How woo-woo are you?

Are you woo-woo?

No, woo-woo isn’t about Halloween stuff, or things that go bump in the night. At least not necessarily.

Remember there’s no “dark switch,” as Abraham-Hicks says. The light is always there.

Most of us are simply living in the shadow (or observing shadows) because we’re blocking the light. Yes, our Ego (our self acknowledged human) is in our own way, blocking the Light.

Truth / Wisdom Seeker

One can spend their entire life truth seeking, yet still, with so many subjects (and rabbit holes), can Truth ever really be found?

I simply observe Nature. And I observe myself. Then, I observe myself in relationship with others.

I think Nature can answer most (if not all), of our important questions.

Here are just a few examples of things I have looked into:

Truth in Sacred texts

The Holy Bible says, “To everything turn, turn, turn.”

From an early age, I thought this meant to keep turning the pages of books, or of my life.

Now, I read it to understand that I am allowed and encouraged to TURN (and keep on turning) to what FEEDS my soul (FEELS good to me)!

The Bible states,

“Lean not unto your own understanding.”


“Study to show thyself approved.”

On the surface, these two statements seem to be contradictory teachings.

But to whom were the messages given to? At what time? And for what purpose?

This is why Context is so important. It is also why we are called not to judge (though we are called to be discerning, which is different than judging), because we can never truly know a person or what all they’ve been through.

Is there Truth in Life Experiences?

Look at Light as it comes though a rainbow to display different colors. Is the Light not coming from the same source?

I use the analogy of a mirror ball to illustrate how we can’t ever see the WHOLE from one perspective.

All points of view are included in the WHOLE.

When we disagree with someone, it’s usually because their perspective is 180 degrees different from ours!You just can’t understand their point of view when you’re not seeing things from their perspective.

I won’t ever nullify anyone’s personal life experience. Why would I?

“We don’t have a control language for totality. Command the image of totality.” Terence McKenna.

Truth in Archeology?

Perhaps if we look to the Earth, and hard sciences like Archeology, we can get at the truth.

I love watching shows like, Ancient Aliens.

Research Gobekli Tepe and you’ll learn its one of the oldest civilizations found to date. It even predates Stonehenge!

And to think, when I was growing up, I had been taught the world was only 6,000 years old! (People wonder why kids ask questions about religion.)

Truth in Politics?

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams, Founding Father and 2nd US President

If we aren’t moral and religious, then what?

I hear lies from ALL. There. I said it.

Hitler belonged to the political German Workers‘ Party, that later changed its name to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, otherwise known as the Nazi party.

Just pointing out the obvious here: “Workers” and “Socialism.” We all know how Hitler’s story ended. Why does it seem we’re going down THAT road again?

I never thought I’d see a tyrannical government in America in my lifetime, but alas, here were are. I’ve said for years that we don’t really live in a FREE country, but damn, I didn’t think I would lose the freedom of speech!

Truth in Past Lives?

Maybe if we look backwards even further, we can gain some additional insights? This takes willingness, courage, and humility to look WITHIN.

Some say Saddam Hussein thought he had been Nebuchadnezzar and King Nimrod (tower of Babel builder) in former lives. He had his image put on a coin with Nebuchadnezzar’s face and had been building a new Tower of Babel!

The more things change, the more they stay the same. As the spiral expands though, I hope for more wisdom and compassion to accrue.

I continue to look within.

Deep Thinker

There’s sooo much to learn!

Obviously, I am a deep thinker. Are you?

Do you meditate? Star gaze? Day dream? Can’t sleep once a question enters your mind?

This is one of the reasons I have loved The Logical Song by Supertramp since I first heard it as a teen!


I witness the power of the divine flame to burn what isn’t necessary and clear another path forward.

Light isn’t just what is emitted from a bulb or candle. The human body emits light too!

When you walk into a dark room after having shut off a bright light, it takes a couple minutes for your eyes to adjust. Think about it.

Maybe that’s why that whole “count to 10” thing works (to help us regain emotional control) when we are mad?

