Natural fiber clothing review: Synergy Organic Clothing is sexy and chic!

Natural fiber clothing review of Synergy Organic Clothing

Wow! What a fantastic organic clothing line! Synergy Organic Clothing is aWEsOMe, sexy, chic, and sizzling hot! I felt like a million bucks while wearing a Synergy dress and walking down the red carpet, during the launch of my first co-authored book. Confident to the max!

Wears like a breeze

I have purchased several Synergy Organic Clothing ladies tops, dresses, and other items for myself to replace some non-organic and other non-natural fiber items in my wardrobe. And I love how the Synergy clothing wears.

Synergy tissue light weight shirts are Cruise perfect!
Hamsa design.
Here’s a bit more of the design, close up.
Moon phase Synergy tissue weight is perfect as a cover top.
Better view of the moon phase design.
Synergy T-shirt. Love the longer length of the short shirt sleeves.
These Synergy Organic tops packed so well, I took several with me when we went to Ireland, England, and Scotland in June-July 2019, and even to layer when we went back to Ireland in December 2019!

Here’s how my review stacks up:

  • Yes two thumbs way up – Synergy Organic Clothing is so wonderfully comfortable and soft, it FEELS great!
  • Yes two thumbs way up – Synergy Organic Clothing collections are versatile, SEXY, and sizzling hot! (I heard nothing but rave reviews of this dress on book launch night!)
  • Yes two thumbs way up – Synergy Organic Clothing styles are perfect for living the yoga lifestyle – or even if you’re just into healthy natural fiber comfortable clothing!
  • Yes thumbs up – Synergy Organic Clothing is now available in more stores and of course ONLINE so it’s now getting easier to find and buy!
  • Yes – the Synergy Organic Clothing company is becoming a LEADER in ladies organic cotton, yoga, and health mindset clothing!
  • Yes – the team at Synergy Organic Clothing company is SUPER helpful and FUN to work with!


I reached out to Synergy Organic Clothing about writing some blog posts of their fantastic clothes but told them that the French Terry Isis dress I had ordered (size: XL) was too small and that I had planned to wear it to my book launch for Transform Your Life! Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice. The kind folks at Synergy Organic Clothing offered me options, one being that I could choose another dress from one of their other lines that may fit better for my blog review – they assured me that they wanted me to FEEL confident at my book launch – and I did!

To make things a bit easier for them (knowing I may not get my first pick) I selected two styles and mentioned two colors, thinking that if they only had an XXL or such of one of those styles, it would be easier for them to send me one and I was ecstatic to receive one! But the sweet and gracious team over at Synergy Organic Clothing didn’t send me one dress, they sent TWO! One of each style and color! And to ensure that at least one of the dresses fit they sent a size larger and indeed, after I’d attempted to lose weight for three weeks to fit into the first dress I bought (they didn’t know that), the larger size was no problem at all! Both dresses are super cute and fit loose!

The French Terry Isis dress is made from a bit heavier material, so the XL size of that dress fit me more like a ladies size 8-10 dress would fit from a big box store. Just something to know when you’re ordering, you may want to buy a size larger than you normally would, if you’re choosing from the Fall collection.

I am enjoying wearing many other pieces in my existing wardrobe due to losing about ten pounds, and also, I’ve ordered more tops and items from Synergy Organic Clothing due to their kindness and also because I love the look and feel of these clothes! I also love the soft feel of the cashmere poncho and scarf!

Some of their clothing comes in different fabric with a little more stretch and that’s what they sent me. I did order now from one of their previous collections (and they’re on sale) where their sizing goes through XXL. The Summer Plus line is also great if you’re a size 14 or 16 and would like extra wiggle room in your clothes. The Melissa Tie in charcoal is the dress I am wearing in the photos. It was super comfortable, soft, yet chic, and loose fitting. The flow of this dress was fantastic. XXL would have worked but this was a plus size. The Piper Dress in aqua (check it out on their website) in XXL will fit you well (and loose) if you wear a ladies size 12 in other dresses.

