The following is my review of singer, writer, and soul-Connected friend, Shelley Morningsong’s music CD: Full Circle. 

Shelley Morningsong and Fabian Fontenelle, have created deep and genuinely healing music that reach out to connect with our souls. Those of us who are open and warm-hearted passionately resonate with this Full Circle CD.

Shelley and Fabian have strong and smooth vocals, that play and blend melodiously. When Fabian joins Shelley, their honest voices produce an effect that seems to reach right into the soul.

Each of Shelley and Fabian’s CDs are masterfully produced, thus I feel anyone – even if you’ve never bought a Native American CD before – will richly enjoy these.

I believe you’ll love listening to Full Circle all the way through, the same as I wrote about Love Medicine. And while playing their Sacred Mother CD–from beginning to end–I put it on repeat when in a contemplative mood.



Return is a contemporary piece that employs, guitar, drums, percussion, and flute. Shelley sings with melodious power and strength. This song is an earnest call, a prayer. Beautiful musical wisdom with which you can flow, sway, heal, and awaken.

Crazy Johnny If you’ve ever been down, or know someone who’s been misunderstood, then saved – this song will resonate. A touching story that I had never heard put to song before. It is moving.

The only instrumental on the CD, Morning Song is blissful with its native flute and light rattle. It offers us a rich and introspective way to start each blessed day. Listen at any time you feel upset or off balance, to ground and center yourself.

Everything is One Thing is a favorite of ours. If you’ve been reading my blog posts for any length of time, you’ll know why. The song begins with a gentle flute, setting the stage beautifully for Shelley’s deep and inspirational words. This important song beckons us to unify and join together for the sake of ALL. We Are All Connected. We Are All Related. OM

Every time I listen to Slow and Gentle I think of how much I have learned about relationships and love. Yes, for some of us, the road to real love has been long, full of challenges and heartache. But, this is a love song. A warm and beautifully played native flute opens this song and Shelley’s voice steps in to tell the story. Shelley’s graceful flute comes back in the end.

I’m a Warrior evokes a deep and thought provoking survival story. It will summon profound strength from within your soul. When the drums step in, and Fabian’s voice–be empowered. Know this: You can do this. You’ve got this!

The CD’s title track is: Full Circle. This song rocks! Shelley’s soul-reaching and meaningful lyrics about life (and how each of us learn lessons along the way) make this a stand out song. The musical influences are mixed, so you can appreciate the Native American tones and enjoy this as you would any contemporary song on the radio.

Invisible People brings us several touching stories about people from different walks of life who for one reason or another seem to be down and out. The message of this song invites each of us to not only see the invisible people, but also to do something–if we can, and if they are open to receive.

Show Me Love opens with a gentle guitar and Shelley singing lyrics that paint a picturesque view and flow over us with a hopeful call for love. Fabian joins in too!

In Mustang, Fabian opens this song with the story of wild and strong mustang horses. Backed by Spanish guitar, Shelley joins in to complete this amazing and aWEsOMe song that ends with the voices from the mustangs.

Be sure to pick up your own Full Circle CD from Shelley today –> Click here.

Come out to one of the following festivals or pow wow’s to meet Shelley and Fabian in person! Check the Musical Echoes Flute and Cultural event website to find upcoming dates.

I met Shelley and Fabian at the Brooksville, Florida festival after viewing their video (Click here to see the video –> on YouTube), which totally clicked when Shelley spoke the words that I was given years ago, We Are All Connected.

When you visit Shelley’s website be sure to scroll down, especially if you click on the Store or Gallery links, as there is much to see! Stay tuned for a review of Shelley’s new CD, “Simple Truth.”

Another way you may wish to connect with Shelley, is through your support with Half the Sky. Click here –> Half the Sky to learn more about how you can help impoverished women and children who just need a hand up.

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