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Never having taken Pilates before, this blogger feels so privileged to have been introduced to Karol Schmidt, founder and teacher at Blue Sage Pilates, Bradenton, Florida. Taking classes with her has been a bucket list item come true! Karol’s compassionate teaching abilities are truly holistic and transformational. Your body, mind, and spirit will change from working with her – all for the better!

Excellent mental and physical benefits have been experienced, with many occurring due to Karol’s genuine and expert Pilates training methods, which always ensure that you’re in the proper form to accomplish each movement.

In as little as two months, this blogger has experienced bodily improvements in core strength, balance, increased range of motion, and blood circulation! Reductions in inflammation and joint stiffness have occurred too! Weekly classes at Blue Sage Pilates also inspired changes in diet, aiding weight loss. Mental focus sharpened. It’s easier now to release stress, the moment it begins, by using the breathing habits learned.

Blue Sage Pilates offers such a caring, warm, and calm setting — that along with Karol’s intuitive and personal attention, even during group classes — Karol’s authentic passion for Pilates shines as she helps people understand how the exercises move the breath through the body.

Karol is knowledgeable of the unique challenges people can face while recovering from painful injuries. For example, Karol personalizes routines for a client, even in a group class, to accommodate those with hip pain, or vertigo. Doing Pilates often improves the body so much, that clients feel less of those problems after they leave, than before they started! A win-win!

Some students have commented, in testimonials on Karol’s website, that she tailors her instruction to their needs and ability level. This is extremely important to mention to your wellness practitioner before beginning any new exercise program.

Some of the noted benefits of Pilates can be:

  • Cultivate lean muscles for a tone physique
  • Strengthening and lengthening muscles
  • Building a strong body center (core)
  • Straighten up one’s posture
  • Help to prevent injuries
  • Better injury recovery time
  • Raise stamina
  • Enhance one’s vitality
  • Lift one’s sense of well-being
  • Improve one’s mood
  • Help you sleep better
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Better function of the nervous system
  • Can improve memory
  • Inspire better lifestyle choices
  • Improve awareness of one’s body
  • Sharpens mental focus
  • Help reduce stress and tension
  • Chronic pain can be reduced

If you know you’ve been inactive too long, work a desk job, or need to shake things up and transform yourself, Pilates could be awesome for you!

Click any of the following links for more information about Pilates, Karol, and Blue Sage Pilates:

Blue Sage Pilates

Blue Sage Pilates on Facebook

Boost your boring workouts and deeply strengthen your core by calling Karol today! You will find she is friendly, thorough, and focused. Karol is a vibrant and upbeat Pilates professional. Blue Sage Pilates is conveniently located in lovely downtown Bradenton, halfway between Saint Petersburg and Sarasota, Florida.

1720 Manatee Ave W., Bradenton, FL 34205

Phone: (941) 773-2077

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