lynda, Heather, and Carolyn at Palladium in St Pete. I felt like a teenager again, but instead of going to a rock concert, all of us spiritually-inclined gals were out on the cosmic town for an other worldly experience, and Snatam Kaur did not disappoint! Though this style of music was brand new to me, I was entranced with the first song! I can see why my new friends enjoy it so much. This was a much needed night out of pure joy.
May 6th: I had several sessions with Linda and attended an event about Reconnection at Blissful Beginnings this year. Once again, profound and enlightening shifts have been occurring for me since these sessions all year. I love this kind of energy healing work.
May 7th: I met with Alania Starhawk to open my Akashic records and learn about the Pathway Prayer Process.
We also had the pleasure to visit with Richard’s siblings on two separate occasions when each came to Florida. On the last day of our visit with Billy and Mary, Richard sat in the truck with me while I interviewed for my new job. It was a short call and the next day, I was thrilled to get the call that I had the job!
Sometime early in May, my mom and dad left Florida to spend their summer in West Virginia (WV). I can only imagine that my mother enjoyed at least some of the long distance drive, and knew she was on her way “home.”
May 13th: I taught an EFT class at Awakening Wellness Center and then went to Awakening the Dreamer event. I only taught EFT 3 times (I think) this year at the center. As the participation seemed to drop off, I didn’t prioritize this as highly on my calendar. I will see how the Universe guides me in 2018, but I may only offer sessions via Google Hangout from home. This is still yet to be decided. Thank you to those interested in bearing with me.
May 19th: I went with my friend, Marie, to see Jim and Deserie perform at a house party listening room live concert event.
Jun. 3rd: I went to a Jin Shin Jyutsu class in Sarasota and met artist friend, Brenda Robinson. Later on, I met her at a beautiful gallery in Lakewood Ranch where she was exhibiting her art. And of course, I wrote a blog article about her. You can read it here.
And then Heaven opened for me and blessed me with an aWEsOMe new job on June 5th.
But, sadly, on June 8th my dad called me and I learned that my mother had passed away. My husband and I packed a bag and jumped in our truck and drove to WV to be with my dad. My son also drove up and met us there. We stayed a couple days in my dad’s hometown and on our way home my uncle called me and asked if we could come to visit them before heading back to Florida. We did and my uncle surprised me with having my first cousins come by for a quick visit to see us too. Our hearts were very full that we could share this time together. As well, my mom had left many things at my uncles in 1980 that he wanted me to have. I felt so much love from my mom that she had put these things back for me, so one day I could share them with my children. One of the most important things she left for me was a long handwritten letter.
After my mother’s transition to the Great Beyond, I spent several weeks writing her eulogy–you can read it here.
Jun 24th: Still kind of out of my own body from my mother’s transition and our long drive to/from WV, I felt the urge to attend the Spirit University Fairy Faire in Sarasota with my friend, Marie. It was an aWEsOMe experience, especially attending all the lectures and having a magical reading with Tere Greenwald. Not only did Tere give me such a reassuring feeling about my mom continuing to be with me, but the live music outside changed from a completely different genre of music to a Celtic band within a few moments of my sitting down with Tere! It really spoke profoundly to me!
I met John Springer at the fair, but just listening to him expanded my look into the mystery of trees and all the little “Fairy doors” in trees!
June: I had signed up for the Pachamama Alliance Game Changer Intensive online program, but I dropped out after a few weeks, realizing that I was in overwhelm. Yes, I actually can say “no” when I need to, and when I feel it in my body that I have taken on too much, or am not aligned with someone or something “at this time.” And so it is. I have asked Pachamama if I can retake the Intensive in the New Year, and they’ve gratefully agreed.
July 4th week: I flew back to NH (we’d had it planned) and stayed at a nice resort for several days. Jennifer was able to spend one of the nights with me, which was definitely a highlight! I was thrilled to help her get ready for her first day of summer school the next morning and get to visit her school! We really had a jam packed week, fireworks on the 4th and celebrating my daughter’s birthday on the 6th! I love visiting my family in NH in the summer!
July 16th: I participated in a weekend Reflexology course, which all together cost me about $500. The only good thing that came of this for me was to learn from one of the masters, and learn that I could feel the God bumps, while giving Reflexology to others. I can’t charge for this though, even after getting certified, because in the state of Florida you have to be an LMT or Reverend to place hands on people for a fee. Note: I have treated 10 people thus far with Reflexology. I took 16 hours of foot Reflexology coursework and would need to take another weekend of classes and do 90 more sessions before I could get certified.
Jul 23rd: I attended a Reiki / mediation by Carissa experience with Susheila in Sarasota. Carissa did a very nice job. And it was a good number of ladies at the class, not too many, not too few. Really enjoyed the experience, though I didn’t have anything earth shattering occur. And it seems when I do things on a weeknight I’m always sleepy driving home. I decide to limit my weeknight activities.
July 29th: I went to see the Lars Muhl movie called, The Seer. The film was so riveting, with exotic scenery and beautifully spoken story, that you could hear a pin drop from the audience during the presentation! I had been excited to go with one of my friends, but at the last minute, she was not well enough to attend. I was very pleased when I arrived at the venue though, to find two of my wonderful friends, Alania Starhawk and Patricia McGivern, in attendance also!
