Do we see physical changes in our body after making changes in our diet?

Let’s chat about eating. And about how what we consume changes our physical body.

It strikes me as funny in an odd way, to consider how what we eat and drink physically changes our body.

How we can make a connection (very easily) between what we consume (our diet) and our body? I mean if we eat less, or we change what we’re eating, say by eating less meat–does this cause us to lose weight, or muscle? By eating no meat, i.e. less fat, and not consuming any oil, or not drinking any alcohol–do we see physical differences (for the better) in our body?

When we make those kinds of changes in our diet, or let’s say we we go on a sugar fast, not eating sugar for 30 days. Can we immediately see a change in our body? We immediately see the numbers on the scale go down, right? So, It puzzles me then (using that reasoning), how we miss the mark when it comes to making the connection between the junk food and our health.

How we feel in our body or how our body responds over time to what we’ve been eating. So let’s say we eat fast food, and we eat sweets, and we drink alcohol, and we drink soda, and things like that. And then we wake up one morning and we’re constipated.

It strikes me as odd that we don’t understand that, after many years, the body can develop a chronic disease or cancer, or a tumor, or something like that. Something that needs to be fixed (like a hernia–but that’s kind of a different subject and also is probably related more to stress or grief or anger than to the food but nobody really knows 100%).

So I’m just putting the thought out there.

When you restrict your eating, let’s say, to what I’ve been doing the past month eating only citrus fruit (what do you notice)? And yes, a couple of times, here and there, I’ve had a cup of cooked basmati rice. I’ve had a bowl of cooked cabbage, and things like that, but no meat and not any oil. I did have a salad a couple times of lettuce, onion, and garlic, and put some oil and vinegar on it. So, I wouldn’t call that cheating.

I kept my food is very bland and predominantly 98% of my diet morning, noon, and night, was citrus fruit. I really only kind of strayed from the citrus fruit when I I kind of felt weak or I felt like in my body needed a little bit more something of substance.

I consumed no meat to speak of and no alcohol, and in 30 days, I lost 10 pounds of excess weight.

I’m on a track to lose, or release, 60 pounds. And I have been analyzing, sitting with, and meditating on the changes that are occurring in my body.

When I see things like moles that I’ve had on my body for decades, and they’re sloughing off, that’s a change. I’ve put a lot of essential oil on them too (so then, there’s that). I’ve kept my focus on them throughout the month to release them, and let them go. And they have! And that’s really been amazing to watch. Because I have been focused on it. I didn’t just kind of sort of put the essential oil on a couple times and forget about them. I’ve been looking every few days at these moles and watching them reduce in size or get lighter or completely fall off. It’s just really been amazing.

A couple of skin tags have fallen off my body with no scar too. Yeah, I don’t know why I ever went to the dermatologist years ago and had stuff frozen off or burned off or such. Those treatments left scars! Looking back, it was just such a brutal treatment really on my skin, whereas this has been so gentle. Anyway, not to go off too much on a tangent there.

So again, I say this mostly for myself when I go back and re read my blog articles, months, years later during this month. It’s been a profound change but a profound awareness I’ve gained from making this change to a severely restricted diet. Like I said grapefruit, tangerines, oranges, tangelos and such.

My thought process has really sharpened too. My cognition, my clarity, and my awareness seems more keen. I seem to put things together now that I may not have before. And I’m remembering better. Not that I was having any issues before really (though my son said he’d noticed a few things when we lived on his property–but I think there were other reasons for that).

Green smoothie – kale, banana, berries, and fiber and protein powders

I’ve been taking better care of myself (increasing my self care), in general.

I’m restarting my green smoothie habit (I used to do this daily in 2008-2010 or so). Am employing different and better tooth brushing techniques; taking better care of my body with the fascia blasting; and working in more targeted and challenging exercises (like Asian squats).

