Working out at home!

So, after working out for 12 sessions with a personal trainer, Michael Slotin, I figured out several ways to get my workouts done at home. Good thing too, because we’ll be moving in a few weeks and I will lose my “in person” access to my trainer anyway.

Lifting 200 pounds!

Thank you, Michael Slotin at Fitness Therapy in Cocoa Beach, Florida!

Plus, after visiting another gym, I am not comfortable going to a place full of fit people or highly muscular types. I know how that sounds, and while I am sure they are all wonderful and nice people, I am in my late 50s and don’t feel like I connect. Please feel free to comment and help me improve my mindset about that, as I don’t want to think age limits any of us!

Anyway, here’s the list I have put together for my home workouts, and maybe it will help someone else too!

The list

Remember to speak (verbally or mentally) to the body while working out because the cells listen to us. Also, visualize the movements and outcome you desire pre-workout.
Use Energy Medicine techniques first, to prepare the body for movement.

Walking (swing the arms with the elbow bent)



Yamuna stretching

Calf raises on a stair or other solid and stable object

Leg curls laying with belly on the floor while wearing ankle weights and gripping resistance bands (though I was up to 160 lbs of weight for these on the MedX machine and I doubt I could find ankle weights of that weight! Haha!)

Leg extensions using Pilates techniques while wearing the same ankle weights and holding a resistance band, though again, I was up to 200 lbs for this exercise on the MedX machine. As an alternate way to get this leg work in, a timed slow standing squat, counting to 10 on the way up, and counting to 5 on the way down for 2 minutes is working well for me!

Standing hamstring stretch by crossing the feet and bending at the waist til head reaches the front knee. Place chair in front for balance. Keep knees straight.

Standing thigh stretch holding each foot (one at a time) with the same hand (right hand on the right foot) and pulsing back 10 times while standing by our kitchen island for balance support.

Figure 8 thigh raises to loosen hips and increase hip flexibility.

Tricep and bicep arm work using 20 pound weight dumbbells.

Inner thigh squeezes, seated, with one Yamuna ball between the knees.

Inner arm squeezes using one Yamuna ball between elbows.

Crunches on my back while squeezing both Yamuna balls between knees and elbows.

Hip raises while lying on back on the floor.

Note: Squeeze the pelvic floor muscles while lifting any weights and doing the hip raises.


Lift weights up to the point of muscle exhaustion every other day (for the same muscle), so as not to overtrain.

Note: See Adam’s comment in the comments section.

Will continuous participation in physical activities promote longevity?
Regular exercise will slow the aging process down without spending much money. A good exercise program you follow regularly is one of the best ways to lose weight, reduce muscle loss, spare bone density, and prevent or slow any form of heart and cholesterol-related disease.


Drink 2 ounces of ASEA post workout to aid faster muscle recovery, improve performance, and reduce soreness.

Rub Renew 28 on your muscles too!

Buy that here.

Drink plenty of pure water after working out. Aim for half your body weight in total ounces of pure water, (or unsweetened tea or clear broth) each day to flush fat and toxins from the body. Remember, that there’s water in fresh raw vegetables too!

And get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

An invitation

If you are a health coach, or are into the healing arts, please join my private group!

As we are on our individual health journey, we are not alone. This private group is a place to ask questions, and exchange open and honest feedback.

Most of us are healers, health practitioners, researchers, writers, or health coaches. We are here to help.

I am grateful for your participation.

You can invite anyone to the group who is seeking better health. But especially those who are people open to believe in miracles. ❤️🙏

Some of the leaders we learn from in this group are:

Nathan Crane

“One of the weakest areas in most American’s bodies is their core, which leads to all kinds of back pain and poor movement patterns. Since I started @crossfitconjugate I now do multiple core workouts every week which I subconsciously avoided before just because it’s not always fun😂😊☹️. Even 10-15 mins a day can change your life for the better. This is a good one. Accumulate 2mins parallette hold above 3×45# plates.” Nathan Crane

#crossfit #core #health #fitnessmotivation

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Use your serviceable mind:

Much love and many blessings to each of you in ALL ways.


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For more ideas on working out wherever you are and with whatever equipment you have access to, contact:

Adam Hoffman –

Kali Bernardo and Lauren Thew of Awakened Goddess Coaching –


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5 thoughts on “Working out at home!

  1. I like your workout Sheila! Sounds like a good one to work the upper and lower body. I like to do the squats by using a big exercise ball and pressing my back against the ball on the wall, then going into a squat position and holding it for 10 seconds and then rising for 5 seconds but not locking my knees out at the top. Then going back down and holding for another 10 seconds and so on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Christina! I must give credit to Michael for teaching me so well! I love using the counting methods and timing myself to do each exercise. I also love using the exercise balls (I have the Yamuna set).
      You’re aWEsOMe! ❤️🦋🌀😉


  2. Hey Sheila, It sounds like you have a pretty solid line-up of various exercises movement that you’re into. I’ll share a couple points if I may:
    1) You mention over-training. Experience has taught me that most people don’t actually overtrain, rather they under recover. If you find that you’re getting enough sleep and rest, 7+ hours/day, I would encourage you to move your body every day, with a rest day every 4 or 5 days. Furthermore, overtraining “under recovering” usually occurs when lifting heavier weights, or with high-intensity training, and plenty of it. With the low-intensity things you get into, walking, yoga, stretching, and your various exercises, I believe you would benefit from rotating through their usage every day. As an example, my mom, who’s relatively fit, is 63, and she strength trains 3-4 days/week at home, plus participates in Pickle ball 2-4 times/week with multiple hour sessions. She’s always moving, but she recovers by sleeping 8+ hours/day pretty consistently.
    2) Resistance Bands, I suggest getting your hands on some resistance bands. They can be used anywhere and allow for resistance training, low intensity on all muscle groups. A set like this on Amazon and you’ll have all the workouts you can handle for now. Here’s a link to check out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fantastic! Thank you, Adam. Yes, we use resistance bands and I will update the article with a mention of those. We bought a good brand a few years ago that have held up well. The less expensive ones dry rot or something because one of them snapped and broke—luckily, just as I had started to use it!
      See you at Awakening Into The Sun 2020?


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