Let’s chat about eating. And about how what we consume changes our physical body.

It strikes me as funny in an odd way, to consider how what we eat and drink physically changes our body.

How we can make a connection (very easily) between what we consume (our diet) and our body? I mean if we eat less, or we change what we’re eating, say by eating less meat–does this cause us to lose weight, or muscle? By eating no meat, i.e. less fat, and not consuming any oil, or not drinking any alcohol–do we see physical differences (for the better) in our body?

When we make those kinds of changes in our diet, or let’s say we we go on a sugar fast, not eating sugar for 30 days. Can we immediately see a change in our body? We immediately see the numbers on the scale go down, right? So, It puzzles me then (using that reasoning), how we miss the mark when it comes to making the connection between the junk food and our health.

How we feel in our body or how our body responds over time to what we’ve been eating. So let’s say we eat fast food, and we eat sweets, and we drink alcohol, and we drink soda, and things like that. And then we wake up one morning and we’re constipated.

It strikes me as odd that we don’t understand that, after many years, the body can develop a chronic disease or cancer, or a tumor, or something like that. Something that needs to be fixed (like a hernia–but that’s kind of a different subject and also is probably related more to stress or grief or anger than to the food but nobody really knows 100%).

So I’m just putting the thought out there.

When you restrict your eating, let’s say, to what I’ve been doing the past month eating only citrus fruit (what do you notice)? And yes, a couple of times, here and there, I’ve had a cup of cooked basmati rice. I’ve had a bowl of cooked cabbage, and things like that, but no meat and not any oil. I did have a salad a couple times of lettuce, onion, and garlic, and put some oil and vinegar on it. So, I wouldn’t call that cheating.

I kept my food is very bland and predominantly 98% of my diet morning, noon, and night, was citrus fruit. I really only kind of strayed from the citrus fruit when I I kind of felt weak or I felt like in my body needed a little bit more something of substance.

I consumed no meat to speak of and no alcohol, and in 30 days, I lost 10 pounds of excess weight.

I’m on a track to lose, or release, 60 pounds. And I have been analyzing, sitting with, and meditating on the changes that are occurring in my body.

When I see things like moles that I’ve had on my body for decades, and they’re sloughing off, that’s a change. I’ve put a lot of essential oil on them too (so then, there’s that). I’ve kept my focus on them throughout the month to release them, and let them go. And they have! And that’s really been amazing to watch. Because I have been focused on it. I didn’t just kind of sort of put the essential oil on a couple times and forget about them. I’ve been looking every few days at these moles and watching them reduce in size or get lighter or completely fall off. It’s just really been amazing.

A couple of skin tags have fallen off my body with no scar too. Yeah, I don’t know why I ever went to the dermatologist years ago and had stuff frozen off or burned off or such. Those treatments left scars! Looking back, it was just such a brutal treatment really on my skin, whereas this has been so gentle. Anyway, not to go off too much on a tangent there.

So again, I say this mostly for myself when I go back and re read my blog articles, months, years later during this month. It’s been a profound change but a profound awareness I’ve gained from making this change to a severely restricted diet. Like I said grapefruit, tangerines, oranges, tangelos and such.

My thought process has really sharpened too. My cognition, my clarity, and my awareness seems more keen. I seem to put things together now that I may not have before. And I’m remembering better. Not that I was having any issues before really (though my son said he’d noticed a few things when we lived on his property–but I think there were other reasons for that).

Green smoothie – kale, banana, berries, and fiber and protein powders

I’ve been taking better care of myself (increasing my self care), in general.

I’m restarting my green smoothie habit (I used to do this daily in 2008-2010 or so). Am employing different and better tooth brushing techniques; taking better care of my body with the fascia blasting; and working in more targeted and challenging exercises (like Asian squats).

But just to say, make the connection between the food that you’re eating and the liquids, the drinks that you’re drinking and your body and just really sit with that and then evaluate that and see what you come up with. Then, comment and let me know.

Yes, please write to me in the comments. If you don’t want me to share the comments publicly, just let me know and I won’t publish them–because I view each of them independently and privately. I will only publish your comments if you’re fine with me sharing them publicly. Thank you so much. Let’s love ourselves and each other!

To our better health. OM

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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