But just to say, make the connection between the food that you’re eating and the liquids, the drinks that you’re drinking and your body and just really sit with that and then evaluate that and see what you come up with. Then, comment and let me know.

Yes, please write to me in the comments. If you don’t want me to share the comments publicly, just let me know and I won’t publish them–because I view each of them independently and privately. I will only publish your comments if you’re fine with me sharing them publicly. Thank you so much. Let’s love ourselves and each other!

To our better health. OM

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No one cares when I cry

No one cares when i cry

Have you ever felt like mo one cares when I cry, or that no one cares when you do any of the following:

  • Finish a blog post (so they sit in my Drafts folder)
  • Wait to add photos to a blog article until after I post it (so why do I feel I must note that the image will be inserted soon?)
  • Feel the need to explain myself
  • Finish reading a book (often it takes me a year to read one; some I read in less than a month though!)
  • Finish a project around the house or on my laptop that I’ve had in progress for months/years
  • Make a list of 29 things to do and tick them off one by one
  • Post a book review (even for a friend?)
  • Invite others to join me on trips or weekend events
  • Make a raw vegan carrot cake (that was a new recipe)
  • Wash dishes by hand (I haven’t used the dishwasher, except once to test it, since we moved to this condo last September!)
  • Wait til the last week to buy tickets to an event (if it sells out, I take that as a sign I wasn’t supposed to go)
  • Make my bed (especially now that we only sleep under a sheet?)
  • Wait to take a shower (all week! Thank God for Zoom meetings! Haha)
  • Go without wearing a bra (Hubby likes it! Haha)
  • Brush my teeth once a day (but my teeth have suffered)
  • Write a poem
  • Create a piece of art

Do you ever feel like no one cares when you cry, or any of these other things in the list above?

I wondered what Google thought about this topic and when I typed in the first few words, this is what I saw:

No one cares when I cry- Google list

Why do you think no one cares when I cry, or when you cry?

Why do you think no one cares when I cry, or when you cry?

Perhaps this is why we feel depressed or lonely? Because we want someone to care or seek Connection or attention. Hmm.

Perhaps this is why we procrastinate on doing any of the things in the list?

Can we figure out a way to feel better?

Does it bother or upset you after you’ve taken some time to analyze this?

Perhaps we make others feel depressed when we cry? Or we trigger their feelings of guilt, as they may think they need to do something to ease our crying or dry our tears?

Have you ever had anyone laugh at you when you’re crying? Maybe if you’re crying during a sad scene in a movie? And why is that annoying? It’s happened to me and I felt quite annoyed.

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking these thoughts or feeling these emotions. What are your thoughts on this topic?

You may also like my previous post on the subject here.

Eating Citrus for a month!

I have been eating a Citrus Diet for just over a month.

Thanks to reading an email from raw vegan health coach, Life Regenerator, Dan McDonald, (and having a personal consultation with him).

I have been eating a variety of grapefruit, oranges, tangelos, kiwi, and tangerines (with a few times, snacking on fresh blueberries and strawberries), and drinking lots of water with slices of lemon, along with one or two cups of herb tea each day.

The results have been astounding!

2 cup fruit bowl. Raw grapefruit, orange, and tangerines (and Puradyme digestive enzymes).

I have gently released 12 pounds! The weight loss has been very easy. And I have had no cravings (not that I ever have many cravings anyway). Still, I noted my thoughts and feelings when I thought to head to the kitchen for anything.

My BRAIN is definitely functioning better, and my skin continues to clear and feel smoother.

Overall I am noticing that I’m:

  • Less moody
  • Have better clarity
  • Got more stuff done
  • Feel more confident
  • Feel more hopeful
  • Feel more purposeful
  • Moles continuing to flake off
  • Face has stayed clear
  • Feel more vibrant

I want to continue eating this way! One day at a time though.

I have begun to eat raw vegetables for dinner (celery and avocado with Mrs. Dash as a seasoning, and salads with raw Vegan Ranch dressing from The Raw Food World). I also tried Parma vegan parmesan as salad garnish and am enjoying the new flavor and texture it adds.

