There are lots of “gotchas” one finds when they start removing RV furniture.

After living in our Carriage Carri-Lite 5th wheel for 8 years, our chairs and couch were quite worn. The fake leather had rubbed off, and it wasn’t worth recovering them.

Trying to cover worn RV “leather” recliner.
RV couch with worn fake leather
RV couch worn “leather” closeup
How do you keep fake leather from wearing off?
RV worn fake leather recliner

On 7/6/2018 my husband, Richard, got the old chair out. And my son, Matt, got the couch out.

Getting the couch (which by the way, was supposed to be a fold out or jack-knife couch bed, but wasn’t), out of the slide—wasn’t an easy job.

Son removing RV couch
Getting to the bottom of the RV couch.

It feels so much larger in here now. Just waiting on the new la-z-boy chairs to arrive!

There was 8 years of dust/dirt/whatever on the carpet by the small window.

This is no fold out RV bed.
A queen size air mattress had came with the RV, but the manufacturer must have meant for it to go on the floor because this couch wasn’t big enough to put it on it in any way! We never made the dealer show us how it worked either (at time of walk through or delivery). Our fault. We had asked the salesman but he didn’t know how it worked (because it didn’t)!

Once the couch was out, I could see the light dusting of mold on one wall by the fridge! It had been impossible to clean between the couch and the fridge. I wiped the walls down. No more mold!

At first, we thought one of our doggies had thrown up or something, but to get it all the way under the couch?!? So bizzare! We tested it and found it was furniture STAIN! Apparently, our RV manufacturer spilled the stain and thought the couch would cover it up!

Cabinet stain on the carpet under where the couch was—manufacturer had covered it up and no one told us!
Floor plan of our RV

This is the floor plan of our RV, except ours has a king size bed in the bedroom. It had plenty of room for us and two small shih-tzu’s. Our doggies were older when we bought this and only lived in it with us for about 3 years, sadly. But we continued living in the RV for more than 11 years. The last 17 months of that time, we lived off grid. More about that experience here and here.

All I can say about buying an RV is, buyer beware. I have had buyers remorse for many years over this RV, though I had grown quite fond of it.

First, the refrigerator had a recall on it, then the automatic transfer switch melted down and could have killed us! Read about that here.

When you know more, you can make much better choices.

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