I have always wanted to know where electricity comes from. Energy intrigues me.

Remember FAITH is a SUBSTANCE of what is hoped for. It’s real. Pray knowing that.

We’re off to see the wizard, as the song says!



Well, this is a deep subject, isn’t it?

Good or bad. Dark or light.

I have come to see the many ways, over the centuries, how this label has been misused. And innocent people have died because of it.

Sit down with someone who is knowledgeable on the subject of witchery and you may be quite surprised to learn the many mistruths we’ve been taught over the years.

I have learned and absorbed much from visiting sacred sites, such as Stonehenge, Newgrange, Knowth, the Yew tree at Rosslyn, Fairy Glen spiral, and the Witches Well (Edinburgh, Scotland). Certainly, I became aware and attuned to strong connections with Gaia from having had those experiences.

I don’t think observing, respecting, and working with nature, sitting or walking in nature, gazing at crystals, gazing at the moon and stars, enjoying a predawn walk, hugging trees, sitting in circle, pouring libations, praying, singing, chanting, drawing sacred geometry geometry, setting annual intentions, writing or speaking from Spirit, or making tinctures makes me a witch. But, eh, whatever! LOL

Perhaps we can broaden the definition of the label, or better yet, drop it altogether.

As I explained to my 10 year old granddaughter one night while discussing the difference between religions (including the dark arts), if anyone hurts someone, it doesn’t matter what label they have, that’s where I set my boundaries—no one can hurt another on my watch.

I have written on this previously too. Suffice now to say, any religion can have within it, those practicing dark arts.


I see shamanic work as that of raising shadow into light, balancing the yin and yang, or getting back in touch with our earthly nature. I don’t think shamanism is woo woo at all.

And after living in an RV full-time for 11 years and Off Grid for 17 months, I got back to my roots.

I teach Integrated Spiral™ courses because they have grown me into WHOLENESS!

🌀 Energy Tuning

🔵 Mirror ball: Valuing ALL perspectives

🌱 Growing & F-L-O-W-I-N-G (Everything Resolves to Gratitude)

☯️ Kaleidoscope: Finding value in Everything, Interconnectedness (We Are All Connected)


If you are breathing, you’re Spiritual (in my book).

Yoke with. Breathe with. Spirit. Every day.

Spirit or Presence would simply love your acknowledgment. But Spirit will go on and be fine without your acknowledgement too.

Spirit doesn’t need you. As the glorious sunshine doesn’t need you. You’re nice and all, but remember your place and who’s been here longer.

The Presence of God IS Everywhere. ❤️🦋🌀〰️


I love to listen to Russell Brand, Sadhguru, Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith, Zach Bush, Brian Rose, Dr Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Maryanne Williamson, and those leaders who can look and value ALL perspectives.

Change your perspective and find meaning in joy in your current task.

Even monks go grocery shopping. Sweep floors. Wash laundry. And bathe. They just do all these tasks, prayerfully. Always aware of the Spirit that transcends.

When I was a child, I never could have imagined the number of mystical teachers I would have, or even have access to, in my life. And I am profoundly grateful.

I imagined having a picture phone, but never having an Internet. Thank Omniscience for these tools though, so I can stay Connected with my granddaughters, my daughter, son, and ALL of you (who have chosen to Connect with me).

I will always stand for Freedom and Free Will (Choice).

If you want to learn HOW we can change our perspectives to live in more Balance and harmony, check out my Integrated Spiral DE-program.

Amen. Namaste. OM

A bit about me, your Spiral Sister

I’m an open vessel of Spirit (Source | Omniscience | Energy) offering a 4-week, small group, self-coaching transformational program called, Integrated Spiral. Mindful daily practices to apply what we have and bring us back into balance: mind, body, spirit, and soul. Expanding our perspectives to diffuse tension (within ourselves) and empower (and improve) our relationships—even the ones we think we’ve lost.

