Off Grid Living is tough

After 17 months in the woods of northeast Florida my husband and I called it quits, granted we were older when we attempted to give it a go. Perhaps younger people do better with all the Off Grid living. But it’s tough, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

After moving to a condo with electricity and all the conveniences, I don’t care to go back to Off Grid living. We still have our battery backups and needed them during two hurricanes while our power was off, but I was not a happy camper! Ugh.

It comes down to sustainability. Our mental and physical sustainability.

Living off the land

My grandparents (both sets) raised my parents while “living off the land.” Both sets of grandparents lived on farms, my mom was raised on a smaller city farm and my dad on 200+ acres, but both definitely understood what it meant and how hard it could be to live off the land and only get flour, sugar, and few other items from a small grocer. My mom and dad sure had fortitude from being raised with so little though! Here’s some thoughts I have about how living off the land strengthened them:

  • Each knew a LOT about trees.
  • Each walked a LOT, everyday. Miles and miles of country roads. It kept them grounded. Literally.
  • Each became quite in tune with nature.
  • Each learned how to survive with next to nothing.
  • Each stayed humble throughout their entire lives (though eventually gaining some success and money).
  • They loved stargazing and looking at the moon on clear nights.
  • They enjoyed cooking outside.
  • They enjoyed the sights and sounds of wildlife.
  • Mom adored squirrels, frogs, and deer.
  • Dad hunted. Later in life dad couldn’t kill a deer, after discovering their elegance and beauty.
  • My paternal grandfather swore by the Farmer’s Almanac to plant his garden.
  • Mom and her sister raised ducks. They often ate duck eggs instead of chicken eggs.
  • Mom wouldn’t name any of the farm animals as she never knew when one would become dinner.
  • My maternal grandmother would ring the chicken’s neck to kill it.
  • One of mom and dad’s first dates was at a lake.


My husband and I just found this series on Paramount Plus (link below) and have been bleary-eyed watching every episode. Life as not easy at all for the pioneers! I sit in amazement often as to how my grandparents raised their children (three on mom’s side and six on dad’s side of the family) when they had sooo very little means!


Here’s some bit of history for you and how the Native American tribes are working hard to bring back the buffalo.

Tanka video

Learning from the Tanka

As Roger Miller famously sings, “You can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd.” And apparently, we can’t get enough sun on solar panels in the woods.

Yet, I continue to meditate upon what I’ve learned from our Off Grid experience, though I am not ready to go camping anytime soon. Living without immediate access to electric power is for the birds! LOL

Life is good, and God is good—ALL the time.

You can read more here (and see pictures of our off grid living:

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