Self Care, Anti-aging (or “sage-ing”) with Primal Life Organics

I have added some new products by Primal Life Organics to my self care and anti-aging or “sage-ing” routine. 🌅💦🌱

I don’t wear makeup (haven’t for about 10 years anyway), but I thought I’d try Primal Life Organics face foundation makeup for whenever we get the opportunity to perform our music out “LIVE” again.

Primal Life Organics natural foundation makeup

I love that these come in sample sizes, as that is all I will use in a couple years! Ha! And they allow you to add as much or little as you need to achieve the coverage you want, wet or dry!

You can also mix and blend these colors to get the perfect color for you! Sure to compliment your skin tone, and so easy!

Primal Life Organics foundation in light, medium. and dark colors

I also really love Primal Life Organics’ Stick Up™ natural deodorant! I actually only have to apply it every other day or so! (Quite inexpensive in my particular case.)

Primal Life Organics Stick Up™ Natural Deodorant

See what a fan I am of natural products? Haha! In the next pic, I show the near powder consistency of this deodorant and that it makes it easy to apply!

I’m always using natural products to help my body detox and restore balance (as just living in today’s world is toxic on many levels)! 😉

Primal Life Organics Stick Up™ Natural Deodorant

It’s so easy to apply, and when massaged in, gives you a bit extra self care to your underarm lymph nodes! (As you know, our lymph nodes and entire lymphatic system will enjoy and use all the help we can give it!) ❤️

This is what I call a double duty natural remedy—when you get double (or more) benefits from one product!

Primal Life Organics’ Stick Up™ natural deodorant

My weight loss journey continues with the assistance of Primal Life Organics’ weight loss system, Weight Loss Naturally Supplement. (As shown from their email to me below):

You can order Primal Life Organics weight loss system here:

No more need to use water to wash your hair when traveling or incapacitated.

Love my naturally curly hair with this aWEsOMe product

Salty hair texturizer from Primal Life Organics

My naturally curly hair stays in bouncy style with this texturizing spray by Primal Life Organics on wet hair.

Like I stated in a previous blog article, living Off Grid, I’ve made a lot of adjustments and sacrifices, like not having hot water! So, when I wash my hair (once a week), I don’t want to use much on it to maintain bouncy curls. Primal Life Organics has hit a home run with this product though! I love it! My curls are defined, and look fantastic, even the next day (after sleeping), and for several days! Game changer for me! And it’s EASY!

Primal Life Organics Salty hair texturizer can be found here:

Me with my Salty hair and wearing my Everything Resolves to Gratitude t-shirt (wink!)

Gratitude design for t-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc here:

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