I would love to speak at your bookstore, crystal shop, acupuncture / chiropractor office, or other holistic / natural fair or festival. I support healthy lifestyle businesses. For information on both of my books, visit my Amazon author’s page — Click here.

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon.

Plus, my holistic health book that details how I naturally reversed asthma, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is available now. Buy it here

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Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

2020: Review of a Challenging, Adjusting, and Healing Year

2020 Year in Review: Challenging, Adjusting, and Healing

I was sooo very fortunate to go on a Yoga cruise (facilitated by Cindy Bartz of Tampa, Florida) in January, just after my birthday. Yep. A self-care gift to ME!

Two of my girlfriends went with me and we had a blast! One brought another friend, so the four of us could pal around. It was aWEsOMe! Little did I know then how much I was going to need Yoga, breathwork, and every tip I picked up there during the days, weeks, and months to come.

In Cozumel Mexico Jan 2020

2020 has been an emotionally turbulent year for me. Physically, we moved from Merritt Island, Florida on Feb. 29th, and then, days later, the emotional rollercoaster of the COVID-19 virus began (with all of its associated fear mongering, misinformation, disinformation, judgmental attitudes, lockdowns, etc. And we don’t even watch the news!), but I hear enough from my own circles of influence.

We had all kinds of plans for 2020. But most got canceled or postponed, and we couldn’t even explore our new area either. And that all set me up for depression, weight gain (and thankfully now, weight loss), along with some extremely tense and emotional days (as we fumbled with adjusting to off grid living).

Minding My Energy became like a cosmic joke—played on ME! (This is a t-shirt design I made in 2019, way before I knew I would have to literally manage our energy when we moved “off grid”!

In hindsight, we shouldn’t have tackled moving off the grid this year, but we really had NO IDEA how cRaZy challenging it would be, or that something called COVID would occur.

My son on the roof of our 5th wheel to cut tree branches so “we’d fit” into our RV off grid spot.

On the other hand, we’re now, considered “preppers,” and fairly self-contained (and ready) to handle whatever comes our way! Haha!


I did manage to make it to emcee the Awakening Into the Sun outdoor yoga and music festival the first weekend in March (it’s an annual event). But even that weekend presented issues for me.

Crystal Bay hotel in St. Pete (where we usually stay), was booked solid, so I chose a different hotel near the park and I could walk to the event. That turned out to be the wrong choice for me, because between the downtown traffic, and the fact that it got cold that night and the window wouldn’t close in the hotel room bathroom, I was cold and couldn’t sleep. And though I complained to the front desk, no one came to fix the window.

I love doing emcee work, and the festival was aWEsOMe, but only two of my friends showed up, and there seemed a somber tone hanging over the crowd. We were at a new park this year, much larger, so I remember thinking that was all it was, but just 3 days later we would all become acutely aware of what was going on.

Awakening is such a good word to use to describe all of the challenges I was to experience this year as I managed my own Energy (in myriad ways), and dove into my shadow to shake up the things within me that needed clearing, healing, and balancing.

And while I’m getting there (working my own Integrated Spiral program), I am not as fine tuned as I desire—yet. Maybe I never will be, but that is my work and mission for the rest of my life.

Canceled travel plans

This year, what with all the Stay Home orders, and our secluded living arrangement (though we are camping on the same property as my son), the announcement about COVID, the closing of restaurants and shops, and cancellation of our travel plans, took a toll on my psyche.

My son shaved my head about a month into our living here. No way could I deal with wearing a mask (and not have the rubber bands from in tangle in all my naturally curly hair)! Plus, I felt like I wanted to hang in solidarity with two friends who had lost their hair due to chemo treatments to treat cancer. A show of gratitude and support for them.

Shaving my head also gave me one less thing to think about, as my workload doubled through the summer months too, which didn’t help my stress levels.

