Do you have trouble meditating?

There is this one little physical thing you can do (that a massage therapist taught me years ago), when you are wanting to meditate, but feel that you can’t because your mind is racing.

I learned this one move, and have taught it to many other since, that helped me in the beginning when I couldn’t seem to meditate because my mind was always ON.

Try the following procedure and let me know if it helps.

Trouble meditating?

The procedure

Start by closing your eyes and rubbing two fingers (of each hand), up the bridge of both sides of your nose, and while maintaining the same pressure, move your fingers over and above your eye brows to make circles around yours eyes.

You can do this several times, and even go in reverse circles, lightening the pressure as you go.

As you notice your thoughts slowing down, you can stop this motion and relax your hands to your sides and then simply focus on your breathing.

The outcome

This one move really can ease the mind racing or mind chatter, especially when one begins learning meditation. Namaste. OM ❤️🦋🌀

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