Join us for Golden Alchemy

Golden Alchemy

Golden Alchemy teaches us to navigate through the challenging moments of Life by masterfully elevating our AWARENESS to a higher state of authentic Truth.

What thoughts or insecurities hinder your forward progress?

What thoughts or insecurities hinder your forward progress in life?

Where do you find yourself feeling inauthentic, vulnerable, or scared?

Where do you find yourself feeling powerless?

I invite you to join us, as my dear spiritual mentor, Alania Starhawk, guides us through a loving process of expansion and growth.

Join us for 4 weeks of inner work that starts NOW, this morning! (With replays available.)

Often or sometimes we sense that BALANCE is ALL that is needed to achieve our own HEALING but we don’t know how to ALLOW ourselves to be supported. Yet, all the while the Universe winks at us, lovingly attempting to communicate how much it has our back. ❤️😉

Alania lovingly shares,

Sometimes a true ALCHEMIST needs to GO INTO THE TRUTH that exists at deeper levels. Sometimes she has to go places she’d rather not go because she MUST FACE all that is ready to be gracefully transformed.

AUTHENTICITY (awareness and acceptance of all varying truths) is the same as “living golden”.

GOLDEN ALCHEMY reminds you that you can explore all those truths—even the messy ones—without ever compromising your personal power and potential.


Spirit shows me, when you wish to clean out your closet, can you do it without bringing some belongings into the light?? Don’t you need to try the old coat on, to sense how much it still resonates with your energy??

With GOLDEN ALCHEMY we feel safe enough to explore our shadows so they can be touched by the light.

Alania Starhawk

As real as it gets! ❤️🦋🌀🙏☀️💦🌱👣

I was scared on Thursday (of this week), during my oral surgery! If you wonder why, check out my previous post:

I sat in the dental chair and focused on my rose quartz heart (that I held in my hand), and I thought:

Holding a rose quartz crystal
  • I love how the dental chair supports the weight of my body
  • How skilled and compassionate my oral surgeon is
  • How indeed the Universe supports me, etc., etc.
  • And for a brief moment, I felt my bluestone bracelet, and took a mental journey back to Stonehenge (where I had meditated sitting close to the bluestone)

And guess what?!?

I came out braver on the other side of it! Whew!

Rose quartz heart

All was well. ALL is well!

But, there had been those moments. Moments of unnecessary tension. Moments of uncertainty. Lost moments, that I could have been IN joy, prayer for others, or gratitude for ALL I have!


So, this is why I continue to learn. And why I am inviting YOU to join us.

We are here to grow our MANIFESTING with GOLDEN ALCHEMY—and you’re invited.


We begin at 10am eastern time this morning. Register here:

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