List of plans that were canceled or postponed:

  • Alania’s Gainesville retreat (prepaid)
  • SoulTreat (prepaid / postponed to Oct 2021)
  • Rock Your Gift (ticket had been included in price of coaching package – cancelled)
  • 40th High School reunion
  • Trip to my home state to lay my parent’s remains to rest (which was to occur the week I went home for my HS reunion).
2020: Challenging, Adjusting, and Healing

Family comes to Florida

We were lucky to get to see my husband’s sister and her husband this year! So many people decided not to travel. And many campgrounds closed for awhile, which made those who thought about traveling wary (and weary)!

They booked their camping trip within a 30-45 minute drive from our place, and finding it wasn’t easy, but we made it there, and enjoyed our visit immensely. They also camped at another campground outside of St. Augustine, and we drove over there too for an early evening and dinner. That was a lovely park (and much easier to find than the first one had been. Dang GPS that only lead to a back entrance, which was gated and locked with no attendant).

As well, my husband’s twin brothers decided to drive down to see us for a few days this summer, so that was nice too! And though we couldn’t find much to do (one of the botanical gardens we visited had most of their trails closed), at least we got to sit and visit, eat a few meals together, and watch Animusic on DVD in our RV.

Visiting friends in Florida

When professional offices reopened, we took a road trip to Merritt Island, so I could have oral surgery on one of my front teeth (which I had put off for more than a year—more about that here).

We were so starved for social interaction (and missed good friends there), that even with my gums bleeding, we gathered with several friends for two nights out at our old favorite hangout.

Later in the year, in December, we took a short road trip to attend one of my best friends Christmas party. I really needed the emotional reassurance by then. But that was it, as far as travel was concerned for us this year.

Making new friends

I was almost remiss in mentioning that we made new friends this year—our neighbors Aaron and Abby! And as well, my son’s girlfriend—who hung out with us most weekends! Rachael really kept me sane, I think!

And we often hung out by a bonfire on weekend evenings, which helped us let go of the stress from the work week. ❤️😉

🔥 Bonfire 🔥

Sacred Celtic Journey

We are sure glad we went to Ireland, England, and Scotland last year! I doubt we’ll be flying anywhere ever again from all the restrictions that may be put in place. For more about our incredible 2019 trip, read all 3 parts, beginning here.

I am also so thankful when I look back on my winning an ENTRY into the neolithic burial tomb Newgrange chamber for the 2019 Winter Solstice sunrise on Dec 18th!!! Because no one was allowed in the tomb this Winter Solstice! That means, I was one of 60 people (picked from 30,861 applications) to be IN that incredible chamber for the last Winter Solstice (hopefully it will reopen to guests soon).

Here’s to a better 2021!
My Newgrange triple spiral pendant from Ireland, hanging on my mom’s gold chain with my butterfly 🦋 from my bestie since grade school, Doris.

I joked with a friend recently, that if I didn’t know better, I would think I brought COVID back to the USA from Ireland because I had a cRaZy flu days after returning from Ireland last year!

Looking back, I feel the Winter Solstice that didn’t shine sunbeams into the chamber was meant to warn me of the tumultuous year ahead. And that I would be working on my shadow self this year—and I have. ☯️

Seeing my girls

One of the outings I missed the most this year, was my annual trip to see my daughter and granddaughters in New Hampshire. I love them sooo much! And I miss hugging them, taking the oldest to painting sessions, playing games and dolls, and simply smelling their hair (it’s a mommy and grandma thing, I bet)!

Due to COVID, my daughter and I made the mutual decision it would be best for us not to travel and visit. (Mostly due to her wanting to protect me, since I have had a history of asthma—cleared since 2005, and to safeguard my husband, who’s over age 65). But, PROTECT is still a word I meditate on, because I don’t believe one can protect themselves or anyone from everything. Not really. I mean, Life is terminal. If we aren’t living it, what’s it for anyway? ❤️🦋🌀

Thankfully, I get to video chat with my granddaughters often (the eldest one—almost daily), though not getting together with them this year has greatly impacted me emotionally.

