A 4-week healing program

I have received several invites recently that have to do with changing behavior patterns. And while I am sure each one has its merits, I didn’t feel aligned with any, until now.

Making the same mistakes
Making the same mistakes

This 4-week repatterning program, facilitated by Alania Starhawk, is focused on questioning why certain experiences or scenarios keep showing up in our life, lifetime after lifetime.

Join us

I hope you joined us. If not, I hope you will visit Alania’s website and follow her to get notified for other programs.

If you would like to expand your consciousness or are curious why you keep making the same mistakes (repeating similar situations keep showing up), this series may bring you a greater sense of knowing.

Allow yourself to open and grow. As a flower blooms and blossoms, it is possible for your life to lighten and brighten.

No fear

Allow Alania to present you with newfound awareness to assist you in releasing fears and insecurities. We can come to find that the Universe has our back. We are supported. We are safe.

If you are seeking to improve your relationships, improve your job outlook, or direction in life, this program can be of benefit.

We’ll journey into the Akasha together for a dive into the mystic to clear past disharmony and release old triggers–spiritual, emotional, or such.

If you are interested in other healing services offered by Alania, click here.

I hope to meet you on the journey.

We Are All Connected. ❤️🦋🌀

Namaste. OM

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This particular program has ended, but the journey continues… and Alania is giving us a bonus call, due to a little tech glitch on the last call). She’s a giver in that way! Yay! 😉

From my participation in Alania’s classes, new openings for me occurred, including:

  • Trusting more when new paths appear
  • I can repattern any limiting thoughts; even the ones karma set up for me
  • It’s okay to shift my focus, particularly one I thought had to be the way it was
  • Nothing is wrong; and that brought to mind Dr. Alison’s book, What If There’s Nothing Wrong, which I studied a few years ago. I also wrote a PR piece and article about this amazing book. Yes!
  • Life’s good, even when we may doubt. Life’s really good, all the time.


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Be the best version of who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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One thought on “Karmic RePatterning: A 4-week Akashic Healing Program

  1. My heart overflows with Gratitude for all that you share. Thank You!! 💛 I so appreciate you, and look forward to this amazing journey, together. May every bright soul, who would be blessed, be effortlessly guided to this experience. Even the sense of community is wonderful. Thank You!!

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