Care for your hair naturally, wet or dry!

Now, you can care for your hair naturally, whether it’s wet or dry with new products by Primal Life Organics.

The quickest and easiest way to wash your hair is by massaging in this Dirty Poo dry shampoo by Primal Life Organics:

Salty for wet styling and Dirty Poo for dry “washing”

No more need to use water to wash your hair when traveling or incapacitated.

Dirty Poo dry shampoo and Salty hair texturizer

Helps reduce oily hair and scalp between washings!

Since moving Off Grid last year, I’ve had to adjust to only washing my hair once a week! (I used to at least wet my naturally curly hair each morning in the shower, so it could air dry and set right.)

Dirty Poo dry shampoo
Long list of ingredients (see whole list on Primal Life Organics website)

So, Primal Life Organics product, Dirty Poo, is so handy to help keep my hair and scalp less oily all week! I’m really grateful for it! Also, it doesn’t have any scent and isn’t heavy or gritty. I know some people don’t like scented hair care products. I also found Dirty Poo very easy to use.

Dirty Poo dry shampoo – opening the jar
Dirty poo dry shampoo – consistency

Oily hair and scalp can be easily taken care of by using Dirty Poo dry shampoo.

Really helps “set” my naturally curly hair!

Salty hair texturizer from Primal Life Organics

Create an amazing style with this Salt hair texturizing spray by Primal Life Organics on wet hair. It gives hair great bounce and hold!

Living Off Grid, I’ve had to make a lot of adjustments and sacrifices, like not having hot water! So, when I wash my hair (once a week), I want a setting spray that works that keeps my curls bouncy and “set” for longer than just one day. Primal Life Organics has hit a home run with this product! I love it! My curls are defined, and look fantastic, even the next day (after sleeping), and for several days! Game changer for me!

Salty from Primal Life Organics (ingredients)

Primal Life Organics Salty hair texturizer can be found here:

Me with my Salty hair and wearing my Everything Resolves to Gratitude t-shirt (wink!)

Gratitude design for t-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc here:

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