Expanding awareness

I am currently reading two books, Voyages into the Unknown by Bruce Moen and Healing Myself, One Rhyme at a Time by Donna Sivoli. And as I read from each this beautiful Easter morning, I was given an expanded view of our Connections.


You see, I know of both authors only through their loved ones. I came to know Bruce’s writing through his beloved wife, Pharon. And I came to know Donna’s writing through her beloved daughter, Shelley.

I met Pharon on my Sedona journey, and I met Shelley, first via a YouTube interview I had found while doing research on one of my favorite topics, We Are All Connected; and a few months later in person at the Brooksville Native American festival.


Sensing that both my friendship with Pharon and my friendship with Shelley were beyond the bounds of time, when they told me their loved ones had been writers, I was eager to buy and read the books they had written.

I will write book reviews on each later. But this, I needed to say now.

In order to live a wholly vibrant life, I feel we must continually expand our awareness.


Thus, on this resurrection morning, I woke up ready to read and expand perception.

As I read, I was given three synchronicities. Three messages, one after another, that meant a great deal to me. And just to top off my experience, a friend I used to work with (at two different places) sent me a little Easter meme of a gold rose and a blue egg!

I am utterly grateful!

Each message I received was profound and uplifting. I sit in awe and humility at the tapestry of experiences involved to bring these words and images together to enhance my day, indeed my life.

I wish for all of my readers to have the same meaningful blessings occur today.

Be open to receive.

Many blessings to you in ALL ways.

Amen and Namaste. OM


UPDATE: Check out my latest post, Expanding Consciousness here.


On the uplifting side

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