Support a small business: Sipology

What do you think of Sipology?

Do you drink tea?

I had been drinking tea daily until we moved off grid last year and found out how much power it took to boil water. So, I was intrigued and open to learning if there was any new way that I could have tea without boiling water.

Sipology tea (Photo credit: Sipology website)

A friend of my daughter does these Facebook Live videos where she makes tea, kombucha and such.

So, I reached out to my daughter’s friend and got the name of her friend who sells tea online. Meet Christina. (Click here to visit her Facebook page.)

So far, I am really enjoying room temperature or cold matcha tea! I bought several flavors of Sipology tea from Christina (her website) and am excited to say, I love them all! (They have individual packets of matcha tea in various flavors that you can try before buying the larger containers too—and I love that!)

Sipology offers herbal teas and essential oils to assist our natural health and healing lifestyle.

Tea sure brings me back to my personal state of ease and calm I had been missing since our move. Ah, just to sit and BE with a cup of tea. Yes, it’s the little things in life sometimes that bring the greatest joy.

I also really like that the flavored tea I bought only use Stevia as a sweetener, so each cup only has 5 calories! Hehe! Win-win! ❤️😉

Why buy tea (or anything else) from a small business?

No one should be worked to death so billionaires, bankers, insurance companies, lawyers, shareholders and government can profit.

Those institutions are the real pyramid schemes, not the MLMs, Direct sales, network marketing and party plan businesses.

Thus, I support small businesses. I am the change that needs to occur to shift the balance of power back to the PEOPLE.

Here’s what I do. I vote with my dollars by supporting small businesses every month, such as:

Where do you shop?

I support businesses that are co-operatives (co-ops), employee-owned, etc. and quit supporting anything (or giving to charities) where CEOs were outrageously profiting. ❤️🦋🌀〰️🔥🙏☯️

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