Intermittent fasting

Also called IF, intermittent fasting can be done a number of different ways. For me, the easiest and most effective way has been to skip dinner every other day, yes, even on weekends.

When I skip dinner every other day, it puts me into a mindset whereby it is routine. Even if a family visit or other event pops up on one of my fasting days, I can eat a light vegetable salad or soup, if saying, “Thanks, I’ve already eaten” doesn’t work. The next day I eat normally. And then the next day, I fast. I don’t sabotage myself by thinking because I had veggies on my fasting day I should quit. No! I simply remind myself that I am fasting every other day and keep on with it. I exercise my faith in fasting, and my faith in myself.

Exercising Faith

Exercising Faith

Fasting is an exercise of Faith

Personally, fasting is a means to exercise my faith that all things are working out for me. That the Universe and Omniscience has my back. That another meal will follow on another day. That I don’t need to struggle or worry.

In this way, faith really IS a substance. My inner fortitude and power to easily give up a meal.


While I fast, I drink more water, sometimes with lemon and ginger juice in it (about 1 ounce of lemon and ginger juice that I freshly juice to 8 ounces of distilled water).

Weight loss

For women over the age of 50, losing weight takes even more focus and knowledge. Ways to enhance your awareness of what and how much you eat can include keeping a food diary. And it’s not just about counting calories, though that’s not a bad idea.

I’ve been tracking my food intake and calories for over 500 days on Lose It! app. 😉 But, I write everything down again on paper for my doctor.

Unfortunately my body did NOT respond to the Nothing til 4pm version of intermittent fasting. For it to work for me, I must skip dinner every other night! 

I feel that detoxifying and supplementing, plus writing down my food, activity, bathroom habits, how well / how much I slept each night and such have given me a newfound awareness and level of accountability. Dr. Michele muscle tests me for metals (that I had to detox from), as well as what nutrients I was missing, so I know what and how much supplements to take. So far, working with her has helped me lose more weight than merely counting my calories. ❤️


Intermittent fasting research studies show it increased cellular repair, helps heal our guts, and decreases inflammation.

Fasting affects our hormones, such as:

Dopamine–improves cognitive ability.

Ghrelin–the hunger hormone can be better controlled.

Leptin–our resistance to this can be less, so we can release excess weight.

Previous posts

I have written previously about juice fasting. And I’ve included links to those posts below:

You can do this!

Continue to explore other ways to IF and be sure to comment!

Many blessings to you in ALL ways.

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On the lighter side

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