2018 was quite a robust year for my husband and I, which saw him returning to full-time employment after being retired for 7 years, and a change in location for us–affording me plenty of time to reconnect with old friends and get into more holistic mischief. LOL

For those who know me, I’m a full-time software analyst (which includes a good amount of writing within the scope of my job), health researcher and writer (because I enjoy feeling good), and blogger / holistic coach on the side (which sometimes includes helping friends out with their WordPress sites). Thus, this is how my year went:


My birthday month is usually quiet and slow. Not because it’s cold outside necessarily, as it’s usually warm where we live in Florida.

It’s a month to reflect and set intentions for the new year. And my intention for 2018 was to take it easy, go to less events, spend a month with my daughter and granddaughters up north, and finish my holistic health book.

But life happens.

A good friend of ours who had been battling cancer, and whom we spent New Year’s Day with, along with his wife and a group of friends, passed away just a few days later, on his birthday. My husband and I attended Jon Wimpy’s funeral, and grieved his passing with many of those same friends–folks we had shared drinks and meals with often.

This month, I also attended a celebration of life for a friend’s husband. If this past year taught me anything it was to cherish each moment more than the last. Even the difficult ones.

Continuing to sift through my mother’s personal papers, I found my mom and dad’s laminated newspaper wedding announcement, I once again contemplated the reasons we become upset with ourselves and people.

The following were my takeaway thoughts on the matter (which also prompted a blog article here.)

Self criticism is the opposite of blame. Learn how to diffuse an argument–especially when you care deeply for the other person. Nobody’s perfect, and it’s often harder to see our own flaws.

Talking about yourself, try it before verbally attacking another. Get very conscious before you talk. This can help heal relationships. You can heal your heart and help others heal too.

Tuning into the frequency and meaning on the following words, and expressing them, can powefully help heal and transform a relationship, argument, disagreement, or misunderstanding. Especially because your genuine intention creates your tone. Your tone is what puts forth the vibration.

The following is similar (or the same) as comedian said on our first cruise after we were married:


Mix and match these in any order to avoid an argument with your loved one.

Other ideas of things to say to diffuse tension, “I’m very emotional. I’m triggered. I’m finding this difficult. I want us to get along.”

Sink into your open / tender heart more with compassion for everyone involded, knowing everyone is doing the best they can.

Having myself been through 2 divorces, and now living happily for almost 14 years in the third, I can tell when living partners are able to move through the Energy of a potentially painful experience with abounding love, humility, and grace. Much love to you, and gentleness as you discover and honor the best and highest aspects of yourselves and each other. OM ❤️🦋🌀

As for January, perhaps it seems slow because people are recuperating from the holidays and embarking on self reflection, new diets, and new exercise programs. But for me, I am simply continuing to eat the same way I’ve been eating and adding more movement.

I had also resolved to take it easy this year, not attend as many health related classes or events, implement what I’ve learned to improve my health, and focus on the completion of my holistic health book. In other words, prioritize. ❤️


And then suddenly, I found myself very busy!

We had already booked our first 7 day cruise (we’ve taken 3 and 4 day cruises in the past), and we did that, even though my husband was offered his old job back at Kennedy Space Center.

The cruise was entertaining! But more than the fantastic shows (Cats was incredible!) and scenery of the ports of call (magical Cozumel), were the memories made with family and friends who cruised with us.

After we returned, we searched for a new place to park the RV–on the east coast of Florida.

Knowing I had my plans to spend May in New Hampshire, I spent every non-work waking hour online, searching for a new spot. What made the search less fun was finding that every campground was full until April, mostly since a couple camps had closed due to damage from hurricane Irene in 2017, and the snowbird camping tourists being in Florida.

Hubby had to bunk with friends 4 nights a week until we could have our coach towed across the state when a vacancy was available.

I was blessed to be able to attend two more lectures by Lama Nicholas Packard when he visited St. Petersburg, and also take in some lectures at an indoor mystic festival that Spirit University put on just 5 minutes from where we lived.

In preparing to launch my health book, along with writing my metaphysical book, I began collecting information such as the following from other writers and editors who work in the corporate world, but also have a craving to contribute to the mystical arena:

Shelley Emling, the senior editor of Huff/Post 50, dives into the life of one of these brave female mystics in her forthcoming book, Setting the World on Fire: The Brief, Astonishing Life of St. Catherine of Siena. For Emling, Catherine and other female mystics demonstrate the challenging but empowering task of being guided by a divine force.


