Heard of the V Shred workout yet?

If you haven’t, it will probably show up in an ad on your timeline now. Haha! (AI algorithms! Grrr. But there’s value in everything. Hehe!) ❤️🙃🤣

Vince Sant is the personal trainer who started V Shred and does all the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercise sessions via app videos. And i am finding that having these workout videos on my iPhone makes staying consistent so easy! (Consistency has never been my strong suit, because I tend toward the artist mindset—more about that at another time.)

Sticking with the routine

I love the little reminders that pop up—until I don’t. Let’s be real. Reminders are typically intrusive. And when I am focused on work tasks, I hate being interrupted!

So, I was surprised that after my first two V Shred workout sessions, by myself, at home in our RV (tiny space), I enjoyed seeing the V Shred reminder. Yes, I am enjoying these workouts! And so far, so good with sticking with the schedule of working out and doing the exercises. Yay!

What I bought

V Shred Female Fat Loss Extreme

I bought the V Shred custom diet and the Female Fat Loss Extreme exercise bundle (for a lot less than any other program I’ve bought or seen in years). I’m thrilled with how easy the app is to access and use!

Includes diet coaching

Within 3 days of making my purchase, I was assigned a weight loss coach who sent me a 21 page diet plan (including a shopping list), and her email address, so I could ask her questions or get her support for the next 4 weeks.

My diet coach based my diet on my food likes and dislikes (from a quick form I filled out), to include something called “carb cycling.” I have been doing intermittent fasting for a few years, so the concept of carb cycling intrigued me. Too soon to tell yet, but I feel a difference—especially since I am sticking with the exercise routine (always the hardest part for me.)

Working out

Some say that working out at home isn’t motivating. Well, that has not been an issue for me using my V Shred app with hunky Vince as a trainer! (Haha!)

I don’t know if it’s Vince’s voice, or down to Earth style, but I really enjoy these workouts—and yes. I actually do the workouts, not just watch him. (Wink)

Integrating V Shred into daily life

I do my V Shred workout around midday, when I am usually feeling the most stress from work. This way, I ease stress and get a charge of energy to power through the rest of my computer tasks.

I find that taking a 15 minute exercise break is so beneficial to my mental state! Who knew?

Group motivation

I’m lucky that a Facebook friend of mine bought V Shred the same day I did, and we are each other’s accountability partner. We decided to do that on our own. But V Shred has a private Facebook group too that they invite you to join as soon as you buy.

V Shred Facebook group

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I am not paid, nor receive any compensation for extolling the virtues of the V Shred plan. I am writing this simply because I feel I’ve found a program that’s going to give me the results I’ve been seeking for years.

UPDATE: I used my V Shred app consistently for a few weeks, stopped, and restarted 3 times. I really like a lot about this program and app, but I got bored with the repetitive videos. I got to the second month and saw new videos, but it still seemed too much (difficult) for me. My takeaway is using the concept of HIIT, using my phone’s timer, and making up my own movements/exercises. This also prompted me to restart my yoga practice. So, again, there is value in Everything. ❤️🦋🌀🙏☮️

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