Online classes

Because we’ve been staying home, I’ve had more time to participate in online groups and programs. I’ll share a few next:

I participated in a couple short programs offered on Facebook by Alania Starhawk, Janine McJannet, Robin Quinn Keehn, Cheryl Chaffee, Patti Stevens, and Michelle Howe. I’ve linked to their site or programs, so you can get more information as desired. I highly recommend all of these ladies and the work and gifts they share.

I am currently participating in VShred and Activ5 exercise routines. I have been sooo impressed about both of these programs, in particular because of their associated smartphone apps. Read more about that here.

I completed my one year business coaching program that I had bought into last December for my husband and I to figure out how we could work together to showcase his original music, travel, and combine his genius talent, experience, and education with mine. We setup and I include his soft guitar playing within my Integrated Spiral self-coaching, small group transformational program too.

Since I gained weight during the COVID lockdowns, I was offered a really effective diet program through my health insurance. It’s called Omada, and it’s helped me walk more, eat less, improve my mindset and do better with intermittent fasting too! No more counting calories!

Experimenting to find what works

From sitting and gaining weight (going down the rabbit hole, emotional spiral, and my own shadow), I discovered (or uncovered) methods that helped me beat nighttime snacking (hint: essential oils, homemade tinctures and tonics, Activ5, doing my nails and applying Color Street polish, as well as working on creative hobbies); begin and maintain a daily habit of walking outside; and improve my mindset (Everything Resolves to Gratitude).


Mid year, I began to think my winning streak was over, but then I won again! It may not sound like much, but I won a $50 gift certificate from author JJ Virgin and stocked up on healthy foods from her website:

Then, I participated in my Robin’s weeklong Facebook challenge, The CLEPTO Code™ Challenge (her group is called, Overdoers Anonymous), to pick up some new strategies on how to not overcommit.

And get this! The grand prize winner of that challenge, Miles Eddy, gifted me with part of his prize! A $100 gift card! What a complete surprise! We all got so much out of her challenge (aside from the prizes), and I know it’s going to give each of us a boost of confidence to grow and shine in 2021!

You can be a winner too!

Comment on this post to receive a complimentary gift from me to participate in my new transformational self-coaching program!

This small group program helps one find emotional balance and help foster better relationships via improving communication skills. Read more about it here.

I put this new program together to help others find balance because I’m an empath. But, here’s the thing. I thought, until very recently, that I had to fix or save others in order to ease the pain I felt. Not true. I have to process, clear, and lighten my feelings first! Ha!

First come, first serve. Normally $181 for 4 weeks of small group work (to include individual messages and group calls on Zoom).

A bit about me, your Spiral Sister

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, both available on Amazon.

I would love to speak at your bookstore, crystal shop, acupuncture / chiropractor office, or other holistic / natural fair or festival. I support healthy lifestyle businesses. For information on both of my books, visit my Amazon author’s page — Click here.

After 13 years of research and work, my health book, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is available at:

Be the best version of who you want to be.

Follow me on Twitter at: TakeOnYourself

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

Even scientists and doctors disagree – how to find a good remedy

When scientists and doctors disagree, how DO you find a good remedy for your health issue? Most pharmaceutical prescription drugs only mask symptoms – they do not heal or cure. And what about natural remedies?

In my opinion, the number one way to know you’ve found a good natural health remedy is: it resolved your issue. You found relief. If you had a headache and you tried something that relieved your headache, you’re satisfied. Yet, what about all the other remedies you may have spent an arm and a leg on that didn’t work? If you’re reading this, you’ve probably bought a dozen over-the-counter (OTC) or natural remedies that didn’t do much for you (though you may not be willing to admit it).

I am not a doctor or licensed health practitioner, but I am an analyst and I spend a lot of time researching and trying out many natural health and wellness products. Being such a savvy gal in this regard, I can share some of the natural health remedies that have worked for me, and some of them may help you too!

7 ways to know you’ve found the right natural / holistic health remedy

#1- It worked. Admittedly, just because the natural remedy worked for you once, it may not always, or may not work for you in every instance. Also, that same remedy may not work for everyone else.