Vegan Ranch dressing and Parma vegan parmesan

I did eat in a restaurant a few days ago with a friend and enjoyed a seaweed salad and small amount of sushi fish. I have also had some basmati cooked rice a couple of times.

Next, I have a couple of papaya days planned where I will simply eat ripe papayas for all 3 meals (or as needed) for both days! That should be fun!

And for those wanting to learn about who Dan McDonald is, here’s one of his latest videos and there are links to all his stuff in the information part of the video:

Maybe I will become a fruitarian? I do love avocados—even alone, without any rice or celery. But one of the reasons I am doing this is to detach from things and question my motives. It’s a spiritual journey.

Curious how it goes?

Stay tuned!

Mindset Shift! Citrus Diet

Have you ever tried the Citrus Diet?

After trying (and failing to release much excess weight on the Bone Broth Diet), I switched to eating only citrus fruits for 7 days. (Thanks to reading an email from raw vegan health coach, Life Regenerator, Dan McDonald!)

I ate only grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines for 7 days, and drank water with limes and lemons, along with one or two cups of herb tea each day. And what were my results?

Raw fruit: Florida grapefruit, Florida orange, and Cuties tangerines

I released 6 pounds! The easiest weight loss I have experienced in a long time.

As for the mindset shift, I believe once you make up your mind to do something (like lose weight), you will focus on it to breathe, eat, and sleep your goal! Haha! Yes, and you will find ways to make it fun!

Now, here’s the best part – my BRAIN functioned better, plus I saw and felt differences in my skin!

  • Less moody
  • More clarity
  • Got more stuff done
  • Felt a renewed sense of purpose
  • Felt motivated
  • Moles dried up and fell off my body
  • Face cleared up
  • Felt more vitality

Overall now, I really feel aWEsOMe and vibrant! And I want to continue eating this way!

Fruit bowl. My meal of raw grapefruit, orange, and tangerines (and Puradyme digestive enzymes).

I don’t know how long I will continue, but as I begin to add in things like raw vegetables (first, celery and avocado with Mrs. Dash as a seasoning, and later, salads with no dressing), I will document what happens and post it here.

Stay tuned!

What do you think about the Bone Broth diet?

Yes, I’m doing another “diet.” I feel as if I’ve been on a perpetual diet of one kind or another for 25 years! Ugh! But no one can say I give up easily! Ha!

So, I added The Green Smoothie Girl bone broth smoothies to my diet a couple years ago while doing a fast, detox, cleanse. But, this Bone Broth diet is different.

Stock library photo of broth

Essentially, I simply substitute 2 meals a day with bone broth, and do intermittent fasting (IF). The Dr. Kelly plan comes with a small booklet that defines a Yes / No list of foods, and information about IF.

One can work their IF eating times any number of ways too, depending upon one’s work schedule or body chemistry.

IF works best for me when I eat from 11am or noon to about 4 or 5pm.

Skipping my evening meal always results in weight loss, but not eating anything after 6 or 7pm is always the most challenging, and I have to really establish a good mindset about it first, before attempting it too, else I fail every time.

But mostly, eating like this is a “mindset shift.” And if I’m not in the right mindset, I fall off the wagon each time.

What things do you do to keep your mindset right? Do you write down your goals? Use a coach or accountability partner? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you, and many blessings in ALL ways.

My health cover letter

I have held many different progressively responsible positions in my 35+ year, professional technical career, but what is most important for me now, is to align myself with a company I can believe in. People over profits. Integrity matters.

A mission of natural health and wellness aligns with my greater sense of purpose. I live a holistic health and wellness lifestyle (right down to my low carbon footprint) and I seek to work with others who are on that same path.

This is my Jerry Maguire moment. Yes, I made a crazy supercharged career change after seeing THAT movie 25 years ago! And I am ready to do it again.

