2022 Topsy Turvy Year in Review

God bless it! Omniscience bless this year whenever I look back upon it. We have lost family members and dealt with serious health challenges (when my husband suffered a stroke), but we are still here! And grateful.

2022 has been more turbulent than 2021 was for me. But I’m still standing as Elton would say!

At the very start of the year, I challenged myself to work through A Course in Miracles again. I have worked through it for about four years, but this time, I put thoughts down in Facebook, as each days ACIM lesson prompted. I stuck with the postings all year, even while on vacation. That was a big accomplishment for me!

Physically, at least we didn’t have to move this year, though I continue to look for a nice place for us in north Florida (for when our lease ends here Aug. 31, 2023).

The fear porn over an unseen virus still has some of our friends limiting their outings, most still haven’t visited us, but we get it. Everyone must take care of themselves. And after my husband, Richard, suffered an ischemic brain stem stroke Oct. 6, 2022, we know the importance of taking care of our selves even more! Richard completed a song he had begun writing prior to the stroke, Blame it on the Hurricane (it’s the first song in the short list here):


Lightening up

After 11 years in our RV and 17 months off grid, we sold our 5th wheel this year, since it had sat empty for most of the year and we knew it really needed to go to new owners who could and would enjoy it. And it did. And I made a new friend in the process, for which I am very grateful.

I have continued to give clothes, coats, dishes, plants, books, and other things away while living in the Bradenton 1/1 condo too, so there will be less to move next year. And I am happy about living a minimalist lifestyle. After all, I am a woman of simple needs, wants, and desires.

Live and Learn

I continue to work on myself—now having gained two levels of Reiki certification on my way to the Masters level. Plus, I have been rewriting my Integrated Spiral™ DE-program, completing my fourth book, and take a weekend Western Herbalism 101 course (which I had wanted to do for years)! I also got a call to volunteer to assist a well known author whom I admire–and that’s super exciting! Ah, life is for learning and doing what gives us joy!

I had signed up to complete my Reiki certifications before my husband had the stroke because I had felt I needed paper credentials in order to offer healing services. As well, I obtained ordination so I could work with people to heal plus perform marriages and funerals.

Why do we feel worthless?

I know I have been called to do these works of service. I have felt the call my whole life, but had never felt worthy. Somehow the piece of paper credentials prove me worthy to others, though within myself I know I am only an empty vessel.

Everything is Energy. And whatever healing modalities I offer are ALL Omniscience God working through me. I am not healing anyone through the little ego me. When I talk about such things and people call me arrogant, in actuality they are calling God arrogant (probably because they haven’t stepped up to their responsibilities of acknowledging God IN them)!

Knowing my place helps me stay neutral and grounded in my reality. I am to be in the world not of it, as Jesus said, and this is my mission. I am here to Connect Heaven to Earth.

Thus, I have made time to:

  • Work 8-5 M-F
  • Take care of myself and my husband (caregiver and getting him to/from rehab)
  • Drive everywhere since Richard isn’t very confident driving still
  • Grocery shop, gas up the car, clean the house, wash the dishes (though Richard has been helping some), do our laundry, etc.
  • Managing our money and paying the bills, since Richard used to do all that prior to the stroke
  • Talk or text with my daughter and son and watch their Facebook Live videos and YouTube videos, etc. when I can
  • Video chat with my oldest granddaughter, who graciously includes the twins in the calls sometimes too (and I miss them all sooo much)
  • Talk with and visit a few family members and friends (occasionally)
  • Cook all of our meals (no more dinners out) since Richard is on a strict low sodium, low sugar, no leafy greens/no vitamin K diet (due to the stroke and certain medicine interactions)
  • Reading (multiple books in progress)
  • Promote Richard’s original music—we’ve had several new songs produced in Nashville TN this year (3 were in the works when Richard had the stroke)

I was thrilled to meet author/podcaster, Gloria Grace Rand in person this year and bump into two longtime friends at Dr. Bruce Lipton’s event in West Palm Beach, Florida! My friends looked great after doing WildFit for a year, which prompted me to work the nutritive program this year too!

I have been in Dr. Bruce’s online group for nearly a year and have spoken with him and his nephew, Alex on the live monthly calls, so meeting Dr. Bruce in person was a huge treat and honor! I had hoped to meet Gregg Braden too, but at the last minute he couldn’t attend in person.

A few months later, Gloria invited me to her first retreat also and it was a wonderful event where we could share more and I made two new soulie sister friends! All three heart-centered ladies offered to read my fourth book too, which is due out very soon.

Speaking of my new book, pushed back its release due to Richard’s stroke (and my caregiver duties), and I benched the marketing of my DE-Program, Integrated Spiral™—yet these are exactly the times when I know people need the relief and open awareness it brings! At least I continue to use Integrated Spiral™ daily (which includes a Gratitude F-L-O-W), and its freeing framework to help me integrate other new things into my life—that expands time for me!

Flow state. A spiritual inquiry using the spiral pattern.

