Book Review: Voyages into the Unknown by Bruce Moen

Book Review: Voyages into the Unknown

Bruce Moen’s book, Voyages into the Unknown is deep and profound, with it’s assay into the bottomless mysteries of Afterlife exploration.

Sometimes while reading the word for word familiarity was uncanny with things I have experienced–other times, passages or terms were, at least initially, over my head. Yet, Bruce’s writing kept me intrigued from start to finish–though I’m not entirely finished, as there are more books in this series to eagerly inspect.

For those of us who love fiction based on true stories, enjoy deep and riveting mysteries, or simply have a passion to dig through the numerous tangles within our Connections, you’ll find this book a treasure.

Voyages into the Unknown
Book: Voyages into the Unknown

I have enjoyed the challenge and mind stretch ‘Voyages’ has brought to my ever evolving consciousness.

Consciousness, as a topic and in all of its aspects, beckons me to study further, not out of mere curiosity but to seek an answer to “where do I stop and you begin?” –and because my mother, aunt, and grandmother all suffered with Alzheimer’s dis-ease. I am a sleuth of sorts, always and in ALL ways forward-thinking to try and solve the riddle of why we’re here.

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I came to know Bruce’s writing through his beloved wife, Pharon. And I desired to finish her husband’s book before embarking on a Sacred Celtic Journey with my husband (a journey that Pharon, Patricia McGivern, Kim Cintio, and several more would also join).

I met Pharon on my Sedona journey, and we have stayed connected since. But, I had not gotten to know Bruce before his passing, or crossing over beyond The Veil. And I wanted to learn about him and his Afterlife exploration from having attended his memorial service, or Celebration of Life.

In order to live a wholly vibrant life, I feel we must continually expand our awareness. And when I saw several people from Bruce’s past Afterlife exploration attend his service (from as far away as Japan), I knew I must read his books. I love reading books, but reading books by those I know (or know their family member) is a real thrill!


I don’t want to reveal too much, but I thought you might be interested in a few inside peeks to see what engaged me so much!

I’ll share three relevancies or synchronicities that struck a chord within me as I read, Voyages into the Unknown:

1) “Bits and pieces that ring true to your own experience…” (Bits and Pieces was the name of an establishment in my hometown of which, I can’t explain much about except it intrigued me and I looked forward to going there for years. When I was finally old enough to get in, it had closed for business.)

2) “All the events of my life seem so woven together and interconnected…”

3) A powerful explanation about reoccurring dreams and how many times we remember these dreams 30 or 40 years later!

Believe it or not – a key to healing

Bruce details in his book a question I have pondered for years. Why some people can have spontaneous healing in their bodies, yet others not–and while I agree none of us can really know how much Faith a person has, I dare say that I’ve known many who displayed great Faith (especially believing for others), yet continued to personally suffer. A key answer to this perplexing conundrum is put forth in ‘Voyages’–and it relates to how each must believe within our own frame of reference for the body to accept the healing!!!

Fascinating topics

If you are fascinated by any of the following, I believe (no, I FEEL), that you’ll love Voyages into the Unknown:

  • Afterlife exploration
  • Astrology
  • Hypnosis
  • Numerology
  • Paranormal experiences
  • Past lives
  • Quantum entanglement
  • Reincarnation

I wish for all of my readers to have fantastical synchronicities and experiences also!

Be open to receive.

Many blessings to you in ALL ways.

Amen and Namaste. OM


thank OMniscience ALLways

thank OMniscience ALLways

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