CD Review: Simple Truth by Shelley Morningsong will lighten and uplift

CD Review: Simple Truth

The following is my review of singer, writer, and soul-Connected sister-friend, Shelley Morningsong’s latest music CD: Simple Truth.

You can listen to the title track song on Shelley’s website here.

My readers know that I’ve reviewed Shelley Morningsong’s CD before and that I feel she and partner, Fabian Fontenelle, continue to authentically create spiritually uplifting and healing music that connect us with each other, as well as put us back in touch with our own souls. Anyone can listen to Simple Truth all the way through, and be moved.

Shelley’s powerful and rich vocals dive deep to our inner BEings, and stir our emotions.

Each of Shelley and Fabian’s CDs are masterfully produced, thus I feel all will richly enjoy listening. Put it on repeat. Listen intently or listen while working. Either way, you’ll receive the love put into each track on Simple Truth.

Simple Truth
CD: Simple Truth


I Wanta Live opens with a single strong drumbeat to set the tone, and then the guitar comes in, following with Shelley’s powerful and rich voice. “Free my mind” she sings.  This song is an uplifting positive life affirmation. A positive message one can use to start each balanced day. Listen at any time to ground and center yourself.

Fatherless Child feels like a true and heartfelt story. I pick up some old blues in this, as it’s a slower tempo. This has clear guitar riffs and wonderful musicality. Shelley’s music is often full of deep emotion. And moving. This may bring tears if you’ve been in or known anyone in a similar situation. All are worthy of love. ❤️

Love Brought You Here is a favorite of mine and I’m not always a fan of duets, however this one is exceptional. The production on this love song is superb! Elements of soul and easy listening. A gentle piano and orchestra arrangement. And vocals that blend exquisitely. Where ever each of us has been, love has brought you here, indeed.

As I listen to the title track, Simple Truth I remember sitting outside on the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona and contemplating my life.  This song beckons us to embrace each day and all lessons. Take time to stop and smell the roses. Appreciate yourself for who you’ve become. Appreciate your family, friends, and neighbors.

Amazing Grace Interlude is a short folksy kind of instrumental of the classic spiritual tune.

Wade In The Water is a cover of a classic spiritual / blues song. I so love Shelley’s smooth voice. I’d never heard this song before, but the more I hear it, the more I enjoy it.

Soul Tie starts off with a rattle and guitar. Shelley paints an endearing story of abiding and timeless love. Soul to soul. We are knitted together and feel the ties. Kindred spirits, yes. Overlapping vocals embellish this elegant tune.

Quiet Place opens with guitar or dobro, which to my ear, lends a beautiful ancient Native American sound. The melody feels familiar. We can wait out any storm with Shelley listening to this track.

In California Dreaming, we hear Shelley’s version of this 1965 song originally written by John and Michelle Phillips and was a hit for the Mamas and the Papas.

With Good Day To Live, beautiful guitar opens and Shelley brings us in with her rich voice and story about it being a good day to live, no matter the season or circumstance. Forgive, let go, because life’s short. We love the melody and guitar work. Aho!

Finding My Way finishes off this CD with organ, piano, and Shelley’s Native American flute. A gentle healing song with an uplifting message. Forward progress promoted. No fear. Shelley encourages us to find and believe in the possibilities.

Overall, I have played Simple Truth from start to finish, even putting on repeat. It’s full of refined and graceful musical wisdom. I feel it’s a CD with which you can heal, and awaken.

Remember, We Are All Connected. Whether we have physical eyes to see or not, our loved ones stand with us. We are powerful and more loved than we may know. We Are All Related.


Order your own Simple Truth CD (or download individual songs if you’d prefer) from Shelley today –> Click here.

Come out to one of the following festivals or pow wow’s to meet Shelley and Fabian in person! Check the Musical Echoes Flute and Cultural event website to find upcoming dates.

I met Shelley and Fabian at the Brooksville, Florida festival after viewing their video (Click here to see the video –> on YouTube), which totally clicked when Shelley spoke the words that I was given years ago, We Are All Connected.

When you visit Shelley’s website be sure to scroll down, especially if you click on the Store or Gallery links, as there is much to see!

Another way you may wish to connect with Shelley, is through your support with Half the Sky. Click here –> Half the Sky to learn more about how you can help impoverished women and children who just need a hand up.

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Feeling the energy from our Breakthrough Performance Workshop Concert!

I did it! I sang on stage with a LIVE BAND! And they were a solid group of musicians and backup singers too! Believe it or not, I’m still feeling the energy from performing and from the audience!! Thank you again to all who joined us for that incredible night!

I just had the best rehearsal so far of our own original songs, The Connection and Wonderin‘ — I know it’s due to my having experienced Breakthrough!

