Grieving loss


We all know people die. Yet, most don’t want to talk about it. Some will say, “I’m sorry for your loss” when they hear that you’ve lost a loved one. What does that mean? I’m sorry too! I’m sorry that I didn’t spend more time with the person who passed on. I’m sorry I didn’t always listen when they were speaking to me. I’m sorry I didn’t really get to know the person, or try to see their many aspects, or understand them, or love them more.

Everything has changed. Broken.
Everything has changed. Broken.

Life goes by fast. Any of us can take our last breath at any moment. Really. I never had much of an understanding of that until my dad died in his sleep on March 8th, 2019–last week (for those reading this now at the time I’m posting this). I am deep in grief.

Sometimes no words are needed. I am sorry for your grief, might be a better way to express our condolences. But, I don’t know. For who the hell am I?

This morning I told my husband, “Let’s try to make this a positive morning” and no sooner than I’d said that, I literally picked up my phone to read of a friend’s passing this last Tuesday!!! I put my phone down and lost it again. Sobbing, I couldn’t wrap my mind around how a beautiful young mother of two amazing young sons could die unexpectedly. Dumbfounded. She was an utter light and JOY to all who knew her.

Again, it brought the thought back to me that any of us could cross over to the Grand Beyond at any time. Is this what we’re sorry for? That’s life’s so short? That our time is so fleeting?

Incredibly sad was also the fact that only a few days after this beautiful young mother of two passed, another young lady I’d taken a healing class with, also transitioned to the Grand Beyond. I sobbed as the loss of her enveloped me. We had a soul-connected sisterly conversation after that class and I had hoped to attend more sessions with her.

So, yes, I feel the loss. I grieve for my papa and for my friends. I grieve for all I’ve lost, but there’s a wink from the Universe that, We Are All Connected. I know grief is a process and I am open, just a little bit, to smile again. I know that every moment given to sadness is a moment lost to JOY!

I will see you again beloved dear ones.

Reaching for Grace

Yes, “Thank You” to the Universe, to God, to each of us, for being who we are on the planet. For reaching for grace whenever we can. We are not perfect, and we do not control others, or anything really.

As I take the next long and luscious deep breath, I reach for Grace. When someone cuts me off in traffic, I “send them Love.” (Eternal thanks to Miraga and her dear husband, Joe for sharing that teaching with me years ago.) I keep practicing this, as I feel it’s a worthy thing to do. I feel the ripples of uplifting energy pulse from me when I try. I am not perfect, but I am progressing on a profound journey. And so are you.

When one offers grace, real joy, one can be, do, and have serenity. Many wonderful and beautiful synchronicities will appear to you. Trust in that.

Blessings to you in ALL ways.

On the uplifting side

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6 thoughts on “Grief and grieving

  1. Dear Sheila, God knows your grief, trust your inner self and what God is telling you – know you will see them again. Death for a Christian is only a deep sleep awaiting to be awaken at the last trumpet blast. This has kept me moving forward at my own beloved mother’s passing. Surround yourself with His Light and as you mentioned His grace. There is a time for every season under heaven… Let the tears flow, let them cleanse your being. Only you and God really know your inner pain. People mean well and try to give solace, best they can.

    Remember the good times not so much the not so good ones. And the joy of having had them in your life will supplant the sadness in your heart. For even though we do not have them physically we have them inwardly in our hearts and mind, in all the moments we did share with them.
    My prayers are with you for inner strength and peace of mind. God bless. ~Aida

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with me! Understanding, compassion, and grace are such beautiful human attributes!
      To every season turn, turn, turn. Yes! Absorb nature and feel even more.

      I so love that you caught a lesson during your mother’s passing, embodied it, and share it with me to ease my suffering. Be ye blessed in ALL ways dear heart!


  2. You’re very welcome. I’m humbled by your words. In Christ we’re united!😇

    Yes, turn, turn, turn… for every season🎶. (love that song!). God also put a song on the radio that spoke straight to my heart, the day i was told of my mother’s fatal illness. The song is called, “Tell your Heart to beat again”, ( ),
    for the news numbed me and it felt like my heart stopped, (metaphorically speaking), I couldn’t breathe. Through the tears it put a new perspective to look at and gave me a stronger bond with Christ to trust Him, as I prayed His will be done. Knowing in my heart His promises are true.

    The lessons we learn from our trials and our sorrows hopefully, leads us to a closer relationship with our Creator. And His assurance that He’s always there with us and for us. My mama always told me to hold on to your faith it’s more precious than gold. And I try not to let circumstances detour that, it might be shaken a bit but never broken. Although I cried buckets at her passing and every now and then I get melancholy, (we’re only human), there’s healing in tears shed, and it does get better with time. Sometimes you’re happy sometimes you’re sad, but through it all the Good Lord’s there lifting you up. There is purpose in everything, in faith we forge ahead.

    So glad it lifted your spirits dear heart 🤗.
    God bless you richly to continue to move forward and cherish the memories. 🕊❤😇

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