Everything I have done up to this point in my career, has had a customer-centric focus, one way or another. Either by sharing, gathering requirements, or training and leading teams—the end results were providing better services to the customer by ensuring quality and thorough communications.

I constantly challenge myself and quickly absorb what I learn to hit the ground running. I love the Agile approach.

I would welcome a conversation with you about how I can help you better serve your customers.

I invite you to email me.

Please review my holistic resume here.

RV Life: Changing furniture

There are lots of “gotchas” one finds when they start removing RV furniture.

After living in our Carriage Carri-Lite 5th wheel for 8 years, our chairs and couch were quite worn. The fake leather had rubbed off, and it wasn’t worth recovering them.

Trying to cover worn RV “leather” recliner.
RV couch with worn fake leather
RV couch worn “leather” closeup
How do you keep fake leather from wearing off?
RV worn fake leather recliner

On 7/6/2018 my husband, Richard, got the old chair out. And my son, Matt, got the couch out.

Getting the couch (which by the way, was supposed to be a fold out or jack-knife couch bed, but wasn’t), out of the slide—wasn’t an easy job.

Son removing RV couch
Getting to the bottom of the RV couch.

It feels so much larger in here now. Just waiting on the new la-z-boy chairs to arrive!

There was 8 years of dust/dirt/whatever on the carpet by the small window.

This is no fold out RV bed.
A queen size air mattress had came with the RV, but the manufacturer must have meant for it to go on the floor because this couch wasn’t big enough to put it on it in any way! We never made the dealer show us how it worked either (at time of walk through or delivery). Our fault. We had asked the salesman but he didn’t know how it worked (because it didn’t)!

Once the couch was out, I could see the light dusting of mold on one wall by the fridge! It had been impossible to clean between the couch and the fridge. I wiped the walls down. No more mold!

At first, we thought one of our doggies had thrown up or something, but to get it all the way under the couch?!? So bizzare! We tested it and found it was furniture STAIN! Apparently, our RV manufacturer spilled the stain and thought the couch would cover it up!

Cabinet stain on the carpet under where the couch was—manufacturer had covered it up and no one told us!
Floor plan of our RV

This is the floor plan of our RV, except ours has a king size bed in the bedroom. It had plenty of room for us and two small shih-tzu’s. Our doggies were older when we bought this and only lived in it with us for about 3 years, sadly. But we continued living in the RV for more than 11 years. The last 17 months of that time, we lived off grid. More about that experience here and here.

All I can say about buying an RV is, buyer beware. I have had buyers remorse for many years over this RV, though I had grown quite fond of it.

First, the refrigerator had a recall on it, then the automatic transfer switch melted down and could have killed us! Read about that here.

When you know more, you can make much better choices.

2021: Review of a CrAzY, Transformative, Aligning Year

2021 Year in Review: CrAzY, Transformative, and Aligning

Maybe I lost my mind this year, but they say you have to lose things sometimes, to FIND them. Right? (I’m hearing Eminem’s song, Lose Yourself, in my head as I write this!)

2021 has been ridiculous for me in many ways. But I’m still here! Dammit! Haha! No. Bless it!

God bless it! Omniscience bless it.

In fact, Omniscience blesses it ALL. Every single one of us. ALL the time. And in ALL ways! Even the shitty ways. Really.

Physically, we moved again. But it wasn’t planned.

I had planned to live in our beautiful $100k+ RV 5th wheel for the rest of my life! But the emotional rollercoaster we’d been living in the woods for 17 months, finally got the best of us.

So, hubby and I left for a month away, and during the course of that “vacation,” we rented a condo for a year! But more on that in a few minutes.

COVID-19 has continued to ravage many of us—if not physically, then socially, financially, psychologically, and emotionally—sadly.