As has happened each year for the past five years, I took part in the annual outdoor health, yoga, and music festival, Awakening Into The Sun, in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. 🌞

It was a complete blast!!! Every year it just gets bigger and better! So much fun and energizing!

I abSOULutely loved my role as emcee at this enlightening festival and seeing old friends, along with meeting new vendors. It is always an amazing crazy fun time! And the only thing that makes it better, is looking forward to doing it all again next year!!!


We moved our 5th wheel home–and this time, it all sort of happened on short notice while the hubby was at work (to save him the anguish of a Friday night commute home from across the state. The move itself could be a separate story, so suffice to say, we got it done–thankfully with the help of my cousin, Dan, my dad, and my son. Whew!

After getting things unpacked, cleaned, and settled again, I buckled down on my book, enjoyed walking the dock and along the water on my lunch breaks, and prepared to leave town for a month.


Because I work from home (which means, I can work remote from anywhere in the U.S.A.), I decided to go to New Hampshire for the month of May, rent a lakeside condo, and be close to my daughter, son-in-law, and glorious granddaughters! My granddaughters are Jennifer (age 7), and Jaclyn & Jewel (the twins, who are almost 2 years of age).

I could write another book about all the fun I had with my girls, but once again, I’ll try to be brief and share some pictures:

Here’s a list of some of the things we got to do together:

After work most weekdays, I got to meet Jennifer at her school bus stop–and everyday except once, she was happy to see me (the one time she was in a sour mood might have been an act though, haha!).

We went to Fun Spot and played lots of games. Marie and Mike carried their twins, Jaclyn and Jewel around the whole huge place in kiddie backpack type things. Too cute!

We got vegan ice cream.










We went to Art Escape and had a grand time painting ceramics.

We watched old cartoons and some new ones as well that the girls don’t normally get to watch.

We did some shopping. And people would ask us if the girls were twins. Duh! Of course! We even took them to the Wild Women’s Studio where much attention was lavished on Jaclyn and Jewel… and grammy bought a priceless steinway… uh, kidding! I bought a beautiful labradorite. Hehe! Yes, us girls do love shiny blue things. 🙂

We got to play in the sand and water several times at the lakeside condo private beach. And write our names in the sand!

We got to play at a couple different parks, as well as in the girls’ backyard.

We had sleepovers. The best! Grammy (me) really enjoyed that, yes even the crying part–Jaclyn didn’t want to go to sleep without her blanket (blanky) the first night. Thankfully, my daughter was a quick text to learn about the blanky stowed in the bottom of their overnight bag!

I also got to spend some time with my granddaughters’ baby cousin, Aria (not pictured). She was super cute–only beginning to crawl then.

At night, after the girls were back home and I was back at my rented lakeside condo, I journaled and talked with loved ones on the phone (a luxury that I rarely do when I’m at home in Florida). I also did more ancestry searching. I stumbled upon grand new insights into my family tree (I’m happy to say).


This was the one year mark of my mother’s physical death, and one year anniversary on my job. A lot of things have changed, including my dad considering selling the old Florida home place.


My son convinced dad to put the home place up for sale and shock of shocks, a couple days later (on my dad’s birthday), they got an offer. Dad was stunned and called to ask me what I thought. Almost without thinking I told him that I thought it was a sign (from mom), because the offer came on his birthday–and he should sell.

The sale, however, brought up more issues for my dad, (and lots of heavy lifting work for my son), than it did for me.

I had let go of any feelings for the property years ago. Nor, due to my minimalist lifestyle, did I care much about receiving any stuff. When I got mom’s Bible (several months to a year before her physical death), I had been thrilled just to have that!

The sale gave us all the opportunity to really weed through things in their home of nearly 40 years and find a lot of things that mom had kept for even longer.

I found diary letters, death certificate of one of my sister siblings that had died at childbirth, and other important documents. Plus, my son found a couple of rings that were meaningful to me. Mom’s high school ring and birthstone. Oh, how joyous! I love wearing these rings that I had worn for a time when I was younger. I find that jewelry can really bring back a sense of a person.


My mother’s birthday in August, brought up another opportunity for me to contemplate her life, and her writing–both in the margins of her Bible and in the diary pages we’ve continued to find of hers (while cleaning out the house where she and my dad lived for nearly 40 years).

