A couple of months ago, I purchased a couple of full size, natural skin products from annmarie.

You see, I’d been happily using Andalou Naturals’ facial cleansing foam, “1000 Roses” for several years. However, recently, I’d not been able to find it on the various health food store shelves (nor in any of the organic type food store shelves). Thus, I decided to give the annmarie product line a try.

I’d had kept the annmarie products in mind to try (whenever I ran out of the cleanser I’d been using) because the annmarie line doesn’t contain any of the chemicals I avoid. As well, annmarie had been very generous to us this past March, by donating a glorious gift basket of sample products for a raffle at our Awakening Into The Sun health and wellness festival in St. Petersburg, Florida!


There’s quite a difference in price and size of the two products, but I decided to toss those differences aside, and support a small, family run business.

As for using the annmarie Aloe Herb Cleanser:

The largest and most stand-out difference, was in the application of the annmarie product. The texture between the cleansing foam I had been using and the creamy lotion-like consistency of the annmarie Aloe Herb Cleanser was a huge change for me! But, I stayed true to the course, and within a week or so, I the Aloe Herb Cleanser won me over.

Next, I had always loved the smell of roses when I washed my face with the Andalou 1000 Roses foam, but, as you can probably guess, the scent of the annmarie Aloe Herb Cleanser became just as enticing. It’s light and a bit garden-like. I began thinking of not only my grandmother’s rose bushes when I washed my face, but now, her whole garden! And to me, the thoughts that I’m thinking while I’m washing (or doing any task for that matter), mean as much or more as whatever it is that I’m doing!

As for how much I’m using, I’d always used one pump of the Andalou foam, so at first, I used one pump of the Aloe Herb Cleanser. Over time, however, I’ve increased to using two pumps of the Aloe Herb Cleanser. I’m not sure why, it just feels like I need more. Perhaps, I’m enjoying the luxury of it more. I believe I’m also taking a bit longer while washing my face–perhaps because I am caught up in all of the aforementioned thoughts! Haha!

As for results, I’m noticing my skin has improved some, though, remember, our skin changes every day–any typically, not for the better. So, as we age, I’d expect anyone’s skin to age also. So, for me to see any visible improvement is a big payoff!

While I do believe in and practice, facial massage and exercise, I think I’ve switched from performing those little rituals after my shower, to doing most, in the shower–because of using the Aloe Herb Cleanser. This is because the lotion-like consistency of it lasts longer than the foam did.

As for the annmarie Anti-Aging Eye Cream, I definitely recommend it! I’d not been using anything for my eyes on a regular basis prior to purchasing this eye cream, so it’s probably pretty straight-forward to me to notice an improvement by using it. Thus, this is why I focused on the cleansing for this article, versus the eye cream.

Like the Aloe Herb Cleanser, the annmarie Anti-Aging Eye Cream has a rich, creamy feel to it; it smells wonderful with a light, pleasant scent. And the pump applicator top allows one to get as tiny of an amount as you’d like–and I use it sparingly.

So, both thumbs way UP for these two natural skin-care products from annmarie. I’ll be a repeat customer!

To learn more about Annmarie Gianni’s story (which I could rave about, but you should read first-hand), the annmarie products, or to order, please visit their website at:

Note: I have not received any commission or product for this endorsement.

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