If you’re like me, you’ve raced out to tell all your friends and family of your delightful natural remedy discovery, only to find a less than enthusiastic response to your new found awareness. Most want want to hear about it, much less try it. Of those who love and trust you enough to try it – far less will experience the same astounding relief as you. Yet, it’s beneficial for you to keep a list of the things that worked for you. If and when others notice your results, they’ll get curious (perhaps) and ask you what  you are doing.

#2 – It’s been a successful remedy for centuries. This is certainly a good reason to try something, but until it has proven itself by actually resolving your problem, I don’t think it’s the best reason to rely on a particular remedy. Granted, before anything can work for you – you have to open your mind to try it and then, actually use it.

Just because a natural remedy hasn’t been used in your family, or even in your country, if it’s worked for millions of people, or been used for centuries, it’s probably worth checking into. Favorites are: Prayer (asking), Meditation (listening), exercising your Faith (Read the book, Biology of Belief for the science about how your very beliefs change cells), Acupuncture, Medical QiGong, Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), therapeutic essential oils (food grade quality only such as Young Living or DoTerra brands), consuming whole fresh (or cultured) food as medicine, moving your body–even gently to get your lymph moving, and deep breathing (such as the Yogic breathing called, Pranayama).

Did you know that you can burn Bay leaves (like sage) to use its smoke to clear the allergic response?

#3 – It’s made from common natural ingredients. This doesn’t always mean the remedy will be inexpensive, but if you read the ingredients and you can pronounce each one, you’ve at least narrowed down the list of potential side affects (granted some people are allergic to natural ingredients you can pronounce).

One of the best natural remedies I rely on for reducing sinus congestion is garlic capsules (a little tip from a registered nutritionist). Another I like, is a natural remedy for colds / flu, it’s a mixture of apple cider vinegar, garlic, onions, cayenne, horseradish, and ginger. I’ve tried a few different formulations of this concoction and it works every time. Or, I take a few drops of Young Living Thieves blend of therapeutic essential oil on my tongue and drink some water after a few seconds, or use one drop of P73 Oreganol on my tongue–depending on which oil I have handy. 

If those remedies seem too strong for you, try some warm tea and one or two of any of the following: onions, garlic, apples, oranges, turmeric, black pepper, sea salt, ginger, and/or Bragg’s Apple Cider vinegar with the Mother to your diet (one, some, or all – probably not all at the same time) while your experiencing the cold/flu and see if you don’t find some relief. I’ve tried colloidal silver – pretty good stuff, but I cannot say it works on everything every time.

I love the Moringa tree leaf for natural energy and clarity, however, I am allergic to it (and I’ve even experimented with taking a small dose, or every other day)! So, some of these things just must be tried, one at a time, in order to know if they are helpful for YOU. Currently, I am taking Magnolia Extract with Honokiol. Honokiol is being researched in conjunction with Alzheimer’s prevention — A 2012 study showed that Honokiol reduces inflammation in brain tissue and another study indicated that it may reduce neuronal (brain) cell death, a factor of Alzheimer’s disease. As a preventive, I am personally trying hemp CBD oil now.

#4 – It’s been handed down through your family (or your friend’s family) for generations. I know by this time we’re really dealing with “word of mouth” and no one in your family kept a list of who all used the remedy, for how long, and what outcome they experienced. But eh, if it’s a simple remedy and one you can wrap your mind around – why not give it a try? I once had a friend help me easily get rid of a ganglion cyst on my wrist and I am quite sure that saved me a lot of hassle as well as, hundreds of dollars. As well, I didn’t have to take any drugs for it, endure x-rays, or surgery. I was a bit skeptical at first but she swore by the remedy and it was free! I used her procedure myself in the privacy of my own home and it worked! I really love those kinds of natural remedies. My grandmother (of Native American Cherokee Indian ancestry) could take the fire out of burns with a feather light touch to the area along with an intention and prayer (a form of Energy medicine) which, was handed down generation to generation male to female, then female to male. During my youth I experienced her healing touch several times–burns on my skin always healed quickly without a blister or scar.