Emotionally, I am leaps and bounds where I used to be. Until about 6 years ago, I never thought I could handle “losing” my mom.

I have grieved some, but I amaze myself with how well I feel about my mom’s passing. I am extremely thankful to feel her presence near often and I believe this knowing is also a strong reason why I don’t miss her in the traditional way people miss their loved ones who have died. I simply do not feel that I have “lost” her in that way!


I paid my deposit to author (Angel Babies and Soul Explorer), hypnotherapist, and sacred sites explorer extraordinaire, Patricia McGivern, to joyfully travel with her and a group to Scotland, Ireland, and England next year–September 1-13th, 2019–and I’m supremely excited about that!


If you want to know more, visit Patricia Seaver McGivern’s website: https://www.patriciamcgivern.com/sacred-site-tours/

Do you see the glint of blue light here??? That gives a hint as to why my soul is calling me to go:

This photo credit belongs to Patricia also. 🌀

This month brought to fruition the book that’s been in the making for 13 years, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life. I made it available for online sale and distribution (PDF format)



After having researched ASEA Redox and cell signaling molecules for more than two months, I figured it was about time to go to one of the local health meetings and find out more.

I needed to understand as much as I could before meeting the gentleman who had first introduced me to the product and is my upline sponsor. He’s already brought 6 people onto our team (after me), and gently encouraging me (no pressure) to sign up others who are seeking improved health and vitality. More about that here.

In my spare time, I had fun learning about a Divi WordPress theme as I helped a friend update her site. You can check it out here:


I’m a Capricorn. ♑️ And Capricorns are supposedly born leaders who love to make plans and hate mistakes. While I do love a plan, I’m fairly spontaneous. And I do hate to make mistakes in my writing (which is why I’m editing my book again). Ho-hum.

So, this year my granddaughter taught me an important lesson–there are no mistakes in art! LOL And that freed my mind to take a crystal wire wrapping class! I discovered that I love this type of art!



My husband and I had the exceptional treat to attend a Sunday evening metaphysician presentation by a dear friend of ours, Jerry Forney, in Melbourne, Florida.

The presentation called, The Eightfold Path to Health and Wellness, so resonated with me since it was about health and self-care. It covers some of the health and healing aspects in my book–but we can always learn more. There’s so much to know and implement to live a wholly vibrant life!


I only buy gifts for the girls and have them shipped up north a month or two before Christmas nowadays, so I’m less of a consumer, and not caught up in the holiday shopping frenzy at all. I’ve found this as an easy way to feel more at peace during the holidays. Overall, it definitely inserts more spirit and ease into the month.

I took a Thai bodywork and Restorative yoga class with a friend one Saturday and wow, it was really an aWEsOMe workout! It highly motivated me to restart my yoga practice. 🦋

After many years of blogging on WordPress, and updating others’ sites, I finally got the hang of ‘scheduling’ my blog posts. This way, I can begin the writing process within the app (instead of in Notes on my iPhone), and put myself on a deadline (or play line?) and build a bit more structure into my blogging timeline–and feel better about accomplishing what I want to get done. I even scheduled this post! Haha! 😉

Wrapping this up:

I continue daily to practice meditation, but only sporadically perform Qigong and Yoga as I’ve returned to the Pilates, dancing, stair-climbing and singing that fill me with JOY.


In my contemplative practices I continue to embrace a higher and deeper sense of self and spiritual connectivity with our LIMITLESS, Ever-Living, Filling-All-Space, Creator Source Energy God that seems to authenticate the soul-connected version of ME.

I send you all many blessings, in ALL ways for an amazing and expansive 2019!

Happy New Year!


A bit about me:

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, both available now.

I am available to come to your bookstore, crystal shop, acupuncture / chiropractor office, or other holistic / natural healthy lifestyle business for books signings and lectures. For information on both of my books, visit my Amazon author’s page — Click here.

If you’ve beat a chronic health challenge by alternative, integrative, or other natural remedy I’d love to hear about it.

I am interested in being the emcee for any outdoor health festivals in Florida – if you would like to reach out to me. I’m a notary and would love to marry people during the event also.

Send me an email and keep in touch.

To learn more about me Click Here –>> Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, vibrant, and beautiful.

Be the best version of who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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