Aug 5th – 6th weekend: I flew in WV near my dad’s hometown and dad and his friend picked me up at the airport and we were blessed to stay with this gentleman and his wife near Charleston on Friday night. Then the next day dad and I drove to my uncles house in Parkersburg WV where we had mom’s Memorial service. Mom’s Memorial was so beautiful. I could not imagine a better experience, though no one looks forward to things like that, saying goodbye to a parent, or other loved one. But for me, with my fairly recent knowing of a LIMITLESS God, and that my mother lives on in an unimaginable beautiful bountiful dimension, I was able to enjoy family an friends as they paid their respects and be there to comfort my dad, who was taking it very hard.
I was blessed to reconnect with several cousins, and one of my aunts who could be there since she was in town from CA for a reunion during the same timeframe. I held hands with a couple of my first cousins during the service and will always remember their love. One of my parents good friends sang a special song, and it was the only time I cried. The song Gary sang was about releasing “our tears”. Thus, in that moment it all made sense. I cried into one of the two handkerchiefs mom left me.
Aug 25th: attended Tina Malia concert with friend Pam, and my Sedona sisters Kim and Lynda when Alania had to go out of town quickly and had her ticket for sale. I enjoyed this concert at Unity of Sarasota even more than I had expected. I’m a fan of Tina’s for sure, now!
Early Sept. Florida had a hurricane, so we easily left for 2 weeks and went to Kentucky and very much enjoyed staying with family. I was able to work from there, and in the evening enjoy taking beautiful sunset pictures, and even some of the hummingbirds that hangout in Rose and Alan’s backyard! We enjoyed many delicious meals, lively conversation and games, watched favorite shows, and even did some sight-seeing on the weekends!
Sept. 28th: Lama Nicholas returned for a couple more talks this year. I got to attend the first one at Sacred Lands this night, but had a conflict for the next evening and decided to keep my plan of going to Joran and Billy’s concert. There are just so many wonderful and enlightening people to see and support in our community that sometimes we have to make hard choices.
Sep. 29th: I attended an aWEsOMe intimate concert by Joran Oppelt and Billy Mays III at the Metta center. I sat in quiet contemplation before the concert began. As soon as Joran started to sing, my tears fell. I believe Joran sings from his heart and soul Connected, and that is a beautiful thing to experience. Billy plays ambiant music that takes me into a mystical place. I wish I could have had all my friends and hubby there for this event, but I cherished it as ME time.
Oct. 7th: I began participating in a Bible Study Class at the Metta center. Joran Oppelt guided this group every Saturday morning at 10am. I have many notes from the classes and am drafting another post just about that. The article I wrote, Metaphysical Musings on the Beattitudes, was directly inspired from the study I engaged in during the 10 week journey. Though I became ill and missed the last two weeks, I deeply enjoyed every Saturday morning with our small and often changing group at Metta. I made several new friends there that I hope to see again in 2018.
All of preceding events, still do not cover every single outing or online event that I attended in 2017, as I am continuing to glean knowledge of natural health and wellness for my book, Take It Upon Yourself, set to self publish in 2018.
I definitely slowed down after August, as far as my outings were concerned because unfortunately, I had two different dental situations occur (the first tooth abscessed a week after I got back from my mom’s Memorial service) and then when we got back from Kentucky, the second tooth (on the other side of my mouth) began to abscess.
Dec. 2nd: I was so thankful to get to hang out with Pam and Kim again and see musical friends Shelley Morningsong and Fabian Fontenelle at another Native American powwow in Wimauma, FL (very near to where we live). This was a very special event for me, especially when Shelley and Fabian performed one of my favorite songs, Everything Is One Thing, off their Full Circle CD.
Finally, by mid December I experienced a bad sinusitis and double ear infection. I was glad to be able to work with Dr. Sharon La Rosa of Awakening Wellness Center to help get my body back into balance using homeopathy, acupuncture, and the Behmer mat.
I can’t say wonderful things about my dental experiences, so I won’t say anything. Nor will I name names. I can say that eventually, my pain was relieved, so that was good, but there was so much pain during the second root canal, that I’m still contemplating what to do next–and I am okay at getting dentures (it’s the path of least resistance) if that’s what I have to do to avoid any other horrid experiences. You just cannot explain root pain to people who have not experienced it. It’s a pain that seems to emanate down to your toes!
One a financial note, which also corresponds to my stand with the water protectors:
For many years, my husband and I both have been credit union members, but when we began to travel and spend more time away from the credit union service area, we had opened a Wells Fargo checking account. Over a period of a couple of years, I realized that since we didn’t use that account much, we were leaking $10-$12 a month to Wells Fargo fees! During the Standing Rock protests for clean water (No DAPL), I wanted to close out the Wells Fargo account. So, without really trying, some information came to us easily whereby we could switch our two credit cards over to one LendingClub monthly payment, saving us money in our total monthly payments too! But, most importantly, making this change allowed us to break all ties with Wells Fargo. Thankfully, our credit union can now accept checks via smart phone scan, so we can bank anywhere we have internet access. And thus, in this regard, we feel much more at ease about our banking.

