Ashley Black’s Fascia Blasting Products

First, I have been fascia blasting for a little over two weeks as of this writing. (Stay tuned for updates.)

For those who have read my blogs for any length of time, or my books, (in particular, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life!) you know that I say do whatever works for you (no matter what others tell you. And I apply that philosophy not only to food, but exercise, spirituality, relationships, and so on. If it works for you, why let the judgments of others cause you a moment of angst?

Why the negativity?

I’ve had two female friends tell me they “heard” negative stuff about fascia blasting when I mentioned I was doing it. I didn’t answer either of them. I love blasting and have seen and felt results in only two weeks!!! (Pics to come later).

I don’t even know why I mentioned it to either gal though, because this was just something I was drawn to do during a very emotional time–not as something to blog about.

I am in a private Facebook group (FasciaBlasters for Women) about fascia blasting and I realize people can misuse these devices, as well, some people with certain limitations and issues shouldn’t use them. But one needs to read Ashley’s book and use good sense. I am learning so much in the group about how to use these products. It’s very encouraging!

Emotional ease & focus

Mostly, blasting has helped me focus on my body and ease me through the grief process of losing my dad a few weeks ago.

You see, my dad passed away unexpectedly and as though that wasn’t bad enough, I am his sole heir and administrator of his estate.

After only recently completing my book, I knew from writing it that I didn’t want to fall into depression. And one way to stay upbeat while going through a life change is to exercise. But, that’s a weak area for me.

So, I ordered something new (Ashley’s fascia blaster kit) to help myself, and potentially help ease my husband’s back pain (from overuse at work).

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Thanks to Ashley

I didn’t notice much the first few days on my skin (except some bruising as the book says can occur) after blasting, but I did feel more energized and positive, and my husband said his back tension eased after I worked on his back the first day! So, I kept on using it.

Within two weeks, my skin on my arms, legs, and abdomen was noticeably smoother and less cellulite “bumpy” looking. I didn’t take “before” pictures, because I really didn’t expect to write about this, since it is sooo personal.

You can learn more about fascia blasting here.

I am so thankful for Ashley Black, her informative book, and fascia blasting products! #HatersGonnaHate #LetThem #Winning ❤️🦋🌀😉

About “Being Supportive”

p.s. The two friends are both in health fields. One is an aesthetician and the other is a personal trainer who sells Yamuna products and training. I have supported both in the past and was disheartened that they had to talk negatively to me about blasting. 🤯🤭

UPDATE 16-Apr-2020: You can get your fascia blaster here:

 #holistichealth #HolisticHealthInFlorida

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