It’s amazing how much healing for a body can be obtained just from eating a diet of 100 percent organic, non-GMO vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds easily obtained from the produce section of your local market. The key is to understand the importance of healthy eating so you can experience optimum health.Alice_DeLair

My friend Alice is a perfect example of someone who, not only improved her health and vitality by changing her diet, she also healthily influenced, at least two other people, and this author suspects, potentially many more, by successfully guiding these people to transform their health by making better food choices.

Often, people complain they don’t have enough time to prepare nutritious, powerfully nourishing meals at home. This is why so many people turn to fast food. But, when you consider the consequences of eating fast food, versus the health benefits that can be obtained by preparing and consuming organic, non-GMO meals prepared at home, you might want to think again.

Alice is Italian. She loves to cook! For most of her life she has cooked enticing gourmet Italian meals, most centering on pastas and sauces. Her Italian flair for cooking meant, if you were dining with her, you knew the meal was going to be tempting and delectable.

So, four years ago, when Alice made a conscious decision to change her diet, you can almost imagine her family’s initial reaction.

Alice did not have any specific health challenges, so this also intrigued her family – why the need to drastically alter her diet? But, Alice felt her energy levels decreasing, and after getting a report from her doctor (about her cholesterol) she felt a strong pull to improve her overall general health.

As well, Alice and her husband are small business entrepreneurs with busy schedules, but also have loved ones they personally check on daily, elderly neighbors they assist with errands, exercise and other outdoor activities they enjoy, which amount to a very active life; if they can take the time to highly prioritize and value the benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle, so can you.

Per Alice, “I’ve included my photo and the smoothie recipe that we pretty much drink daily. In the recipe, I describe the benefits of a few of the ingredients; it provides so much nutritional value as we start our day.” Alice modified her smoothie recipe from one she found in a diet book.

When I asked Alice to describe the benefits she’s enjoying from her delicious, and nutritious health smoothie, she replied, “This particular recipe incorporates so many micronutrients and daily requirement of vitamins that it serves each day as our breakfast. Satisfying us for at least 4 hours, if not longer.” 

The produce Alice and her husband eat is organic, as are the sprouted grains, and non-GMO. If you met Alice, you would have the luxury of hearing how passionate she is when she talks about her, and her husband’s, health transformation, and then you could really understand the impact whole real food has made for them.

Alice has experienced a greater clarity of thought, and more energy than she has felt in years! Her skin is clear, the white’s of her eyes are whiter, and her hair is stronger, and shinier! She is so convinced of how her body changed, due to her new way of eating, that she is powerfully moved to share her success with anyone who will listen! When she talks about what she eats now, her energy embraces you! You feel the emotional connection she has about food.

So, how did Alice get the idea to make such a radical food change, which eventually transformed her health, and the health of others in her family? What was the impetus for this change, since she didn’t seem to have had any serious health challenge?

Alice related that her story began four years ago when friends had invited her and her husband to dinner one evening. The friend’s relayed information to Alice and her husband about a particular health show they had seen on the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS). The doctor on that show had proposed people eat a diet made up of mostly greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, mushrooms, and seeds. Supposedly, this way of eating had helped many people with heart and diabetic issues, as well as many other issues. Upon hearing this information, Alice said it resonated with her.

A few weeks later, Alice and her husband had a chance to watch that same show about the healthy eating lifestyle. After making a meal of the items, which had been recommended, Alice couldn’t sleep!  It was as if the cells of her body had been charged with energy. She attempted to lie down in bed, but began thinking of all the things she wanted to get up and do! She was completely energized! She knew this way of eating had to be something wonderful for her body, something that she must continue!

Alice made the decision that evening to change her eating habits for life. Her husband did not change right away however, mostly because Alice is a fabulous Italian cook, and he didn’t want to give up pasta, and all the various dishes he was used to her preparing. However, after noticing her increased energy levels, he asked to try her nourishing and delicious smoothie. Between the scrumptious taste, and how much energy it provided him, he has been hooked on it ever since.

While Alice has several recipes, she applies the basic important ingredients, as well as either, eliminating or substituting replacements to a variety of other recipes, for their three meals a day. She uses a variety of recipe websites and always modifies the recipes to suit their tastes and nutrition requirements. Their main entrees consist of a wide variety of whole foods that are quite satisfying.

Alice and this author agree that there are so many additives and preservatives in packaged foods, it pays to be picky about what we eat.  Alice and her family are nutritionally satisfied. They have all found that food even tastes better after eliminating all “junk” food.

Previously, Alice thought she might have been hypoglycemic, which as it turned out was never the case, once she changed to one based on nutritional food values.

In fact, after changing to a nutritionally dense type of diet, Alice and her husband experienced the following results:

  • Alice’s cholesterol dropped 40 points
  • Her husband’s cholesterol dropped 50 points
  • Annual lab exams show they are not lacking anything
  • Both look and feel healthier
  • Both lost weight
  • Both have maintained an ideal weight for over four years
  • They no longer require a lot of food to be satisfied
  • They gained a great deal more energy and clarity

Alice always recommends people take a B12 supplement.

