Non-surgical ways to tighten sagging jawline and smooth crepe-like neck skin – 2 tips

Fascia blasting

When dealing with crepey skin (usually skin on the neck that looks thin and loose, somewhat wrinkled like crepe paper, one wants to be very gentle, yet achieve quick results.

I’ve found that using Ashley Black’s face blaster tool works extremely well to tighten and smooth the skin on my face and neck.

Ashley’s fascia blasting tools, like her face tool are so versatile and affordable, every woman should have this non-surgical solution at her fingertips!

Stimulates collagen production

The FaceBlaster relaxes muscles and fascia locally in the neck to allow the head to rest properly on top of the spine. Long necks, lengthen the loose skin. Postural changes alone help with the look of the “turkey neck” and FasciaBlasting makes it easier!

Understanding what fascia is and does
Spot reduce fat by smoothing fascia

I did a little demo of the face blaster tool during a one hour Live video on my Facebook health biz page here, if you’d like to see:

Ready to give fascia blasting a try? You can get your fascia blaster tools here:

Another gel supplement

In combination with fascia blasting, I smooth on a particular gel supplement onto my face and neck. It penetrates deep into the layers of skin to oxygenate and improve cell to cell communication.

The liquid version can be sprayed on skin too!

Non-toxic supplement can be sprayed in the eyes

Additionally, I have naturally improved my long distance vision by spraying the supplement (poured from the 32 ounce bottle, into their smaller spray bottle), into my eyes every morning and doing some eye exercises. I rarely wear my eyeglasses for distance anymore, except for driving.

We’re still consuming this supplement two years later and believe it keeps our immune system strong. We love living well and healthy!

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Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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