Be sure and check out their Plus size line for yourself or anyone on your gift list!

Improving lives

I love the story of how the Synergy Organic Clothing items are made and how many women’s lives are improved by making these clothes.

Synergy Organic Clothing company makes their clothing using Certified Organic Cotton and other eco-friendly fibers. Organic cotton and eco-friendly fibers greatly and directly help our environment by reducing pesticides, lessening damage to fresh water resources, and cutting down the health risks for global farming communities.

We know about 1/5th (17-20%) of industrial water pollution comes from textile dyeing and treatment. Synergy uses low impact dyes and plays down finishes, which decreases water pollution before, during, and after garment production.

Where to buy

You can browse and order Synergy Organic Clothing at:

Check Synergy Organic Clothing company out on Facebook —

Why natural fiber?

Why natural fiber clothing? I am a firm believer in possible health benefits we can achieve by wearing organic fiber (and natural dye) clothing. Great things come to those willing to do the right thing.

Aside from the soft and comfy feel of the garments you only have to go as far as the natural skincare aisle at Whole Foods, or other health food stores to see that people are becoming more aware that what they put on their skin matters. Healthy clothing – yes it exists when manufacturers choose natural fibers! I continue to read about the many health benefits we can achieve by wearing organic fiber (and natural dye) clothing. Wearing organic natural fiber clothing is a must if you live in hot and humid climates or sweat a lot- think about the entertainer Liberace and the ill he suffered once from the dry cleaning solution people had been using to clean his performance attire! When the pores of our skin are open we are more at risk to absorb chemicals from “killer clothes”.

If you are suffering from a chronic disease you seriously need to consider wearing only natural fiber clothing to aid your body’s natural wellness abilities. Countless people with allergies do not even consider that it could be the rayon, nylon, elastic, and polyester they’re wearing that is contributing to the problem.

For a deeper explanation about why synthetic and chemical laden fiber clothing is bad for us – check out my previous article:

Got allergies? What are you wearing?

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Career writer speaks! Discover your most valuable words: WordPLAY

A career writer speaks: WordPLAY by Sheila Murrey, Embodiment Wordsmith 

Workshop: Release the WORDS that no longer serve you; Exchange those words for uplifting, inspiring. and empowering ones that raise your consciousness and benefit ALL. 

A writer speaks: Words Workshop has been evacuated and rebranded as WordPLAY and sessions are being scheduled.

Audience: Wellness business owners, small business owners, teachers, speakers, managers, and parents.

In the WordPLAY Playshop

We will:

Identify the words we USE and when we speak them with an intention and tone that carries the frequency of a “to destroy” curse, such as the words typically spoken when we’re angry, upset, or in pain;
Use an intentional and elegant process to release the WORDS that no longer serve us, such as, low frequency, negative ones.
Playfully explore how we can replace lower vibration words with higher, more purposeful words to uplift, inspire, and empower ourselves and others to raise your consciousness and benefit ALL by expanding and elevating our collective consciousness.
And we’ll mine for words that resonate higher (and reach farther into the ether) to become aware of the empowering CHOICES we have when it comes to improving our health and wealth with our powerful words. Yes, voice matters (in multitudinous ways)!
As well, we will let go of words we overuse, that are unnecessary, or those we say because we think we need to fill empty space.

About the Process

During the WordPLAY playshop, you’ll be encouraged to play with thoughts and words in this interactive workshop (where the facilitator will be using a whiteboard and 3×5 index cards).
This will be an empowering exercise in Awareness, by a writer with over 33 years of career experience and two degrees, both in science (aviation business) and the arts (visual communications).


We will uncover brilliant SEO keywords to expand our reach in the Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul Internet space! 

Send an email (Subject line: WordPLAY class) for class dates, times, and fees. Package discounts are available. Group sessions in person and online are available.

Both subtle results (new awareness) and tangible will be achieved.

My credentials

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As a (mind, body, spirit, and soul) holistic health researcher, I can point you to life-enhancing alternative health methods too! So, if you’ve beat a chronic health challenge by alternative, integrative, or other natural remedy I’d love to hear about it. Send me an email and keep in touch.

