First, let me say that I had many take away teachings from watching author Neale Donald Walsch video that was made at Mindvalley. I have followed Neale Donald Walsch for many years, thus it was an abSOULute JOY to watch Vishen Lakhiani interview him.

I had the opportunity to watch a free masterclass by Neale Donald Walsch on Mindvalley the other day and it was an amazingly uplifting experience! The following are my key take away’s:

Right off the bat, the large indigo blue items (mantle or table, and large vase) in the room, positioned near Neale, did not escape my eye’s attention; the color indigo blue holding significant synchronistic meaning to me (to learn why, read my previous blog article, That Little Blue Dot), so I intrinsically knew I was right where I needed to be in order to really hear what Neale was going to share.

During Neale’s conversation with Vishen Lakhiani, I figured I’d receive some Aha moments from the masterclass with Neale, but oh, I gleaned so much more!

First, I believe now that “We’re all channels.” This means that if we live and breathe, God (or whatever name you prefer for our Limitless Creator Source Energy) can speak to your mind, and if you open your mouth to share that wisdom, that makes you a channel for God to speak through.

How can you know this to be true?

You may never had known the information before, and you may even very soon forget it, but if you’re sharing something from God to someone, or group of people, and it’s for real, you’ll feel as though wild horses couldn’t keep you from sharing it.

Also, you’ll not have any ego involved in the message from God.

Neale said several times (during the video I watched) that he may be wrong, but he may be right. Thereby taking Neale’s personality out of the message he received from God. He said you’d have to go deep within yourself to feel if the message resonates with you, in order to know if the message is true for you. And if you don’t feel the resonance of the message, throw it out–seriously, throw it out!

A bit of background…

That when Neale first heard the voice of God years ago, he heard the voice physically in the room! (This has also happened to me, so I could immediately relate–more on that at another time).

When Neale heard God’s voice, he thought he was losing his mind, but very quickly he was overcome with a peace, serenity, and inner calm at the same time. It was like pure joy! All of the negative energy just drained out of him.

What was the message?

Neale had asked God many questions. And he received the answers.

God told Neale that all the different religions are not wrong, they are just incomplete. They provide us with principles to live by–much like the 10 commandments, but that the Bible is like an abacus, and one wouldn’t work out high math anymore by using an abacus.

God wanted Neale to expand the world’s knowing of God. (Personally, I feel the same way. The messages I have received lead me to share about the Limitless aspect of God, which I’ve done many times in my blog.)

God also wants Neale to help each person he comes into contact with, feel better in some way, about themselves. He’s to help “Awaken the Species.”

For instance, science is already cloning animals. How long will it be before they clone humans. But right now, we don’t have the moral underpinning, the foundational ethics, to handle cloning. Technology is advancing at such a fast rate, yet we can’t seem to handle all of the data coming in!

Neale talked about the HEBs, or Highly Evolved Beings, that exist and desire to assist us get up to speed with all of the new technology coming in. That our universe is 100 times larger than we thought, according to what physicists tell us now. And we’re like children playing with matches and throwing a fit when someone tries to tell us we don’t know how to handle what we’ve got.

Neale said we’re in a dangerous place in society right now, where we’re living in a place between fear and bravado. We need the HEBs teachings.


That for starters, the HEBs have eliminated all violence, verbal, mental, physical, or any other, from their civilization.

What can we do right now?

There are a couple of tools we can use to expand our awareness:

1 ) Whenever we see someone saying or doing something we don’t agree with, say to ourselves, “There I go again saying that”, or “There I go again doing that.” Yes, there I go again being all of it!

2) Whenever we see someone saying or doing something we don’t agree with, say to ourselves, “I am that, I am.” Just by thinking these words, it allows each of us to identify with anything. Ahh!

It’s ALL an aspect of me. Remember, judge not, lest ye be judged.

There’s an agenda of our soul that most of us are not clear on. And that agenda is the same for each one of us. Our soul’s agenda is to use each golden moment of NOW to become the best version, the grandest vision, of who you’ve ever held yourself to be.

Every person and situation has come to us for a reason. Yes, everything happens for a reason–EVERYTHING. Things happen all around us to give us a contextual experience. (I call this experiential learning.) We learn best this way because in the absence of what I am not, I most clearly see what I am.

This last Aha moment so resonated with me because of something I learned in the workplace years ago called, “situational awareness.”

I am so glad that like a prism of light with many colors, I can see why certain events needed to occur in my life. And the synchronicities are amazing.

To sign up for the masterclass on Mindvalley with Neale, click here.

Much love. Namaste. OM

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