After you get what you want

What happens after you get everything in life that you think you want?

What happens then, and what IS this life about?


Every moment we desire something. We desire warmth, safety, deeper connections. Oh, you thought I was going to say we want to be happy! Ha! But what if the “pursuit of happiness” was simply the equivalent of a mouse on a wheel? What if we just want to fulfill each of our desires, when we desire them? Nah! That would be too easy, and we’d all be fat and lazy. Where’s the fun in that? (I think most of us want to do it our way.)

So, in this blog I’ve talked a lot about how we can live a vibrant life. Get healthy, connect, and let go of stuff (unless it’s something IMHO we can use to increase our level of health and wellness). I guess you can see the irony in that and what I am about to state next.

I have been following Chris Cade for many years. Oh, I never bought his book or bought anything from him, but I read his emails every day, for YEARS!


I’ve sat with gurus, coaches, doctors, and mentors, who taught me many things about health and wellness, meditation, business, longevity, technology, personal development and spirituality, and learned much in the ways to boost my knowledge and confidence. What I learned enhanced and improved my overall sense of emotional balance and well-being.

As well, I’ve bought other books from authors such as Eckart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Louise Hay, and Wayne Dyer about the value of being in the present moment and releasing judgement and “ego.” But, when I listened to Chris’ video about the books that changed his life, some new building block tapped into place with me.


I learned from great ones, and the wisdom I impart is because I stand on their shoulders. I’ve given credit (on my blog home page and in my book) to most, if not all, of those who I have learned from, but I have not always supported them financially (because I think I’m so smart–which is another lie of the ego).

Therefore, I am eager and thrilled to report that I am now a monthly Patreon supporter of Chris Cade’s work. And it makes me feel so good, like I’ve come full circle in my own journey. (Plus, I’ll finally get to study a Course in Miracles, in the way he’s organized it).

I live my life differently based upon a lot of little things I’ve learned and incorporated, but there are few books I’ve read multiple times and studied, that literally changed my worldview (or actually, my spiritual view and set point).


Here’s a link to one of the main books that I’ve grown from, Christ in You, that changed my life. (And one of the few books I bought multiple copies of and given to family and close friends).

And as for Connections, I feel we’re all building blocks that the next generations will use as guideposts along their life journeys. That knowing makes me FEEL existentially wonderful–not only happy. 🙂

Thank you so much for following along and learning WITH me. OM



On the uplifting side

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