If you haven’t had it, someone you know has, or thought they have, or been told they have… the fear, distrust, mass psychosis, misinformation, disinformation, judgmental attitudes, lockdowns, etc. all taking a toll on us, individually and collectively. Ugh!

It seems all too much now!

The fear porn over an unseen virus has heightened to fever pitch levels to the point of censorship, job loss, businesses going bankrupt, people falling into depression, losing their sanity, friendships ending, relationships suffering, divorce, and even death!

But we’re supposed to be saving people’s lives!

Mind-blowing shit emoji

We (as in everyone) were supposed to get a vaccine in 2021 that could end the COVID nightmare and get us all back to “normal.” Yeah, right. (I never expected a thoroughly tested vax that fast anyway, nor would I have been one to get it first. That’s totally what I’m NOT about, and NOT who I am. I am all about doing things the natural way.)

And NOW, I think for many of us, those vaccines coming out so quickly, only made things worse!

We now find ourselves in a fight for our #HealthFreedom – and we aren’t in the majority yet, which baffles me!

Minding My Energy became a cosmic joke—played on ME! (I created this design in 2019, way before I knew I would have to literally manage my energy when we moved “off grid” AND now, I really have to manage my energy to hold my shit together!)

Packing it up

We packed it up and moved out. Yes, after 11 years in our RV and 17 months off grid, I’ve let go of something else—my home.

Our 5th wheel home parked under the canopy of Live Oak trees, Hollister Florida. It’s now for sale—with or without to 11 solar panels, lithium batteries, inverter, and gas generators.

We took all our “prepper” know-how and stuff and moved back to town.

I feel defeated. Guilty. Sad. Like a failure. I also feel mad when I see how much money we threw away on trying to live off grid! (About $25k)

The RV, wood shed that stores the batteries, inverter and power supply, and 2 moveable solar panels (not shown are 9 more mounted solar panels.)
Solar Electronics, batteries are underneath.

Life’s for Learning

I continue to work on myself (and coach an elder friend, one-on-one, through my Integrated Spiral DE-program), but between job interviews, moving (as noted below), and ultimately changing roles with my employer, I have had to make time to:

  • Take care of myself and my husband
  • Clean mold off everything, pack, move it by the car load, reorganize it (5 car loads = 5 trips back and forth. 3 hours each way.)
  • Talk with my daughter and son
  • Video chat with my oldest granddaughter, who graciously includes the twins in the calls sometimes too (and I miss them all sooo much)
  • Catch up with much loved extended family (I have less of them now, as one of my aunts passed a few weeks ago)
  • Talk with / visit friends
  • Walk
  • Take online classes (both for work and for my personal growth & sanity)
  • Take Pilates classes (but had to quit after they changed their rules)
  • Read (5 books in progress)
  • Create courses (created one during 2 weeks off in August: Communing with Trees)
  • Market Richard Murrey original music
  • Continue writing my metaphysical novel

I have had no time to adequately market Integrated Spiral™—yet these are exactly the times when I know people need the relief and open awareness it brings!

Join me and 3 others in a small-group DE-program group that meets on Zoom each week (new groups form monthly!)

I barely have time to tweet about our original NEW music!

No travel plans

Travel that had been planned for 2020 has either been completely cancelled now, or indefinitely postponed:

  • Alania’s Gainesville retreat (prepaid)
  • Particular “soul type” retreat that I won’t name—Held in Oct 2021, rescheduled from 2020, but with such restrictions that I canceled. Unbeknownst to me, my cancellation and one post about it, stirred up a lot of angst and cost me “friendships.” Ugh! Huge waste of time.
  • 40th High School reunion (They had rescheduled it, but I chose not to go, as I would have had to drive myself)
  • Trip to my home state to lay my parent’s remains to rest (which was to occur the week I went home for my HS reunion—I guess there’s no rush. Ugh!)