The Breakthrough Performance Workshop, facilitated by Mick and Tess Pulver, allowed each willing participant to focus on sharing our authentic selves with each other, and with an audience. We touched aspects of self-exploration (in a mind body spirit way) while participating in their 8-week singing transformation program (find out more here: Breakthrough Performance Workshop).

Though I had sang years ago in church choir (and with a longtime friend as a duet), school choir, karaoke, and alongside my songwriter, guitarist/bassist husband at restaurants and home parties, I didn’t have the experience (until now) to sing on stage with a great live band! And it was an incredible life-enhancing experience!!

Mick and Tess were so supportive, Tess actually prepared me just before going on stage for my solo, by standing behind me, hands on my belly, and breathing WITH me! She was completely calming, enabled me to slow down, get present, and thoroughly enjoy singing my solo! There’s a clip of my solo on YouTube here: Breakthrough Performance 2016 Sheila M

This was abSOULutely a bucket list thing to do! And if you get the chance, DO IT!

I am continuing to experience many benefits from my concert experience, but here are a few:

  1. Being vulnerable on stage in front of a hundred+ people was so empowering! And I still feel the energy of it!
  2. My preconceived fears were NOT real. Remember, FEAR is just false evidence appearing real. You are NOT your fear!
  3. I totally felt integrated, breath, with mindful awareness, and ability to GIVE my authentic self to the audience.
  4. Singing brings me back to my breath, energizes yet soothes me (which I surmise will add more years to my life)!
  5. Has helped me feel even more comfortable when I speak with others at work.
  6. Add more joy and happiness to my day to day life!

Some of us will continue singing, with rehearsals continuing while Mick and Tess travel this summer (offering workshops in San Diego, California in the coming weeks).

I have learned so much through this program!

Building from what I learned from Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith’s program, I had two specific memories during THIS Breakthrough Performance Workshop program:

  1. That an old memory of being shushed for singing too loudly one evening (after something bad had happened earlier in the day) is no reason not to squelch my voice any longer! I can clear that memory, or the negative charge from it at least, and SING loud, NOW!
  2. That just because I wasn’t selected for senior high choir (it had come down to me or another girl–and the other girl was chosen) did not mean that I wasn’t good enough. Yes! I AM good enough, was good enough, and will always be “good enough”. I am me, and I am unique. I CAN do this!

I also learned that even if I’m hurt or sad, singing lifts my mood and improves my attitude. The more you practice getting breath into and through the body, the less tense you are, and the more your authentic voice can express your thoughts and emotions.

I hurt my neck before the concert and was singing through the pain! I chose to move in and through the experience as fully as possible, knowing it was the culmination of eight weeks of joyful work, and that I may never get that exact experience again. I’m so glad I allowed that. I told myself, I’m not bleeding so the show must go on! Ha!

Special thanks to my wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Len Bauduin, who got me readjusted and feeling great! Dr. Len Bauduin of Madeira Beach Center for Natural Medicine

My personal list of Thanks go out to friends and family who came out to support me and this show:

Yes I had a cheering section (what a feeling to hear people call out your name as you come on stage!!! whew!)

My always loving and soul supportive husband, Richard Murrey – you are my rock babeez!!!
Amber DiPietra and her mom (and was the FIRST person to buy her ticket online for this event as soon as they were available online!! Yes!!)
Alison J Kay (so happy you could join us, AND that you GOT the reason why I wore the sacral and solar plexus colors for my song!!! My full on energetic “shifter”, Energy Medicine doctor, ahhh love!!! Yes!!)
Dearest sister
Alania StarHawk, your presence–both you and Alison J Kay were the ones I had in mind and attention to while I was singing the line of my song for…”I’ve got to learn from the greats…” wow, so over the moon that you could BE there, AND that you brought another aWEsOMe pal Judith Ann Graham!!
Mary Ann Pickard I loved that you had so much fun and I’m so glad we had a few minutes to talk after!
Karen Peterson my soul sister and earth woman, green living, radical (that the world is naturally FULL of abundance) and powerful healer!

To the most supportive Sea Hut gang… ahhh you know we love YOU ALL: Debbie, Virginia, Amy Roger and Frank (thank you–to the four of you fantastic friends for taking Richard out pre-show for dinner while I was doing technical rehearsal with the band. You are all aWEsOMe!!!)

Patricia Leigh Allen and Edward Marriott (Thanks for aWEsOMe photos! You are a soul sweet guy! So “plugged in” to Source!)

…and new friends via the Breakthrough group: Carol Zerbarini and Maggie Bayliss our fabulous former Breakthrough Performance Workshop participants who came back to assist all of us!!!

UPDATE 9/12/2018:

The book that’s been in the making for 13 years, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is now available for online sale and distribution (PDF format).

Buy it here:

Be the best version of who you want to be.

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