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2016: Review of a productive and enlightening year!

The year of 2016 has been a banner year of self discovery for me!! What a whirlwind of knowledge and experiential learning–and this is my review of such a productive and enlightening year:

After having completed Dr. Alison J Kay’s teleseries which had begun in Dec 2015, but wrapped up in January 2016–see more about that here, I believe it certainly set me up for quite a fantastic 2016! And I highly recommend Alison’s courses to everyone–especially if you want to have a banner year!

I began volunteering in January/February at Awakening Wellness center. I so loved meeting so many people there and being off service. Just the energy of being in a wellness center, where people could come for sessions and I could learn how to help, was such a joy! My heart warmed with each and every connection.

During this time, I met my naturopath and was urged to go back to a diet my husband and I had tried, but had given up years earlier–Dr. D’Adamo’s Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type. Two days after changing my diet, the stiffness in my ankles disappeared! Over the next few weeks I could think more clearly. As the months went on it became easier and easier to avoid the foods that Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo tells me are toxic to my body.

Then in February, I took Rev. Michael Beckwith’s six-week Master class online with Mind Valley. (Cost: About $300) I wrote a blog article especially about the program here.

The following is a brief summary of what I learned:

  • I learned and implemented the following thought: I cannot stop birds from flying around my head, but I can prevent them from nesting in my hair.
  • Affirmative and agenda-less prayer and meditation can always shift me back into Gratitude.
  • Faith, only as small as the size of a mustard seed, is all it takes to move the proverbial mountains in our life. Really.
  • Stay my attention on the changeless reality of my inner self, don’t look to the external world for fulfillment.
  • Silently converse with my own heart, commune with joy in my heart.

Meditate or affirm in prayer: I renounce any sense of being bound by personal history, habit, experience, or circumstance. I’m free as spirit is free.


In March, I volunteered and had the ultimate privilege to greet every vendor as they were setting up at our huge Awakening Into The Sun (a Zen festival) in downtown St. Petersburg. I had the utter joy of bringing in two vendors to the event too! Emily Stein and the Breakthrough group.

Throughout the two day event, I kept checking in with them–’cause that’s how I roll! I always want to ensure everyone’s ease and happiness while they’re at this fantastic event. We also bought concert tickets for, and attended, the Awakening pre-show. Both my husband and I immensely enjoyed the entertainers! They were all aWEsOMe!

Emily Stein (whom my husband and I took a class with) was one of the Awakening Into The Sun vendors. And I got to meet Emily’s mom! I love these powerful ladies! Such vibrancy! Beautiful spirits! I’m looking forward to spending more time with them in 2017.

Also that month, my daughter experienced a miscarriage. It was gut-wrenching. And since I’ve never been through it, I was truly at a loss for words. I felt helpless, without any way to offer her comfort. And since I had also signed up for, and was in the beginning of an eight-week class, though I wanted to grab a flight to New Hampshire to hug my daughter, I couldn’t get there until May. To ease the gap, and also to help my daughter in any small way that I could, I remembered that a friend of mine and hypnotherapist, had written a book on the subject of miscarriage. And it’s not a subject that very many people talk about!

So, I bought both of us a copy of Angel Babies and we read it together (via distance) and I believe that helped (at least a little bit) to ease my daughter’s mind, as well as, help myself–as the grandmother–to release my sad emotions and also feel and somehow relate a bit more to my mother’s feelings of loss–as she had lost five babies (my unborn siblings) when I was a child. You can find Patricia’s amazing book “Angel Babies” here. (Cost: Book: $15.95 or less on Amazon. Being able to offer comfort: Priceless)

As for that eight-week voice / energy class, I was able to continue, and I am sure it helped me too (to ease the sadness I was feeling for my daughter) with the Breakthrough Performance Workshop — and it did turn out to be a phenomenal experience!