Family comes to Florida

We were happy to get to see my husband’s sister, Rose, and her husband this year again, as they enjoy (yes, IN Joy), driving around the country towing their 5th wheel behind their pickup truck. And I am glad they like traveling like that, (as I can relate—I towed a travel trailer years ago and didn’t like the towing experience).

We also got to see one of hubby’s brothers, Bill! He stayed in my son’s tiny house and helped me take some drawers out of a cabinet in our RV. Bill is an expert woodworker. Actually, so is Alan, my sis-in-law’s hubby—he made us a beautiful trivet, out of wine corks and stained wood.

Hair Growth

My hair has grown quite a lot in a year.

So much so, that before we knew we would move, my son give me an undercut:

My undercut (haircut/shave by my son).
Undercut side view. My hair is so thick and this cut helped me stay cool.

Dental work

I’m still missing my front tooth.

Insert song in your head here, All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth. LOL You can’t get it out of your head, can you? Haha! Pun intended.

I make a good pirate with my missing tooth though, right? Pic of me and my granddaughter using a fun pirate filter on Google Duo.

I won’t go into it all, but suffice to say after spending another $5k on my teeth in September/October and by December, experiencing a toothache from one of the three new crowns—dentures are in my near future!

If you know an excellent and thoroughly trustworthy holistic dentist, in the Bradenton Florida area, let me know!

Gulfport: Making new friends

When we reached our mental breaking point in the woods, hubby found an AirBnB in the Gulfport area of St. Petersburg Florida.

And since we had not been out much in 17 months, we really enjoyed walking to the Main Street area to the popular nearby restaurants.

Hubby Richard created several digital pieces of art while we were in Gulfport, FL. ❤️😉

One restaurant, I had previously loved when we used to live in Palmetto and would come here occasionally, let us down on our first day out! Not enough help. Too busy. Breakfast was cold when it showed up. And two loudmouth guys wouldn’t shut up the whole time we sat there.

I was beginning to think we had made a mistake coming to Gulfport.

But then, we tried the Irish pub one afternoon for dinner and it fast became our hangout! Live music everyday and friendly staff, musicians, and patrons!

Loved the fish and cucumber salad at the Irish pub!

Our early evenings at the pub almost made me forget about the plandemic for a minute!

I got to meet one of the gals whom I had met on Clubhouse (and was supposed to meet in person at a particular soul type retreat), and we had a great time!

Enjoying time with her really helped me heal the hurt I had felt over all that had transpired from me simply choosing not to attend the retreat (and posting that information on Facebook—without tagging, or directly naming the event and its organizers). I had sought only to inform my friends, but some took it personally anyway. (That’s on them.)

I chose not to play their game (I simply canceled my hotel reservation and said, “No”—but oh, some people can’t hear that word)!

Speaking of Clubhouse, I joined, got fairly involved, brought a few others in, learned a lot, and gave even more, and QUIT all within a year. (Mostly due to my own time management and because there seemed to be a lot of scammers showing up on there!)

And speaking, or rather writing, about small businesses, yes, I continue to support many holistic health and other small businesses—more on that here.

Hubby working at our computer while I worked on my laptop, in the AirBnB

As for our little efficiency duplex AirBnB rental unit in Gulfport, we would go back! It was quiet and clean. And very close to the Main Street area and marina. Though I worked 2 weeks, and only took 2 weeks off (to create the Communing with Trees course and clear out 200+ notes from my Notepad app), we enjoyed our time in Gulfport WITH hot water and ELECTRICITY very much!

Honoring the Sacred Past

I feel the Winter Solstice that didn’t shine sunbeams into the Newgrange chamber in Ireland December 2019, was meant to warn me of the tumultuous years ahead. And that I would continue to integrate my shadow self this year as I began this task last year. Apparently, it is ongoing work. ☯️

Somehow I feel the Live Oak trees in Hollister told the Banyan and Palm trees in Bradenton that I was coming, because after our current rental home (a one bedroom single story condo) fell into our proverbial laps, by way of a friend, I found myself surrounded by trees! And in the city?!? Go figure!

