Design Portfolio

Check out Sheila’s original “Take It Upon Yourself” designs, which you can order in a variety of ways, as: t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers, pillows, phone and tablet cases.

Find all of these (along with any new ones created) at:

Everything Resolves to Gratitude.png

Everything Resolves to Gratitude – Check out all the styles and colors here:

Minding My Energy

Minding My Energy – You can buy it here:

thank Omniscience.png
Thank Omniscience – Buy it here and help a girl out. 😉
thank OM ALLways.png
Thank Omniscience ALLways – Buy it at this link:
Want to detox - drink redox supplement.png
Detox? Redox – Anyone can wear this, but I created it for my health team:


I survived pharmaceuticals – I really did! And I wrote a book about it!

And for my Facebook group:


The following are examples from the Awakening Into The Sun festival 2017 website.

The work involved resizing many images, manipulating the images to add transparency layers to position them properly within slides, adding pages, adding pages to the menu, and writing content for the website.

Awakening Home scrolling down to content update.pngAwakening Attractions Page.png

The following are photo manipulations, line drawing manipulations, how to screen captures, ads, flyers, business cards, logos, and more: 

thank you for showing good manners card.png


Blue dot.png



pubmed cbd.png


bonny flyer 1.jpgbonny flyer 2.jpg


First business card (Note: URL changed to .net):

sheila business card.jpg