Every week our little group of would-be singers were given a song to sing, sometimes a song we’d never heard of, and we would break through any mental barriers, stretch our voice, find our courage, and build our confidence by practicing the song at home, and then in front of the group at our next practice. Eventually, we videoed each other and learned what we liked, or didn’t like about each performance to build our stamina, poise, and performance ability.

Singing with Breakthrough band.png

When the night of our concert finally came, even with a pulled neck (which was my silly fault for trying to get into a way too tight garment) I got to do something I’d always dreamed of–to sing a solo with a live band! (Cost: $1200 plus)

After all of this amazing work, you must know how strong I was feeling, emotionally and physically. I’d been doing Pilates for about a year at this point, so on April 21 when I tripped over an ill placed box of printer paper, it really jolted me. I thought, “oh no, now here we go” and figured I might have really hurt one of my wrists, which I had landed on with nearly all of my body weight. But, to my joy and surprise, I didn’t break any bones and I healed quite quickly–only needed a couple of massages by my friend Tiffiny, and one acupuncture treatment. Read about Tiffiny’s massage therapy here.
(Cost over $200; and never got compensated from workman’s comp)

On May 5th, I was blessed to spend Mother’s Day in New Hampshire with my daughter and granddaughter. How much love! Like a sponge, every time we’re together I always soak in every moment. Lots of laughter, play, hugs, kisses, and singing! However, there was something or other in their hundred year old house that irritated my eyes and lungs, so once I returned home, I coughed for a couple of months and couldn’t sing for a long time.

In May, I also joyfully became a Florida Notary Public. And performed my first official wedding for Jessica and Phillip Walling, May 21st, 2016 at a beautiful outdoor venue. If you know anyone getting married in the Central Florida area, Tampa Bay area, or eastern part of Florida, let me know! It thrills my soul to be able to officiate weddings! I love being able to bring two people together with love and harmony.

The most fantastic news came by June–my daughter had conceived again!! And the most aWEsOMe of news was that… she’s having TWINS!!!!

The summer seemed to keep me busy… I attended several different meetups and finished several books.

In September, instead of my usual pilgrimage to New Hampshire for my granddaughter’s birthday, I’d learned that my daughter’s father and his wife were going to visit. So, that freed up my schedule. And I took advantage of this for ME! I took a once in a lifetime trip to Sedona AZ.

Unlike any other vacation, this trip was just for my Self, with two facilitators I have met and worked with, along with twelve other like-minded ladies, most of whom were unknown to me before the journey, but most became friends! I was full of Energy the whole time I was in Arizona, and felt like a kid again while hiking and exploring!! You can read the blog article I wrote about my Sedona trip here.

The downside was that while I was away, my husband fell and broke his wrist and our fridge quit working. I came home to my hubby needing me to help him get out of a shirt, empty and clean out our fridge, wash dishes (which he normally does), and so on. Our joke was that I climbed five mountains in five days and didn’t even break a nail, but he fell coming into the RV and broke the first bone he’s ever broken in his life. We tried any way we could to make light of the situation, so that I wouldn’t feel bad about having taken my solo vacation, and to help him heal and not feel depressed about not being able to play guitar, and not feel guilty about not being able to do regular household tasks.

However, three days after I arrived home from Sedona, I began coughing. Eventually, and not soon enough, I went to see my naturopath, Maggie. If only I had went to see her sooner, I’d not have suffered for a month or more! I found some relief as soon as I took the first homeopathic remedy–which, I realize, sounds incredible!

Apparently, I’d had several different kinds of things going on. I had markers for viruses, mold, two kinds of flu, and mycoplasma. Physically, I was a hot mess. I made a vow to refocus my attention on getting well–and staying well!

In September, I met Dr. Ronald K. Porter at Miracles bookstore. Ronald teaches Pranayama breathing and yoga and this was a workshop that I definitely needed. (Cost: $10) A nagging nerve pain that I’d had in my right knee was healed during the workshop–only from my focus on learning the breathing techniques!! I was thrilled! I loved the class so much that I started going to Dr. Porter’s yoga classes at Metro and invited friends to join me! Also, when Ronald was teaching the Pranayama class at Miracles again, I invited my friend Karen to go with me–and we had a great time!

