Diets. Crushing it!

I have been crushing it in the IT, BA world! But what about when it comes to my diet? I may not yo-yo diet, but I have observed that my diet changes based on certain cycles, whether it be due to the weather, change of seasons, or other environmental factors. Yet, I suffer from a loss of self esteem because I lack some level of self control. Ugh! Does this happen to you?

Parts integration

Well, now, I’m thinking that it is all about parts integration—as I want to live from the WHOLE of me! It’s not simply a matter of calories in, calories out, as it is becoming increasingly clear that one can’t exercise away the effects of poor quality food. Junk in, junk on the tummy, hips, and thighs is more like it.

It’s hard not to notice that vast numbers of people have gained weight over the last 70 years since eating more man-made and processed foods. Simply by changing the food choices we make to eating whole, seasonal, organic foods can begin to settle our hormone levels.

Hormones and weight loss

Ghrelin, Insulin, and Leptin are 3 hunger hormones that cause us to want certain foods.

Look up True North, as they suggest eating from the whole plant. They propose we eat foods without sugar, oil, or salt.

Look up Brightline eating also, as they are proponents of not eating sugar and grain flour.

Hormones such as, cortisol, ghrelin, IGF-1 (a growth factor similar to insulin), insulin, leptin, and thyroid hormones can be causes of why we gain or lose short-term weight and why keeping our weight balanced can be difficult.

  1. Researchers at Cornell University studied three groups of people, where each group consumed 1,800 calories per day, but at different levels of hormonal helpfulness. The most hormonally helpful group lost 86.5 percent more body fat than the least helpful group.

Energy expenditure

When McDonalds first put in a drive thru they did 70 percent of their business through it. People didn’t want to expend the energy to park the car and walk into the restaurant.

It’s going to take more energy to plan your meals for the week, go grocery shopping and prepare your food for the week, but it’s nearly half of the battle. I’m up for the challenge, what about you?

UPDATE November 25, 2020

When the number goes up (on my scale), I look back on my food choices in the log, and the step counter, and look for the trend. Usually, I see I’ve been pushing myself too much and put myself under stress (think inflammatory response). When I just follow my weight loss program and relax, allowing some small rewards, I see the numbers go down. This has been a huge awareness for me! I am down 15 pounds now!

Self Sabotage

Sabotage – yes, the sabatour takes over when we set the bar of our expectations too high. Say we win an award. We’ll always feel the need to reach that pinnacle again. And what happens when we do our best but not reach that height again? We suffer esteem loss!

That leads us to do something no other animal does, adaptive self destruction. We set ourselves up for procrastination so we don’t let down all the people who told us, we’re smart, just do it.

We don’t want to fail, or appear average, so we don’t even try. Food is not like drugs to a drug addict, or alcohol to an alchoholic though, somewhat as it lights up the same dopamine centers of the brain, but not with the same intensity. A B player with food can be healthy. It’s the C and D players who see their health decline.

Cram circuit

You see, there is this physiological thing in us called a Cram circuit (or cram factor). It’s what happens when there is rich food around—we will cram it in even after we have eaten past our full point, because our ancient ancestors were hunter gatherers. And most of us know that story. Hunter gatherers only ate meat once every 3 weeks or so. So, this is in our nature.

Special breakfast: Fried green tomatoes eggs benedict

Breaking the cycle

When we try to change our behaviors toward eating, we may get cravings.

The act of “craving” is a classicly conditioned response / Compensatory response to cramming food at the same time every night, just as someone can overdose from same amount of drugs as before but during different conditions. Think of the Segal rats heroin clinical study of the 1980s. Your body is expecting the rich food, so that’s why you eat the butter, peanut butter or chocolate vs carrots or celery.

As I wrote in, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, my mom had this happen to her at 4pm everyday in the insurance agency when her boss would have a coke. Her boss began buying mom a coke and everyday for several months they would have a coke at 4 in the afternoon. When mom quit the agency she said for a week or more she craved a coke at 4pm and the cravings got worse before they reduced. Now we know it was because her body had built up a conditioned response and when she didn’t fulfill it (meet it’s expectation) it fought harder – the extinction burst.

If you get through that and get to extinction (of the habit) at some point in the future you will experience a spontaneous recovery (think Ivan Pavlov’s dog and bell study response) without any environmental cue at all, you’ll want to eat the rich food again. Just like a smoker that typically goes through the extinction burst 8 times before they finally beat their cigarette addiction.
You shouldn’t feel one moment of shame or embarrassment for experiencing this normal cycle response when dieting.

Want to beat the cycle of yo-you dieting with me?

Celebrate together

A friend of ours was able to get her insulin under control by changing her diet, and adhering to the South Beach Diet.

I have been doing intermittent fasting and incorporating bone broth into my day with smoothies from the Green Smoothie Girl (I have been doing their Fast Flash 3 Day modified fast the last couple of months.)

I am a big believer in measuring as much as we can for ourselves: To reach my weight loss goal, I measure my waist each morning.

Fasting actually gave me some additional unplanned benefits of:

  • Reducing puffiness/inflammation
  • Allowed me to do something together with my daughter (who lives out of state) to feel close during COVID-19
  • Allowed autophagy in my body to heal a couple minor issues

Autophagy is the natural, regulated mechanism of the cell that removes unnecessary or disfunctional components. It allows the orderly degradation and recycling of cellular components. Three forms of autophagy are commonly described: macroautophagy, microautophagy, and chaperone-mediated autophagy.

My current plan

  • Eat small portions, about 5 times in 8 hours, or when really hungry
  • Water only until 10am M-F
  • Then fruit, or 100-150 cal breakfast/protein shake or bar
  • Noon: 200 cal meal or snack
  • 3pm: 200-300 cal meal or snack
  • Dinner before 6-7pm – no night time snacking! Period. Use only non-food activities to curb urge to snack (acupressure, Activ5, dance, make wire wrap jewelry, write, game, etc)

Snacking at night put 4 or 5 inches on my waist in 3 months!

Would you like more articles like this? Or join a group where we could be accountable to each other? Comment and let me know.

Would you like to try fasting with me?

Be the best version of who you want to be and let us promote you!

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