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December 20th, 2015

Moved again. (Sigh!) But you gotta go where the work is. So, here I am again writing another article about how to find natural alternative and holistic health and wellness professionals.

Whenever my husband or I have a health issue I want my wellness team lined up and at the ready so we can take care of it early. As I’ve said before, the sooner you seek “well care” when you feel something is off in your body, the quicker an alternative therapy is apt to work.

Thought process

Let me start by giving you my thought process. Even if you have a lot of other priorities for instance, sports, extracurricular activities, etc., still you need to complete a senior project to graduate successfully. I began searching for those who would comprise my wellness team on Google before we moved. Then I went to the Natural Awakenings magazine for the Tampa / St. Pete area. They’re always a solid research tool.

Helpful magazines

  • Conscious Shift
  • Horizons
  • Transformations

Getting out in the Community

One of the first places I found (while driving around town), was the community acupuncture clinic! They will be first on my list to call if I feel I need care.

I’m excited to find them because my first acupuncture doctor moved to South Carolina a few years ago and started a community clinic there – so I am familiar with this type of business model and believe it will help more people (because they charge a reduced, sliding scale fee for services). Also, the community acupuncture clinic has more than one acupuncture doctor. That should mean, less waiting, and more opportunity to meet the one who’s just right for you.


While researching one of the acupuncture physician’s website it occurred to me I should check the Florida State Oriental Medical Association web page and see who all they have listed in St. Petersburg!

As my readers know, I prefer alternative health / natural health experts such as: a naturopath and acupuncturist, instead of western practitioners. Of course, you can also adjunct your regular medical health regimen with many natural health modalities like, yoga, massage, and essential oils.

In my experience, western / allopathic medical doctors spend much of their time in school being indoctrinated about pharmaceuticals. Most have only taken one course in nutrition! So, the natural health and holistic health avenues, just make more sense to me. And the natural health and holistic health services I am sold on have been around thousands of years – to me even if they take longer, I prefer them to a pill which only masks symptoms and may cause something far worse than your original problem!

I say this because I was surprised to find a clinic where MDs are offering a new approach, working together with chiropractors, acupuncturists, and much more to offer a substantial variety of treatments that treats the cause – what a concept! I would love to hear from anyone who has went to the Millennium Health & Wellness – please email me.

As I am writing this, the Body Mind & Spirit Expo is going on at the Sheraton Tampa Airport Westshore.


But it is what it is, and people will only believe what they want to believe. That’s why in most reviews for the Body Mind & Spirit Expo they say to come and allow your mind to open / expand. My mind is already wide open because I believe God works in powerful and mysterious ways. I also believe God is limitless possibility, so I put my judgements aside and try things out – I figure it’s a lot safer to try food and natural cures, than trust any medication that has a side effect list as long as my arm! LOL


I started looking for a couple of really good health food stores. Found one! Sunshine Health Foods on Seminole Blvd. I visited the store and talked with owner/manager, Sue, for about an hour.

The Sunshine Health Foods store is well organized and includes a comfortable sitting area if you would like to peruse the many health and wellness related books they have, and learn (like I’ve been doing) about how to take care of yourself naturally.

Sue was kind enough to lead me to a massage therapist (next door) and an acupuncture clinic just up the road. I also picked up more holistic health type local magazines.

I love all kinds of health food / organic markets – they don’t have to be huge, or carry “everything” which, is why I like to find at least two. As for a “doctor,” I want a naturopath or acupuncture physician who truly listens to me about any and all issues I have going on then, using investigative tools, plans the necessary treatment and works to guide me in staying the course.

I am your local wellness activist and EFT practitioner ready to provide you a list of alternative, holistic, or complimentary medicine doctors located in St. Petersburg / Tampa Florida. I’ve linked each to their own websites so you can get more information about them or contact their office.


Dr. Deanna Ohm – > https://balancedrejuvenationmed.com

Dr. Alison J Kay (Palm Harbor / Clearwater)

Dr. Laurie Zakresky

Madeira Beach Center for Natural Medicine

St. Pete Community Acupuncture

Bay Area Oriental Family Practice

Well Within Natural Medicine, Inc

Jade Tree Wellness

Living Chiropractic and Wellness Center


Holistic Health Haven

Conforti Chiropractic and Wellness Center (4 locations)

Piro Clinic of Natural Medicine

Peaks of Health Metabolic Medical Center

Vital Well-Being Center, Inc.

Lumina Healing Center

Calm Community Acupuncture (Tampa)

Health Food Stores

To eat better everyday and avoid some health issues you might also want to check out Tampa Bay Organics. They deliver fresh produce right to your door!

Leafy Greens Cafe

Sunshine Health Foods

Richard’s Whole Foods

Rollin Oats Market and Cafe

Earth Origins Market

Central Cafe & Organics

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, vibrant, and beautiful. Be who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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