Yes, I’m doing another “diet.” I feel as if I’ve been on a perpetual diet of one kind or another for 25 years! Ugh! But no one can say I give up easily! Ha!

So, I added The Green Smoothie Girl bone broth smoothies to my diet a couple years ago while doing a fast, detox, cleanse. But, this Bone Broth diet is different.

Stock library photo of broth

Essentially, I simply substitute 2 meals a day with bone broth, and do intermittent fasting (IF). The Dr. Kelly plan comes with a small booklet that defines a Yes / No list of foods, and information about IF.

One can work their IF eating times any number of ways too, depending upon one’s work schedule or body chemistry.

IF works best for me when I eat from 11am or noon to about 4 or 5pm.

Skipping my evening meal always results in weight loss, but not eating anything after 6 or 7pm is always the most challenging, and I have to really establish a good mindset about it first, before attempting it too, else I fail every time.

But mostly, eating like this is a “mindset shift.” And if I’m not in the right mindset, I fall off the wagon each time.

What things do you do to keep your mindset right? Do you write down your goals? Use a coach or accountability partner? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you, and many blessings in ALL ways.


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