#5 – it’s been recommended by my alternative, integrative or complimentary doctor, nutritionist, massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, or other holistic health licensed professional. I’m sure it depends upon how much pain you’re in, or how close to death you feel, but I’ve let it be known for awhile that I’d go to a witch doctor (okay, I think the more appropriate term Shaman) if I thought they could aid my body to heal itself. I believe God always wants what is best for us and will provide us a way, even if to some that “way” seems wacky. We’re meant to live a long, healthy, and abundant life! For those of you who believe, “I’ll only try it if SCIENCE has proven it to work” odds are, you’ll suffer (and die) before science figures everything out! If something works for me – that’s MY science. Case in point, there’s no “flu season”, that’s a marketing ploy from the pharmaceutical companies! I’ve gone out in the cold with wet hair daily for years, and never “caught” a cold or flu! (My mother bought into that myth, but I’ve proven it false). And it’s also been stated that one third of all people healed via traditional medical treatments are due to the placebo effect! (Read Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief.)

I’m an observer too. And I am more than capable to log and track (uh, I’m a writer!) what works for me. I don’t care if it’s anecdotal experience. We are all anecdotes. Each of us are unique!

I’m asthma free because I never gave up until I found a combination of natural remedies that allowed my body to naturally heal from that issue. Oh, and actually I didn’t have to go to a witch doctor. Science changes – and it changes every day. Science is about experimenting, observing, testing, documenting the results, and using the same method, replicating the experiments in order to quantify and validate the results… and yet, many scientists and doctors argue and disagree!! That’s why you can’t just buy the latest book of scientific evidence on any topic. There will always be one group that says it’s quackery and one group that claims their “revelation” (what they are going to reveal) is God’s gift to humanity. Ugh. Everyone has to make money, but no one has to suffer!

#6 – It’s been recommended by my doctor. My husband’s doctor once made a quiet remark of a recommendation to my husband (I was in the room) whereby he stated that my husband “could eat a better balanced diet, OR take a few pills” while explaining that most people just “prefer pharmaceutical drugs” for their ailments. I listened respectfully, thought it really pissed me off. If the doctor would have given my husband a food diary, book on nutrition, maybe a cookbook, or calorie chart of some sort, then I might have believed his feeble attempt to change my hubby’s eating habits. Doctors only get one class on nutrition in all of their years of medical school, why? I have an idea, but you might not want to hear it! (Shhh… follow the money).

#7 – It’s been touted as effective by Prevention magazine, Dr. Oz, Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI), Natural News websites / shows, Dr. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, etc. I don’t always agree with every article I read from these authors, doctors, or publications, however these experts are scary smart! They experiment, observe, test, and track results from thousands of patients and their outcomes in a systematic way. I often try their advice because I am the brave and adventurous type. However, I don’t take just one of their opinions, studies, or books, as the end all be all. I am also careful when someone says to, “trust me”, because I only really trust my body. If one of these doctors or scientists had all the answers, they wouldn’t disagree with each other! Remember, studies can be interpreted in multiple ways!

For me, I’ve just had too many different experiences from everything I have tried, to believe the one size fits all approach. Nonsense! I’ve tried the low-fat diet and I experienced brain fog, so much so in fact, that it impacted by logical analytical thinking (my job) — and because I’m in a technical industry, I must have a highly functioning brain!

There are many ways to naturally increase beauty – even small changes can have a big impact for your health and well being.

To our feeling great, better health, and longevity,

Sheila Murrey

Your alternative health researcher, joyful wellness guinea pig, and mindful Mind-Body-Spirit guru! Reach out to me if you need a boost, or a boot, to get yourself back in charge of YOUR well-being.

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, wholly vibrant, and beautiful. And yes, it’s important to take good care of yourself because, We Are All Connected.

UPDATE 9/12/2018:

The book that’s been in the making for 13 years, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is now available for online sale and distribution (PDF format).

Buy it here:

Be the best version of who you want to be.

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