Our travel

Thankfully, we finally got to take our road trip to my home state, though unfortunately it wasn’t only to lay my parents’ remains to rest, but also to attend one of my cousins’ memorial service.

Laying my parents to rest: https://youtu.be/gzUoa4LJ2Gc

And: https://youtu.be/mdslfWikPS0

We were very blessed to stay nine days with my bestie (since 4th grade) and her “Miracle Man” husband while visiting my hometown. They were sooo incredibly gracious, cooked us the best meals, and we always said grace! I wish I hadn’t had to work while we were there (and had planned to take some days off, but one of the government contract opportunities that had been on again off again opened back up thus, I had more work)!

Thankfully, my best friend and I did get to see a few of our longtime friends, and go see some of the new things in town with our husbands, such as see this memorial near their home:

Richard and Sheila at war memorial, Vienna WV

Richard and I really had to make a conscious effort to find the silver linings during our trip because it was an emotional week for me—though less triggered these days, going home, especially after what happened with Greg and Josh, was a lot.

I’m glad we went to Josh’s memorial so I could hug two of his sisters and his wife, and spend time with Susan (Greg’s wife and a sister of another one of my high school friends too), as I had not been able to attend Greg’s memorial.

Losing both Greg and Josh only a few months apart was hard on our family, of course especially more difficult for their wives, sisters, and Josh’s children. I still catch myself in moments of disbelief, especially since Josh’s murderer was let out of jail on $8500 bond!!! We were all stupified as to how THAT could happen as it was supposed to have been an open and shut case with video! No one shoots eight times at someone driving away without intending to kill! Ugh. I can’t let my mind go there… it’s still emotionally painful when I dwell on it, so I calm myself with meditation as much as I can. And that’s a continuing practice.

Beware of Fake Light Workers

I am still angry at the lack of justice in the courts of Myrtle Beach, SC and continuing to work through this, considering various perspectives, even the darkest parts, I believe helps me clear the pain and allow more light and healing. And just as no one knows how long the grieving process takes, no one knows how long it takes to do one’s shadow work. This is why I include my feelings here, to acknowledge and give space for healing and clearing. I know it also helps others heal.

Links to both of my first cousins tributes:

Greg’s story

Joshua’s story

Before we left town, we got to have dinner with my cousin, Laurie (sister to both Greg and Josh), and Greg’s wife, Susan. And I got to see the small Fenton gift shop too where Susan works, which is only about a mile from where I lived while growing up.

During our time there, I was also so blessed to spend a few hours on a couple of different days with my uncle Jim and aunt Janice, and dear second mom, Liz. It was a jam packed nine days, but time I will hold dear to my heart forever.

And here’s a bit of an update on Josh’s story from my hometown news: https://www.wtap.com/2022/12/16/family-josh-wilson-honor-his-memory-ahead-holiday-season/

Family comes to Florida

We were over the moon thrilled to see my daughter, son-in-law, and three cutie pie granddaughters this summer when they drove to Florida from New Hampshire for a week! I hadn’t seen them in nearly 3 years and it had been even longer since my husband had seen them (he had not met the twins in person until this visit)!

We were happy to get to see my husband’s sister, Rose, and her husband this year again, as they enjoy (yes, IN Joy), driving around the country towing their 5th wheel behind their pickup truck. And I am glad they like traveling like that, (as I can relate—I towed a travel trailer years ago and didn’t like the towing experience).

I was especially grateful Rose and Alan could make another trip down in October to help us when Richard had the stroke because he needed an advocate with him and unfortunately I got ill from spending each day with him in the hospital. I really felt my husband needed someone to be with him and be his advocate (because of all the incidents while he was in there, and lack of communication between the doctors and nurses, which really annoyed me). The last three days of Richard’s nine day stay, I was too sick to go in there. Thank God for family!

Hair Growth

My hair has grown quite a lot in a year. But I am looking forward to getting a pixie cut in the spring of 2023.

I’ve combed through my hair completely (with my head upside down) and cut several inches off it this year and I do believe I’d like to have bangs. So that decision has been made. It’s simply a question of timing and figuring out who will cut it. I had wanted my daughter to cut it when she was here, but we had so little time together.

Dental work

I’m still missing my front tooth. But I have tried several new diets and supplements this year to see if I might be able to regenerate or improve the few real teeth I still have and now, I am at a point where I either get implants or dentures. And I am leaning towards dentures since I don’t feel I can handle anything being implanted into my body. I’m sensitive chemically and emotionally.

I’m also still fighting a tooth infection from the last dentist who put three crowns on molars last year, and I guess now I am going to have at least one of those pulled as the infection is less but hasn’t completely cleared yet and I doubt that’s healthy to keep a bad tooth in my mouth. I got it pulled Dec. 12th, 2022 and I did exceptionally well throughout the process! More on that here: https://sheilamurrey.net/2022/12/17/dental-high-jinks/

It just sucks that I spent all that money on the crown and it has bothered me for more than a year (plus, though numb during that work, it hurt very badly and I told them but they continued working on it). Lesson learned. I should have got up and walked out. Plus, they still owe me $1,150 that’s a credit on my account! (And yes, I have exhausted all of the various means of trying to force them to pay me but nothing has worked yet!)