I discovered this amazing and huge Banyan tree in our 55+ community by getting out and walking everyday! You can’t possibly know how thrilled I was to find it!

Banyan tree, Bradenton FL

Celebrating Family

After 5 drives back to the woods to pack more belongings into our car, it was Thanksgiving, which I also call, Thanksliving time.

Aaron and Abby had us over for a grand Thanksgiving feast—even better than last year! Aaron’s turkey was the best!

We just brought two pies (from Fresh Market in Bradenton), as our easy contribution! And my son’s girlfriend, Rachael, arrived in time to spend the last hour of our visit with us (as she had spent Thanksgiving with her kids). Family. By blood or by choice—either way, find some. What else is life for?

Online classes

Because we are limiting our time out of the house, I’ve had more time to participate in online groups and programs. I’ll share a few next:

The Green Smoothie Girl

As well, I continued making shakes for breakfast and lunch with protein powder from The Green Smoothie Girl.

The first time around, I enjoyed doing this fasting type cleanse with my daughter, which helped me mentally, as I had felt down because we couldn’t visit in 2020-2021. Doing this detox together was emotionally supportive and a bit fun!

I highly recommend Robyn’s products.

I buy the protein powder in the big bag now. I also think the flax is amazing too.

If you’d like to give this plan a try, here’s the link:

The Sacred Science

I started the year with a course from The Sacred Science called, Inner Alchemy. It was very deep and healing.

Screen capture from the home page of the course: Inner Alchemy by The Sacred Science.

I spent several months watching the videos and doing the homework in this course, about the same time I signed up for Dr. Joe’s offering, so it took me awhile to complete. And I highly recommend both.

I learned new tips and gained insights into my Self that brought more peace and appreciation into each of my days. (And I can get “in a mood” with the best—or worst—of them, so to speak.)

In humility, I am always working on my Self.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Screen capture of heading in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s app: The Formula.

I got through all Dr. Joe’s videos fairly fast, but then it came time to do the daily meditations. Hmm.

I love to meditate, but something in this course got me stuck. Was it Dr. Joe’s pace? His vocal tone (which differs from his speaking voice)? I don’t know. But I will return to the meditations at some point.

NES Infoceuticals

I abSOULutely resonate with so much of the information in Harry Massey’s book, Decoding the Human Body-Field: The New Science of Information as Medicine.

After 3 weeks of dealing with a cold/flu bug a few weeks ago, I called my NES Health practitioner and got some Infoceuticals. After the first dose I felt 50% better! They are amazing!

If you get through everything else and still feel poorly, or want to see what else you can do to improve your health energetically, then I highly recommend reaching out to a NES practitioner:

New Music

Hubby and I continue to work on showcasing his original new music—getting it out to more musicians who play Live. And we’re working with a new distributor to get the songs on all the major music platforms:

  • Amazon Music
  • iTunes / Apple Music (link below)
  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • N1M
  • YouTube

And Richard has created new visuals for each of his songs, to be played on a screen behind the musicians or online, etc.

Here’s the link to our new music for Apple listeners:

I know with his genius talent and experience, plus, my tenacity and perseverance (not to mention my co-creative and positive outlook), we can reach far and wide.

We write music for new artists! ❤️🦋🌀🎼

Can you dig it?!?

I setup a new website: this year and a shopping site, so there are more ways to reach us.

Missing my girls

I am still missing seeing my girls… my daughter and granddaughters in New Hampshire. Dammit! No. Omniscience BLESS it! I know things can change!

I miss my girls sooo much! I look at the pictures and videos from our last time together, and have to quickly dry my tears when we Google Duo video chat because I see how much they’ve grown and how much time has passed! Oh, how much I have missed due to some unseen virus!

I work my DE-program though, and know that’s MY issue to clear and release. To heal. And perhaps as I heal myself, I heal others. I don’t know, but it’s a nice and very FREEING thought!