The following is a brief summary of what I learned, or was brought to remember this year:

  • I learned from my wise sister-in-law, Rose, the following thought: Never let anything or anyone steal my joy!
  • Everything resolves to Gratitude.
  • Faith is Belief. Really. And Faith IS a substance.
  • There’s a spark of God, a fractal, inside of everyone.
  • No one ever dies. We are never alone. We are always loved. And love is always unconditional. so, if your love for someone is conditional, you like them, you do not love them.
  • From Pachamama I learned to do a quick visualization exercise before beginning any presumed difficult task, “Breathe in while visualizing our feet pulling up energy from the center of the Earth; breathe out and visualize the energy leaving from the top of our head and connect to the Heavens.”
  • I learned from my dear friend, Kim, to say, “Open heart” before encountering any potentially challenging situation.
  • I learned from my friend, Darlene, you can always “Choose Happy” (even during painful situations).

Meditate or affirm in prayer: Any negative issues that are brought to my attention are raised, so that I can bring them to the light to be cleared, and move with positive vibrations (both forward and back in time on the frequency band) to help ALL heal.

As the year ended, it found me in need of implementing many of the mind-body and spirit-filled tools, that I’ve been blessed to understand. I’m continuing to work on getting my body back into balance. The dental issues, and then the sinusitis and double ear infection gave me a renewed awareness to put an emphasis on boosting my diet with more raw and living, high Qi foods and recipes.

I have also entered into deep prayers for many friends dealing with cancer this year. I believe they will be given profound insights as they walk through their health trials, to find a reason, yes, even for cancer, in their lives, and God willing, they will be stronger after they recover–in a renewed, vibrant body. I know it’s almost difficult to comprehend, but I believe they can grow stronger in their mind, body, and spirit, through this process.

I began monitoring my steps taken, and time spent walking, as well as performing squats throughout my work day (now that I’m working from home), with a belief that this will also help me to improve my overall health. I’m just walking more steps and doing more squats each day than I did the day before. That’s my simple plan.

