Heart Activation opens you to more

As I have learned from my meditation practices, through it ALL, the point is to allow yourself to open and grow as the beautiful lotus flower blooms and blossoms from the mud. My dear ones, yes, it is possible for your life to lighten and brighten!

No fear

When you know that the Universe has your back, you know you are fully supported and safe.

My dear friend and teacher, Kim Cintio has helped me to transform my life (even more and in many ways), but specifically I’ll speak now about her Heart Activations.

Since meeting Kim on our journey to Sedona (see my previous post), we knew we were “birds of a feather” and were on a path to learn and grow together. She’s been awakened to the mystical, metaphysical, and miraculous realms longer than I perhaps, though as I prepared to write this, I remembered events from my past that were miraculous. I’d merely forgotten about them and didn’t always have the language to explain them either–plus, I know I was scared to talk about such things! However, the point here is that if you want to clear disharmony and release old triggers–spiritual, emotional, or such, reach out to Kim for a Heart Activation. A Heart Activation is a wonderful and gentle way to start (or amplify) your Awakening.

Resonance of the Heart

I continue to learn so much about our heart and brain coherence. And as I learn, I think back to the day (at one of Kim’s psychic development classes), when she offered a heart activation to each participant. As Kim stood in front of me and we both closed our eyes, I do not know the particulars of what she did, or how she did it, but I felt a warmth in my heart (or heart chakra) and I felt peaceful! Whatever had been going on left my mind and I was nearly in a meditative state! I know I smiled afterward. I don’t think the process was even 5 minutes of our space-time. But I know that feeling has never left me, when I focus on my heart and BE-ing open.

Heart and brain coherence is a topic that I will write further about and link back to this article, but in the meantime, if you’re curious about the science of that, look up the work of Gregg Braden and Dr. Joe Dispenza. One wonderful link is here.


From my knowing and working with Kim and from attending her psychic development classes new awareness came to me, including:

  • My open attuned and activated heart is an amazing beacon that draws to me the people, places, and experiences I will grow the most from–Yes!!
  • Life’s good, even when we think something bad has happened. As in, when we experience a perceived loss, I ask myself now, “Did I really LOSE anything”?
  • There’s always a lesson in ANY experience
  • Recognize new paths as they appear–with less judgement
  • Embrace new others as I meet them–ones I may not have readily been so easy to like before
  • Nothing is wrong; and that brought to mind Dr. Alison’s book, What If There’s Nothing Wrong, which I studied a few years ago. I also wrote a PR piece and article about this amazing book. Yes!

If you are interested in learning more about Kim and the healing and clearing services she provides (which I highly recommend), click here.

And so, what do you think I say to my soul-aligned, dear siStar Kim?

Wait for it…

Thank you for assisting me to remember who I really am. THANK YOU!

I know you and I dear readers will meet on this journey.

Art. Finding the perfection in the imperfection of life. ❤️🦋🌀🙏☯️😉🌹

We Are All Connected. ❤️🦋🌀

Namaste. OM



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