Alice is deeply passionate about sharing her food as a means to vitality story. She feels it is of great importance to learn and possess accurate knowledge of how food can greatly impact our lives, even help people to reverse certain ills.

Alice, like many of us, read the stories about how detrimental high cholesterol can be to our health, yet we know our bodies need some cholesterol. Cholesterol travels through our bloodstream, aiding our body to produce Vitamin D and hormones, but our bodies are capable, if nourished properly, to make all the cholesterol we need.

Most of us know that when the doctor tells us our cholesterol numbers are too high, we’re not doing so well. But, how many of us know this is our body’s way of sounding the alarm for us to make better food choices?

We have learned when damaging cholesterol builds up in our arteries; it can contribute to plaque, which can cause heart disease.

Alice loves to empower others, because she feels vibrant, healthy, and powerful – when you feel that good – you want others to feel good too! Just like when you’re in love, you want all your friends to find a partner and fall in love too!

Alice was also able to share her new dietary knowledge with her brother, who had been on heart medicine since he was in his 30’s. Now, in his 50’s, Alice felt in her heart that it was vital to encourage her brother to switch to whole real food. She spoke with him at various times in phone conversations, as he lives in another state, to explain how food had helped herself and husband, the many benefits they were experiencing, what to eat, and how to prepare it.

At first, her brother had not been interested. He was 60 pounds over weight and felt miserable in so many ways. To his benefit, about two years ago, after having heard Alice preaching about whole food eating and how good she felt, he called to say he’d been in the hospital and they thought he was having stroke (his cholesterol at that time was over 400!). He told Alice, “I am ready and I am listening. Tell me what I need to do.”

Alice’s brother doesn’t cook, but quickly became one. She told him it didn’t matter if he called her ten times daily for support. He did call her, and he shopped, cooked, and shared recipes, photos, and so on. Alice encouraged him via long distance. He dropped 60 pounds and started feeling much better. The doctors reduced his daily medication.

After a few weeks though, Alice’s brother caller her and said, “Please don’t be upset as you have tried to mentor me, but I don’t think I can hang in there doing this as it takes time and work.” Alice reassuringly told him it was his decision and that she wasn’t upset at all.

Two hours later, he called back and said he should have gone to get his mail prior to calling her, because he’d received her hand written letter, describing how proud she was of him for meeting the challenge and hanging in there. She had wanted him to have a good old-fashioned reminder to keep handy, should he need it. Again, this indicates the level of belief Alice has, about how food can positively support us, improve our health, and enable us to live a vital life!

Alice’s brother continued with his lifestyle change, even though other family members chose not to in his home. It has been our experience that when people feel better, and see physical changes in their body, they become convinced! Those who do not wish to embrace this kind of change often do not understand the benefits. It has been over two years now and even his cardiologist is in amazement at how he has transitioned. He indicated the changes could not have even occurred – with medication!

Note: Alice and her husband’s friends continue to be a source of mentoring during their dietary transformation. They find it most beneficial to experiment with recipes and share these with each other to taste, and then provide the actual recipe.

Alice says, “My husband and I have no desire to return to our previous way of eating after seeing the benefits yielded from eating live greens and all other daily foods we enjoy~”

Alice’s smoothie recipe:

Quantity is for 1 person (Place in food processor to blend) – Using a 7 cup food processor

Using all fresh or frozen organic fruit & ingredients for optimum nutritional value eliminating intake of pesticides & preservatives.

  • ½ banana
  • 1/3 fresh mango cut in chunks (may substitute frozen especially, when not in season as long as organic – for this and all berries)
  • ½ cup fresh or frozen blueberries
  • ½ cup fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 1 slice pineapple spear
  • ½ cup almond milk or I use Flax Seed milk only found @ Whole Foods as it is high in protein & great for your cholesterol
  • Large Handful of fresh spinach and or arugula
  • Kale-several leaves chopped depending on size (if small 8 or 10)   If extra large 4 (remove stems)
  • 1 tablespoon organic ground flax seed (contains daily omega 3 requirement)
  • Honey-(1) squirt around whole diameter of processor (builds immune system-best to purchase honey locally grown for full benefits)
  • Sprinkle in shredded coconut
  • “Enjoy Life brand” Mega semi-sweet chocolate chunks (purchased @ Whole Foods) dairy, nut & soy free
  • 2 tsps. Raw sunflower seeds

After placing all ingredients in processor blend until smoothie. For thinner consistency, add

Cold bottled Spring water after other ingredients have blended. Add water through tube at top of processor. Enjoy!

To our feeling great, better health, and longevity,

Sheila Murrey

Your alternative health researcher, joyful wellness guinea pig, and mindful Mind-Body-Spirit guru! Reach out to me if you need a boost, or a boot, to get yourself back in charge of YOUR well-being.

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, wholly vibrant, and beautiful. And yes, it’s important to take good care of yourself because, We Are All Connected.

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