I continue daily to practice meditation and Qigong, with the occasional singing / chanting to reach a higher and deeper sense of self and spiritual connectivity with our LIMITLESS, Ever-Living, Filling-All-Space, Creator Source Energy God. Oh, what a deeply profound and intrinsically beautiful year it has been!

I send you all many blessings, in ALL ways for a brilliant and uplifting 2018! Happy New Year!


Could you be allergic to what you are wearing?

Why do people think they can put synthetics and chemicals on their skin and not suffer some weird effect? I guess it’s because we aren’t aware that these things can penetrate the skin.

How is it then, we can put a patch on our body with something containing vitamins or substances to help us quit smoking and we fully expect it to pass into the body? Maybe it comes down to “how” it happens, and how small the molecules have to be before they can pass through our skin – the largest organ of the body.

NOTE: I originally published this article May 3, 2014 on and it was later republished without my knowledge or permission elsewhere. However, this is my original work. I’ve updated this article.

 Look at the natural skincare aisle at Earth Origins, Rollin’ Oats, Richard’s Foodporium, Whole Foods, or other health food stores. There are so many more natural skincare items available now. I think we’re finally waking up to that part–what lotions and creams we’re putting on our skin, but what about our clothes, or household furnishings?

If wearing fake stuff can affect our health, how about sitting, or sleeping on them?

I had been thinking of writing this article for some time, but when I saw this article, I knew I needed to put my thoughts to paper (well, internet).

The state of California is moving to get cancer-causing flame retardants out of home furnishings.

So to back up a little bit. My mother was told by a chiropractor in the 1960s to put only natural fiber clothing, and shoes on me – no plastics! I had been diagnosed with asthma (around 1968) and it was this doctors understanding that in order to clear my body of illness I needed to wear natural fiber clothing (along with several other treatment offerings) this was basic to allow my body to heal naturally.

To my mom’s credit, she attempted this, making / sewing many of my garments for several years, and buying me only leather shoes. In high school I took four years of home economics classes and learned how to make my own clothes. However, with the advent of my mother needing to work outside the home, and my desire to get a job at age fifteen (perhaps also since my health had improved), along with the ease and cheap cost of manufactured clothing, slowly we started buying and wearing “anything and everything” sold in the big box stores.

I do recall also, that flame retardants were introduced on the fabrics. I am not sure we were following, at that time, why flame retardants could cause a health problem but some were banned in 1977 due to toxic effects. Now most Americans test positive for traces of flame retardants in our bodies. (See this wiki page for more information on this).

For a more broad explanation about why flame retardants and synthetics are bad for us – check out this video by Dr. Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute regarding his book, Killer Clothes.

Dr. Clement states that it’s very important to buy organic cotton materials and clothing because cotton is one of the most heavily pesticide-sprayed crop!

For more than 14 years, I’ve been wearing cotton bras. I’ve also began wearing organic cotton shirts from Jiffy shirts with jeans, even under suit jackets with slacks to my professional office. I started checking the labels of my jeans and getting rid of the ones with the added stretchy material.

I believe the toxins put onto fabric is another very meaningful reason why manufacturers ask us to first wash clothing when we buy it and takeit home, BEFORE wearing. However, I have a feeling just washing is not enough to properly protect ourselves.

I am committed to buying and wearing organic cotton socks and underwear and buy these for my granddaughter and great-granddaughter from Ecoland. I have slowly changed out my wardrobe of office and casual attire to cotton clothing from Cotton Seed Casual Wear, Synergy Organic Clothing, and Oh My Gauze. They are super cute and comfortable clothes, easy-care (just wash and dry–no ironing), and they don’t shrink!

Alot of people with allergies do not even consider it could be the rayon, nylon, elastic, and polyester they’re wearing that is contributing to the problem.

I know the government passed a law about flame-retardant cloth years ago, but actually – there’s no law stating you have to wear it.

It can’t hurt to wear more natural, non-chemically treated clothing – can it? Unless you’re a fireman and need flame-retardant suits, I just can’t think of any other reason why its necessary to wear. Even so, they can wear cotton underneath all of that – so the chemically treated fiber is not laying against the skin.

