I have held many different progressively responsible positions in my 35+ year, professional technical career, but what is most important for me now, is to align myself with a company I can believe in. People over profits. Integrity matters.

A mission of natural health and wellness aligns with my greater sense of purpose. I live a holistic health and wellness lifestyle (right down to my low carbon footprint) and I seek to work with others who are on that same path.

This is my Jerry Maguire moment. Yes, I made a crazy supercharged career change after seeing THAT movie 25 years ago! And I am ready to do it again.

Everything I have done up to this point in my career, has had a customer-centric focus, one way or another. Either by sharing, gathering requirements, or training and leading teams—the end results were providing better services to the customer by ensuring quality and thorough communications.

I constantly challenge myself and quickly absorb what I learn to hit the ground running. I love the Agile approach.

I would welcome a conversation with you about how I can help you better serve your customers.

I invite you to email me.

Please review my holistic resume here.


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