By participating on Clubhouse for about 6 months this year, I learned:

  • Have Patience with others
  • Have Persistence with myself
  • Prepare at least a few talking points before each call
  • Practice engaging communication skills with every person I meet
  • Be honest; no hiding
  • Practice with many, though I may only deeply connect with a few
  • Build depth; enjoy deep meaningful conversations
  • When setting up calls, meditate to uncover what topics to discuss
  • Allow the conversation to meander a bit, before attempting to bring it back on topic
  • Record or take copious notes
  • Don’t answer people on the back channel that I haven’t talked with first in a room
  • Don’t join 100 rooms
  • Decide how much time I can commit to the app and stick to it
Clubhouse announcement: leaving 12/31/2021

I am all for networking and building online friendships, but people must be honest and have integrity. Not everyone wants to buy your stuff.

These were some of the topics I facilitated chats about:

Clubhouse discussion topics.

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