Also in September, I attended a free yoga movie night in Sarasota and bought six DVDs directly from the filmmaker ($100). At that event, I met a new friend and she invited to see Sadhguru (who would be in Sarasota a week later). As it turned out, I was given a promo ticket for writing a blog article about Sadhguru’s book launch event, and received a copy of his new book!) What’s really interesting about this, and totally synchronistic was that all of this occured just a week after finding Sadhguru on YouTube while searching for more videos on Pranayama breathing!

November brought more enlightening events. On the 9th I attended a healing workshop at Heatherhoney’s center in Brandon. There I met Veronica, who facilitated the event and used Young Living essential oils to raise our vibration. Now I have been a Young Living essential oils distributor for years, but I’ve only used the oils in my own self-care and to give as gifts when I meet someone in need. So I’m always happy to continue experiencing how I can share these healthy oils–this event gave me more ideas on sharing.

I arrived early to the meeting and talked with Veronica a bit about a friend of ours who is suffering with ALS. Veronica asked me if our friend would be open to Alternative treatments, and if I had heard of the Medical Medium. Anthony William, the Medical Medium, has millions of people listening to him. And now I am too. Naturally, I was super excited to learn that there might be other ways to help our friend, so I passed all of what I learned to our friend to potentially ease her suffering.

Mid November, I took six FREE meditation classes from – Brahma Kumari’s on Saturday and Sunday mornings in Tampa. Yes, I had to make the effort to drive 20+ miles to attend, but it was so mind expanding! I am grateful that there are teachers who make themselves available to teach meditation to anyone who will take the time to learn.

In another synchronistic meeting, I was invited to, and attended a healing event at the beautiful and energy-filled Crystal Bay hotel in St Petersburg, where I received a word from Dr. Mark Tong about exercising and that I should continue doing so. How could he have known that I had ramped up my yoga and Pilates!! Wow! After the event ended, my friend Terri introduced me to Linda McCarthy. As Linda and I talked, I experienced God bumps, which always validates that a conversation is of utmost importance to me (or perhaps, to my Soul).

Linda and I talked outside of the hotel until nearly everyone had gone. She gave me the audiobook called, The Reconnection. This was only just a week after I had found Dr. Eric Pearl on YouTube!!!

As the year ended, it found me celebrating a full and robust year of learning and implementing many of the new found mind-body and spirit-filled tools, which have increased my confidence, health, and well-being to overflowing!

I continue daily to practice meditation, yoga, Pranayama breathing, Pilates (twice a week), and singing / chanting to reach a higher and deeper sense of self and spiritual connectivity with our Ever-Living, Filling-All-Space, LIMITLESS Creator. Oh what a profound and beautiful year it has been!

I send you all many blessings, in ALL ways for a brilliant and uplifting 2017! Happy New Year!


Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, wholly vibrant, and beautiful.

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If you’ve beat a chronic health challenge by alternative, integrative, or other natural remedy I’d love to hear about it.

I am interested in participating in any raw and living food’s festivals in Florida – if you would like to reach out to me to help you get that going!

Send me an email and keep in touch.

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UPDATE 9/12/2018:

The book that’s been in the making for 13 years, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is now available for online sale and distribution (PDF format).

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Feeling peace and calm while hanging out around bamboo

Walking in nature always gives me a sense of calm and ease, but depending upon what, or who’s around, the out of doors is not always such a peaceful place. So, I was so pleasantly surprised to find how much I enjoyed hanging out with my friend Terri yesterday at Island Bamboo!

awesome bamboo.JPG

As soon as I arrived I was greeted and encouraged to explore the lush grounds. I was able to spend some quiet time soaking in the soothing beauty of different bamboo and other plants there, so enjoyable!

I really enjoyed seeing just how many varieties of bamboo they had. I think the large black bamboo was most impressive!