For some reason many people think they need some authority (doctor or other) to tell them what to eat and drink! Bogus! Use your common sense! Look at history. People didn’t start having all the various ills people have today before processed foods, synthetic fiber, and chemicals were introduced into so much of our day-to-day lives! It just doesn’t pass the sanity test to think we can put crap into our body, wrap ourselves in synthetics and chemicals and yet experience vibrant health and longevity.

I am committed to help get the word out and show people what you put on and in your body makes a difference.

To our feeling great, better health, and longevity,

Sheila Murrey

Your alternative health researcher, joyful wellness guinea pig, and mindful Mind-Body-Spirit guru! Reach out to me if you need a boost, or a boot, to get yourself back in charge of YOUR well-being.

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, wholly vibrant, and beautiful.

Be the best version of who you want to be.

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Blue Sage Pilates in Bradenton FL helps clients transform body and mind

NOTE: I originally published this article August 2015 on and it was later republished without my knowledge or permission elsewhere. However, this is my original work. I’ve also updated this article.

Never having taken Pilates before, this blogger feels so privileged to have been introduced to Karol Schmidt, founder and teacher at Blue Sage Pilates, Bradenton, Florida. Taking classes with her has been a bucket list item come true! Karol’s compassionate teaching abilities are truly holistic and transformational. Your body, mind, and spirit will change from working with her – all for the better!

Excellent mental and physical benefits have been experienced, with many occurring due to Karol’s genuine and expert Pilates training methods, which always ensure that you’re in the proper form to accomplish each movement.

In as little as two months, this blogger has experienced bodily improvements in core strength, balance, increased range of motion, and blood circulation! Reductions in inflammation and joint stiffness have occurred too! Weekly classes at Blue Sage Pilates also inspired changes in diet, aiding weight loss. Mental focus sharpened. It’s easier now to release stress, the moment it begins, by using the breathing habits learned.

Blue Sage Pilates offers such a caring, warm, and calm setting — that along with Karol’s intuitive and personal attention, even during group classes — Karol’s authentic passion for Pilates shines as she helps people understand how the exercises move the breath through the body.

Karol is knowledgeable of the unique challenges people can face while recovering from painful injuries. For example, Karol personalizes routines for a client, even in a group class, to accommodate those with hip pain, or vertigo. Doing Pilates often improves the body so much, that clients feel less of those problems after they leave, than before they started! A win-win!

Some students have commented, in testimonials on Karol’s website, that she tailors her instruction to their needs and ability level. This is extremely important to mention to your wellness practitioner before beginning any new exercise program.

Some of the noted benefits of Pilates can be:

  • Cultivate lean muscles for a tone physique
  • Strengthening and lengthening muscles
  • Building a strong body center (core)
  • Straighten up one’s posture
  • Help to prevent injuries
  • Better injury recovery time
  • Raise stamina
  • Enhance one’s vitality
  • Lift one’s sense of well-being
  • Improve one’s mood
  • Help you sleep better
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Better function of the nervous system
  • Can improve memory
  • Inspire better lifestyle choices
  • Improve awareness of one’s body
  • Sharpens mental focus
  • Help reduce stress and tension
  • Chronic pain can be reduced

If you know you’ve been inactive too long, work a desk job, or need to shake things up and transform yourself, Pilates could be awesome for you!

Click any of the following links for more information about Pilates, Karol, and Blue Sage Pilates:

Blue Sage Pilates

Blue Sage Pilates on Facebook

Boost your boring workouts and deeply strengthen your core by calling Karol today! You will find she is friendly, thorough, and focused. Karol is a vibrant and upbeat Pilates professional. Blue Sage Pilates is conveniently located in lovely downtown Bradenton, halfway between Saint Petersburg and Sarasota, Florida.

1720 Manatee Ave W., Bradenton, FL 34205

Phone: (941) 773-2077

To our feeling great, better health, and longevity,

Sheila Murrey

Your alternative health researcher, joyful wellness guinea pig, and mindful Mind-Body-Spirit guru! Reach out to me if you need a boost, or a boot, to get yourself back in charge of YOUR well-being.

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, wholly vibrant, and beautiful.

Be the best version of who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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