Honoring the Sacred Past

I feel the Winter Solstice that didn’t shine sunbeams into the Newgrange chamber in Ireland December 2019, was meant to warn me of the tumultuous years ahead. And that I would continue to integrate my shadow self this year as I began this task last year. An ongoing practice.

The huge Banyan tree in our 55+ community. I have a few more months here to enjoy it:

Banyan tree, Bradenton FL

Classes and groups

Because we are limiting our time out of the house, I’ve had more time to participate in online groups and programs. I’ll share a few next:

Bruce Lipton’s online community

Bestselling author, podcaster, and now a soulie sister of mine, Gloria Grace Rand, whom I’d followed on social media for years but hadn’t met in person (until we chose to meet at the Bruce Lipton conference), invited me to a retreat in September she created. And I am sooo glad I went! We ALL had the best time: https://beingwhollyvibrant.wordpress.com/2022/09/12/review-unplug-to-recharge-retreat-i-attended-yesterday-thank-you-gloria-grace-rand/

Plus, I am so fortunate to have met my Reiki Master, Victoria Stitzer and participate with her in weekly in-person Reiki circles as well as, certify in level I and II again and progress in my training and practice next year to the Masters level.

Check out Spiritual Mastermind Reiki Meditation Group SWFL on Meetup https://meetu.ps/c/50XXn/11mRY/a

Link to Victoria’s website: https://transformvegas.com/

And near the end of the year I was finally able to take a weekend herb class I had desired to take for several years! I took Western Herbalism 101 from Traditions School of Herbal Studies, in St. Petersburg, Florida. I learned sooo much! I loved the classes and will probably go again for more medicine making classes in the future.

Think in terms of degrees, doses, and layers and Truths will emerge.

Weight loss

In the early part of the year, I was still making shakes for breakfast and lunch with protein powder from The Green Smoothie Girl. If you like smoothies I highly recommend Robyn’s products as a way to get more protein.

If you’d like to give this plan a try, here’s the link: https://shop.greensmoothiegirl.com/pages/food-supplements?affiliate=895

March 2022, I had a consult with Dan McDonald, the Life Regenerator from YouTube fame, and did only citrus fruit for more than a month. You can read about that here: https://beingwhollyvibrant.wordpress.com/2022/03/13/mindset-shift-citrus-diet/

Then I tried the Bone Broth diet with very limited success. I didn’t even last two weeks on it.

I also tried the Carnivore diet:


A friend invited me to try WildFit and it was a game changer for me! I am continuing to lose weight, which is so amazing and thrilling! I highly recommend checking out WildFit if you have tried everything else and haven’t yet lost the weight you desire to lose.

I am simply stunned that it helped me release over 20 pounds (and keep it off through some highly stressful times that always put weight back on my body before), because I focus on consuming whole foods, breathwork, and stress reduction with standing up and doing qigong and yoga movements throughout my workday, and getting enough sleep. There’s a lot of research to support these practices and how they help with healthy weight loss.

I had been eating very close to the foods WildFit recommends before, but perhaps it was the “seasons” approach and mindset stuff which finally reset my fat burning switch, I’m not sure.

Whatever formula WildFit has come up with is working for me though and that’s a huge win for me after 25 years of struggling to release excess weight and keep it off even through two hurricanes, power out for 8 days, hubby having the stroke, family visits, and holidays! Incredible!

I summarized my WildFit experience here: https://beingwhollyvibrant.wordpress.com/2022/08/14/wildfit/

New Music

Hubby and I continue to work on showcasing his original new music—getting it out to more musicians who play Live. Here’s the new page I have setup: https://sheilamurrey.net/murrey-creations/

And here’s the link to our songs on Apple:


We write music for new artists too, so please share this post or our links! ❤️🦋🌀🎼

This is Richard’s website where the songs are listed by genre: http://Listen4music.com

Can you dig it?!?

It’s ALL Energy

Let’s let go of 2022 with ease and thanksgiving and celebrate the New Year ahead!

Imagine ALL the things you can’t see, and we’ll see how we grow next year!


A bit about me, your Spiral Sister

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, both available on Amazon.

I would love to speak at your bookstore, crystal shop, acupuncture / chiropractor office, or other holistic / natural fair or festival. I support healthy lifestyle businesses. For information on both of my books, visit my Amazon author’s page — Click here.

After 13 years of research and work, my health book, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is available at: https://read.barnesandnoble.com/book/take-it-upon-yourself-to-live-a-wholly-vibrant-life/

Be the best version of who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.


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  1. You have published your own book – Congrats.
    It’s my dream to publish a coffee-table like of a book on travel.
    It would be honored if I can assist you in your next book: proof reading, photos (have a large stock of sp-wellness images). Thank you.
    Wishing you a Blessed 2023.

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