Herbal detox presented by Sacred Science

I tuned into to an herbal detox presentation by Nick Polizzi and renowned herbal doctor KP Khalsa, on January 8, 2019. I love and support the mission of the Sacred Science team and have been following Nick’s journey as a filmmaker for several years–most recently I watched and purchased the 9-Part DocuSeries, “Remedy: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness” put out by Sacred Science.


I was not alone either. As over 26,000 people connected to watch the live herbal detox webinar.

Explore the many ways to detox
Explore the many ways to detox


From China, we can obtain the number one herb to help the body’s largest organ: the skin.

Chinese violet leaf

This is a cooling herb that can assist the skin to clear itself of many issues, including swelling and inflammation.

Dr. KP Khalsa recommends beginning with 30 grams a day as a tea.

In fact, with most of these, start out with a small amount of the herb and increase the amount until obtaining the desired effect.

By way of diet changes to improve the skin: green vegetables. (Give it about a month to work)

Black pepper

India’s #1 remedy to purify the blood.

Start with a half capsule per meal. If it upsets the stomach or you have any kind of issue that ends with “itis”, back the amount way down. A little goes a long way.

Dandelion root

This herb, which grows as a weed in most of North America, is beneficial for the liver.

Take 6 or 7 grams in tea or capsules.

It may cause loose stools or nausea. If that occurs back down the amount used. This can be taken for weeks or months.

The liver processes fat soluble vitamins and nutrients and moves them to the large intestines.

By way of diet changes to improve the liver: root vegetables such as: carrots, beets, and radishes.


This mild herb benefits the kidneys.

Water soluble. Excretes excess waste / toxins via the urine.

6 to 10 grams is recommended in capsule form.

This rids the body of edema.

As we know, the large intestines are where accumulated waste is stored in the body.

One should have a bowel movement everyday. And what is leftover from processing your food intake should pass through in 18 to 24 hours after eating. One can eat beets or some other colorful food and check the stool to see if the color changes within 24 hours to see proper functioning of the intestines.

Rhubarb root

Take this to ease waste out with little to no discomfort.

Great for children and older folks.

1 gram in capsule form. Increase by 1 gram a day til the desired results are achieved.

Lab tests

AST and ALT test for liver inflammation. And a comprehensive stool analysis (which might cost upwards of $500). Plus, there are other breath or saliva tests that one can also buy and take at home. As well, there are third party labs where you can have a standard liver blood panel done without a doctor’s order.


Anytime one is detoxing it is wise to eat lighter, less fat and less protein to give the digestive system a rest.

How often should one detox?

One shouldn’t need to detox everyday, but the more times you detox the deeper into the tissues it goes. And if it’s uncomfortable, you’re doing it wrong. Take it easy on yourself. Easy does it.

Sacred Science links

The presentation has already taken place. But, if you’d like to catch a reply, you can try this link:


If that doesn’t work, you can subscribe and follow the Sacred Science here to get updated when / if they present the information again.

Fasting and Detox links

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