What do you think of this list of big businesses?

Do you read The Epoch Times?

I gathered information from a recent Epoch Times article and put the information in alphabetical order, abbreviated the percentages/headcount and created this cheat list of companies to limit the amount of money I spend with them.

Amazon.com Inc.

Plans to layoff more than 18,000 of their workforce.

AMC Networks Inc.

Plans to layoff 20 percent of its U.S. workforce. Chief Executive Officer Christina Spade stepped down after only three months in the role.

Arrival SA

Plans to rightsize and layoff approximately 30% of their UK workforce.

Beyond Meat Inc.

Plans to layoff 200 jobs this year to save about $39M.

Blue Apron Holdings Inc.

Plans to layoff  approximately 10 percent of its corporate workforce to reduce costs.

Buzzfeed Inc.

Plans to layoff  approximately 12% of its workforce.

Chime Financial Inc.

Plans to layoff  approximately 12% of its workforce.

Cisco Systems Inc.

Plans to layoff  approximately 5% of its workforce.

Citigroup Inc.

Has already cut dozens from its workforce.

Coinbase Global

Plans to layoff 60 people from its workforce.


Plans to layoff many from its workforce.

DoorDash Inc.

Plans to layoff approximately 1,250 people from its workforce.

HP Inc.

Plans to layoff approximately 6,000 people from its workforce by the end of their 2025 fiscal year.

Johnson & Johnson

Is considering layoffs to rightsize.


Plans to layoff approximately 30% or 1,100 people from its workforce. 

Lyft Inc.

Plans to layoff approximately 13% or 683 people from its workforce.

Meta Platforms Inc.

Plans to layoff 13% or 11,000 people from its workforce. There you go “fact checkers”!

Micron Technology Inc.

Plans to layoff 10% of its workforce.

Morgan Stanley

Plans to make cost reductions by $3 billion in 2023.

Opendoor Technologies Inc.

Plans to layoff approximately 550 employees.

Phillips 66

Plans to layoff 1,100 people from its workforce.

Roku Inc.

Plans to layoff approximately 5% or 200 people from its workforce.

Salesforce Inc.

Plans to layoff 10% of its workforce.

Seagate Technology Holdings Plc.

Plans to layoff 8% or 3,000 people from its workforce. 

Stripe Inc.

Plans to layoff 14% or 7,000 people from its workforce. 

TuSimple Holdings Inc.

Plans to layoff 25% or 350 people from its workforce. 

Twitter Inc.

Laid off half of its workforce. 

Walt Disney Co.

Plans to layoff some of its workforce. 

Wolverine World Wide Inc.

Plans to layoff some of its workforce.

No one should be worked to death so billionaires, bankers, insurance companies, lawyers, shareholders and government can profit. Those institutions are the real pyramid schemes, not the MLMs, Direct sales, network marketing and party plan businesses.

It feels hypocritical of me to promote my books on Amazon after reading this list but I didn’t know this about them or how badly some of their workers are treated until recently. My son and his girlfriend quit working at an Amazon distribution center when she was made to do heavy repetitive tasks that injured her because she couldn’t see well enough to do the tasks she had been originally hired to perform that wouldn’t have involved heavy lifting.

She told me, “Don’t buy anything that weighs over 10 pounds from Amazon. You have no idea the way it impacts the workers.”

I support small businesses. I am the change that needs to occur to shift the balance of power back to the PEOPLE. I support businesses that are co-operatives (co-ops), employee-owned, etc. and quit supporting anything (or giving to charities) where CEOs were outrageously profiting. ❤️🦋🌀〰️🔥🙏☯️

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