It can’t hurt

“It can’t hurt” has been a guiding principle for me for many years. A philosophy that I have applied in many areas of my life, in particular to new strategies in business and in health matters.

Health strategies that can’t hurt

Eat more nutritious food

One of the easiest and best things each of us can do to live a healthier life, is simply to eat more nutritious food, preferably quality organic, local, fresh foods. It can’t hurt.

Move more

Another easy way to improve our health is to move more. I’m not talking about going from couch potato to marathon runner overnight, but start with 5 minutes and increase your movement (calisthenics, walking, dance, yoga, qigong, or such), everyday until you can build up to 40 minutes of movement. Measure and monitor yourself. If you ease into movement, it can’t hurt.


Yes, the opposite of moving is stillness. Take control over your mind and body to sit quietly for a few minutes each day and focus on your breath. The new science is showing positive results, yes, physical improvements, from simply meditating. Try it. It can’t hurt.


A grand strategy that everyone can do is to detox. Pick your favorite detoxifying method and do it regularly. Once a year, quarterly, or monthly. We all get too many chemicals in us, via breathing, food, water, what we wear, and what we put on our skin. It can’t hurt.

Holistic health & Holism

I was telling my daughter the other day that pharmaceutical drugs always have side effects. That’s one reason I don’t take any—and if I have to, then I always make pharma meds a last resort. My health plan is to always go with the least toxic option first, because it can’t hurt.

Try some new self-care techniques. Speak loving and kind words to your body. The cells of your body are listening! And it can’t hurt.

Connection matters.

My self-care tip: When you go to the bathroom, give yourself a foot massage! Cross one leg over the other and massage your foot including your toes! Switch legs and repeat on the other side. If you work involved standing all day, I bet you’ll thank me for this tip! And if you sit all day, this re-establishes blood flow. It can’t hurt.

Hug yourself. Hug someone everyday. And put your hands together when you pray. It connects the circuits—our circuitry. It can’t hurt.

Sound and light therapies can ease tense muscles, relieve headaches, and improve many ills. Look for some of these to try. It can’t hurt.

Whenever you have a minor health issue, reach for your essential oils, Renew28, ASEA, CBD oil, or other health supplement. Sometimes I find I have the solution to whatever ails me, in my bathroom cabinets! And it doesn’t hurt to apply most of these remedies in new ways—consult your trusted holistic health team for advice if you’re unsure.

Measure & Track your progress

Measure and monitor yourself. Save some money and coach yourself. Yes, I know a personal trainer can show you the proper form and ways to exercise, but once you learn the basics, all they do is motivate you by measuring your weights and time. And you can do that for yourself. Same with personal coaches too.

Write 3 things down on a whiteboard that you want to improve about your life. Assign a number from 1-10 how you feel about each of those things. Give yourself a date by which to accomplish the change you desire. Figure out what steps you need to take to achieve those results. Break the goal into bite-size, measurable chunks, and stay focused on reaching your goal by reminding yourself why you want to change. You got this. And it can’t hurt to try it for yourself before you hire someone else to coach you. You may find that you were more capable than you thought!

Trying to lose weight? Try intermittent fasting. Also a form of detoxing, fasting for 12-16 hours a day or skipping a dinner every other day, has worked for me. And fasting can be especially wonderful for women over 40 (as it resets the metabolism). It can’t hurt to give it a try.

How health impacts business

Stress impacts us before we know it.

You know how business owners and entrepreneurs often get stuck working with clients who drain their energy, demand perfection, or make them feel less than the authority they really are?

Well, what we do is help our brilliant clients naturally attract their dream clients, so they are less stressed and actually are able to love what they do again!

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A bit about us

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My award-winning artist husband and I help small business owners, movement makers, and entrepreneurs to identify the highest vibrational words to craft the content to reach their ideal clients in fun, engaging, and mindful ways, while raising our collective consciousness! Reach out to me if you need a branding boost, or a design reboot, to attract your dream clients and you back in charge of YOUR well-being.

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As a (mind, body, spirit, and soul) holistic health researcher, I can point you to life-enhancing alternative health methods too! So, if you’ve beat a chronic health challenge by alternative, integrative, or other natural remedy I’d love to hear about it. Send me an email and keep in touch.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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