Supporting small businesses

This is really the crux of it, No one should be worked to death so billionaires, bankers, insurance companies, lawyers, shareholders and government can profit from other people’s labour. Period.

That’s the real pyramid scheme.

I inherently believe things must change.

The arguments I always hear when discussing this topic, is that the billionaires deserve to reap rewards for the risk they took to start the business; investors deserve to receive usury on the investment capital they put in to get the business going; banks deserve to profit from the startup capital loans they risked; founders deserve to be rewarded for their creative ideas and vision, etc.

I want things to be fair and kind, but capitalism sure doesn’t seem setup that way.

What to do?

Vote with your dollars!

Support businesses that create, work, and live by the same principles you follow.

Here are some examples:

Where do you shop?

I love helping small businesses grow. I shop local and bank online with Aspiration because I like a bank with a conscious that doesn’t support big oil.

I vote with my dollars and support businesses that are co-operatives (co-ops), employee-owned, etc. I stopped knowingly buying anything (or giving to charities) where CEOs were getting offensively rich. ❤️🦋🌀🙏☯️

4 thoughts on “Be the change: Support small businesses

  1. It is always important to do you homework with these things, Sheila. Essentially, we support local as much as we can. For instance, with the remodelling of our main bathroom, we used a small family business. They have been through the three week journey with us, making sure we are happy every step of the way. The only thing not local were the tiles. With the shower fittings they are made just down the road. I was super happy with that. They are a quality item at ordinary prices. Even if we are out in the country we will buy locally grown produce.

    Interestingly enough, we do have a number of rich people with a conscience in my neck of the woods. Some of our wealthiest entrepreneurs have brought up local farms, cattle stations, dairies and so on to ensure those businesses keep operating, stay local, secure employment and keep the prices down. In fact, they are leaders in many social initiatives here.

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    1. I love this! I’d love to meet those rich folks with a conscience! It seems so rare.

      I don’t have any blocks around “money” anymore, but “greed” and overinflated egos still bug me. ❤️😉

      I support several small businesses and just wrote a blog article about some of those.

      I love how your bathroom remodel went! Understand about the tiles. 😉

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      1. Thank you re the bathroom. Final pictures coming soon.

        I am glad you have done this post and the other post. It helps me develop a broader appreciation as well as being a good reminder.

        I had a meeting two years ago with one of our wealthiest business people, who is perhaps, the most influential farming exporter on the planet. He needed my advice on developing a key part of his operation (which is now well underway). He is a very humble man, and his children take after him and are CEO’s in their own right within the conglomerate.

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