Examples from the Awakening Into The Sun spring festival 2017 website. The work involved resizing many images, manipulating the images to add transparency layers to position them properly within slides, adding pages, adding pages to the menu, and writing content for the website.

Awakening Home Page slider images resized with transparency layer.pngAwakening Home scrolling down to content update.pngAwakening Attractions Page.pngAwakening Schedule updated.png

Updated the Awakening Wellness event calendar (monthly):

Awakening Wellness calendar updates.png

The following are photo manipulations, line drawing manipulations, ads, flyers, business cards, logos, and more:


Blue dot.png



pubmed cbd.png


bonny flyer 1.jpgLayer artwork put-your-hands-together-when-you-pray.pngbonny flyer 2.jpg






sheila business card.jpg