FREE Book!

Yes, right now, you can download my holistic health book for FREE during this annual Smashwords promotion. Here’s what you do:

Click this link:

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26 seconds to get under your skin

Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals in your personal care products to enter your bloodstream?

Well, if man-made chemicals can get in (and that fast), I would rather skip them and their side effects and opt for natural options, like essential oils!

Essential oils have been found to mostly improve the body by aiding its ability to repair and rejuvenate.

To ease what ails you

To ease what ails you

Restless sleep

Can’t sleep? Restless. Mind chatter keeping you awake?

Try putting some Lavender and Bergamot on your pillow case or eye mask when you go to bed.

I still rely on the little sleep tincture too, on nights I find it especially difficult to fall asleep:


I wrote this answer to a friend who was diagnosed with shingles after getting vaccinated “against” shingles:

I had a mild case of shingles years ago too (as diagnosed by my skin cancer dermatologist doc). The cure? For me, it was eating raw vegan for a few months!

I juiced and ate raw fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seeds, and nuts. I bought recipe books and watched raw vegan videos and even attended raw vegan meetup group potlucks and took uncooking classes with a raw vegan chef! It was an amazing journey.

When I went back for a recheck my dermatologist doc was shocked! But he didn’t even want to know how I healed myself. His last words to me were, “call us if you need us again.” And I’ve never been back!

That’s been over a decade ago. Prior to that, his office had me going in every year for a cancer screening check.

I sure hope you find your solution and feel better fast! ❤️🦋🌀🙏😘

Skin tags, moles, and warts

A person had a large wart on the bottom of one toe that refused to disappear despite repeated applications of Melaleuca alone.

A mix of Eucalyptus, Melaleuca alternifolia, Lavender, Thieves, and Frankincense was used and the stubborn wart disappeared in less than a week.

I typically apply Frankincense or Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) oil to a skin tag or mole, daily for a week or two, and watch as the mole dries up and disappears.

For skin tags, I give them a quarter turn each day in the same direction until they fall off. And what’s really cool is—there’s no scar!

Comparatively, I have a white scar where a dermatologist froze off a large (and deep) mole on my belly—15 years ago! (It was tested and found to be benign too.)

Complexion Issues

When one gets white dry patches on the face, try Melaleuca alternifolia oil, or tea tree.

As well, for breakouts, nothing works more quickly with amazing results than this oil! I highly recommend you keep this on hand in your medicine cabinet:

Knee Injury

After a severe meniscus tear (knee injury) the pain never stopped. A person had been taking heavy duty pain meds for two years. Then started using Wintergreen & Cypress and had immediate relief, applied to the knees about 4-5 times per day.

Additionally, the person took Young Living’s NingXia Red 2oz per day, Sulfurzyme 4 caps per day, and BLM 4 caps per day and after 6 weeks, the pain was gone and the person didn’t have to use the oils. That was three years ago.

As for me, I did one 10 minute session of Pranayama breathing as my knee pain left completely. That’s been about 5 years ago!

Muscle Spasms

I keep a bottle of Basil essential oil on my bedside table. When I get leg cramps, muscle spasms in my legs, it’s quick relief!

Basil essential oil also soothes sciatica pain.

A few drops massaged into the skin seems to do the trick.

Post Surgery Pain

Use 20 drops Valerian, 10 drops of Helichrysum, 3 drops of Clove & 3 drops of Peppermint placed in 2 size “00” empty vegecaps. Essential oil recipe by Gary Young.


As the body chemistry of each individual is different, results from using the same oil or product may vary from those described above.

Scripture References

Bible references about essential oils and incense:

Ezekiel 47: 12, Gen 37:25, Matt 2:11, Numbers 16Exodus 12:22, 29:7, Leviticus 2:1-2, Mark 14:3, and my favorite James 5:14-15 ❤️🦋🌀🙏