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Yes, this is a huge topic.

Florida state regulations

Did you know the state of Florida has not licensed any naturopathic doctors since 1959? But there are doctors who promote natural ways for you to be healthy and beautiful—practicing as acupuncturists, doctors of Oriental Medicine, chiropractors, or anti-aging specialists. And they are practicing right here in sunny Florida.

I like naturopaths because they treat the whole person – which, by the way, is why they call it “holistic” medicine (holistic means whole). They treat your mind, body, and soul / spirit. They do not just prescribe a pill for your symptom. They get to know you and what makes you tick (and what makes you sick). The naturopathic physician will work as a detective to get to the root cause of your individual situation, illness, pain, etc. I now know that some naturopaths must practice under another type of license – such as acupuncture.

Team approach

Author Kris Carr, who wrote “Crazy Sexy Cancer” suggests putting together your own team of functional medicine doctors. I agree with her that we need to research the doctors and interview them.

This is one reason I am still working on a book about my healing journey from asthma. I believe each of us facing a health situation should take it upon ourselves (empower yourself) by using online information to aid in your research and learn about your particular issue. Do your due diligence then visit the doctor, meet him or her first, ask questions, then decide if they will provide the treatment to cure your particular situation. If not, keep seeking and interviewing others until you have a team of experts to help you heal.

Ways to heal

As for why this is a loaded topic. There’s a trend I hope grows and becomes more important as years go by. Holistic, alternative, and complimentary medicine. Acupuncture and naturopathic physicians, along with chiropractors, lead the way in this movement. They have all encouraged me to speak to others about my health recovery.

My story

I reversed asthma in my body several years ago and was able to completely stop taking five pharmaceutical medications. Mainstream medicine would say that I have been asymptomatic (meaning I’ve had no asthma symptoms) since 2005. And because of legal mumbo jumbo I’m not allowed to tell you how I did it without providing a “disclaimer” (since I’m not a physician or other kind of licensed health care practitioner).

I can tell you my health quest began by visiting an acupuncture physician, Joan Massey, at HealthQuest Wellness Center in Titusville, Florida. I’d seen chiropractors most of my life so that was a piece of the puzzle I’d always had in place for chronic issues. (Joan has since moved to South Carolina so I’ve included a link to her – click on her name above or see the links at the end of the article).

I knew, just like all of you know, that eating vegetables was important. My mom, just like your mom, had told me since I could remember to “eat my veggies” with dinner. But until I found an acupuncture physician who went way above and beyond, providing me with whole raw food advice, I did not know what an amazing journey I was on.

While receiving massage I asked my LMT at Health Quest, Dory Valentine, if she knew of a naturopath. That’s when I was led to Dr. Anita Spitz. Though not a naturopath Dr. Spitz is a mainstream medical doctor who believes in treating the whole person and uses drugs and surgery as last resort measures (because pills all have side effects and only treat symptoms). I wish more physicians were like Dr. Spitz. She excels at educating her patients. Dr. Spitz is always learning, open to find tools and modalities that help their patients.

Continued learning

I learn from every doctor I see. I ask questions and take notes. Oh and I blog. haha!

If you watch Dr. Oz or read his advice online you know he also promotes a healthy diet for your health and beauty. I’ve also been accumulating a list of doctors who believe the same. Not all of them are naturopaths, but as with Dr. Spitz and Dr. Oz some allopathic doctors know eating right is vitally important to your health.

Conventional medicine

Conventional medical doctors sadly, do not do much to promote it for a variety of reasons. Mostmedical doctors only had ONE CLASS in nutrition during their TEN YEARS of medical school education!!

Most people are lazy. I’m sure traditional doctors have often told their patients to “eat healthy” only to have their patients ask for a pill. Most folks want to eat anything, indulge in their cravings, and just take a pill when they have a problem. Very few really understand the phrase, “you are what you eat.”

But, there is hope. Some people want to change. Some, like one of my coworkers, will watch, “Food Matters” – then ask me, “what are you eating”? I love those kinds of people – they want to take responsibility for their health. They know “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

List of Alternative Doctors

Here’s a list of alternative, holistic, or complimentary medicine doctors located in Titusville, Florida – Brevard county (close to the Kennedy Space Center).

I’ve linked each to their own websites so you can get more information about them or contact their office.

  • HealthQuest Wellness Center
  • Daly Chiropractic and Wellness Center
  • Eric Hunstad DOM – Doctor of Oriental Medicine / Acupuncture
  • Dr. Anita Spitz MD – Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine
  • Affordable Acupuncture by Joan (South Carolina)

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