Terri joined me a few minutes later and taught me quite a bit about the various bamboo they sell–I knew I loved bamboo, but didn’t know why until I had the time to really focus on it. This twisted kind was intriguing!

Twisted bamboo.JPG

As I walked around, looking and sometimes touching the bamboo leaves (or them brushing up against my face or arm) I sensed incredible peace and gentle strength from just walking around the garden. It’s amazing that when you take time to slow down and breath in some nature, how relaxed you become.

I really enjoyed hanging out at the tiki hut too! Listening to the fountains was relaxing.

About bamboo

Bamboo is part of the grass family; a type of long living evergreen plant. Some of the largest kinds of bamboo are referred to as Giant bamboo. The insides of the stems are typically hollow and when Terri showed me one that had a cut stem, I was fascinated! It was so smooth and perfect!

The largest diameter bamboo stems can be cut lengthwise and made into beautiful wood flooring. You may have started seeing bamboo flooring recently in homes and businesses. When I’ve seen it, and asked about it, I’ve been told that it’s much more durable than wood flooring–for instance, if it gets flooded, it won’t buckle like other wood flooring.

For all do-it-yourselfers, eco-friendly, and earth caretaker folks, bamboo is sustainable (and “green”), meaning, it grows fast–some types grow a foot a day, with most growing 3 times faster than many trees! It can be used in construction, to make furniture, flooring, clothing, wind and percussion musical instruments, bows for sport and hunting, surfboards, bicycles, and more!

Bamboo doesn’t require much maintenance (unlike hedges and trees that must be pruned or groomed) though, if you’d like to train bamboo into a hedge, I learned that is pretty easy to do!

If you’re concerned about global climate change, bamboo exchanges more carbon dioxide from the air than trees!

Bamboo is strong and flexible. And it can withstand a lot of wind. If you want privacy, it’s definitely what you want! The bamboo comes in different heights and colors. I was amazed and bet you will be too! I’ve included some pictures also, so you can get some ideas:

Why Island Bamboo?

The owners and staff of Island Bamboo, in Pinellas Park Florida offer you plenty of time to explore a lush outdoor, 6 acre showroom of bamboo, plants, and products in a setting that feels off the beaten path, though still easy to get to from most of St Pete (St. Petersburg / Tampa Florida) and is alongside a main road–66th Street North. Their tranquil garden of bamboo and other live plants is quite extensive! And the feeling of calm I got while walking around was incredible.

You’ll learn so much about bamboo–I sure did (as I just explained). The owners and staff of Island Bamboo are super friendly and ready to help.

Island Bamboo also offers a ton of great information about bamboo on their website here about bamboo facts and here about bamboo species.

Island Bamboo offers landscaping services! If you’ve ever been attracted or drawn to bamboo, you owe it to yourself to visit Island Bamboo and learn about the many non-invasive clumping types of bamboo for your yard.

Island Bamboo sells bamboo in 3 to 25 gallon containers for planting. The clumping types of bamboo Island Bamboo specializes in, won’t take over your yard.

Before I left Terri showed me a fun little living mossy frog, and it was the perfect way to display a little bromeliad I had spied when I first started browsing, so I brought him home with me–and he joins another potted plant (aloe) that a friend gave me at Awakening Wellness Center. Life is good!

Terri and mossy frog.JPG

Mossy frog is probably going to go to my office space with me next week, but for now, he’s enjoying the picnic table next to our RV home:

I know I’ll go back to Island Bamboo, as I spotted a couple items I’d love to get for gifts for family. My granddaughter would love one of these Circle of Friends.

Circle of friends.png

A note about outdoor Florida weddings

If you, or someone you know, is planning a wedding soon, check out this page and look for the neat and beautiful wedding arch. And since I am a Florida notary, you might also be interested in contacting me to perform your ceremony! (Just a little light-hearted self promotion here–haha!)

Island Bamboo
9945 66th Street North
Pinellas Park, FL 33782

Phone: 727-548-0595

UPDATE 9/12/2018:

The book that’s been in the making for 13 years, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is now available for online sale and distribution (PDF format).

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