Why I bought a pulse oximeter

Why does one need a pulse oximeter?

After trips to Las Vegas NV and Sedona AZ, last October/November, I had picked up some kind of upper respiratory infection and felt ill for a few days. I had flown many times throughout the year though, and had not been sick, so perhaps I had begun to take my good health for granted.

It took about two weeks for me to fully recover, and believe me, I really wanted to feel tip top fast because I had won entry into a neolithic chamber in Ireland (I had filled out a lottery application when we had visited the site in July), and we had everything set to go—including flying over and back with friends! I couldn’t let everyone down by being sick—I had to be there in order for one of our friends to gain entry into the chamber as my guest, as it was one of the contest conditions.

Thus, in December 2019, when my husband and I went back to Ireland for the Winter Solstice at Newgrange (more on that here), I felt fit as a fiddle! And until our last day there, the weather had been cold, but beautiful with no rain.

However, 3 days after we returned I came down with a fever and bad chills that lasted for 2 whole days! I was so sick, that my upper back hurt when I coughed and that had never happened to me before in my life. Because I was so miserable, my husband decided he should take me to a walk-in clinic.

Walk-in clinics use pulse oximeters

The particular walk-in clinic I chose to visit had an x-ray machine. And at that point, I felt I might need a chest x-ray because of the stabbing back pain I felt when I coughed. I was scared that I might have pneumonia or pleurisy.

At the clinic, the physician’s assistant (PA) asked if I had any shortness of breath. That was December 26th. No one had even heard of the coronovirus at that time, but looking back, I wonder if the doctors knew. At any rate, because the PA checked my oxygen level with a pulse oximeter and it was 98%, I made a mental note to pick up one of those devices because my thought was, had I known my oxygen level was that good, I wouldn’t have gone to the clinic!

I rarely have any need to shop at a pharmacy

I don’t often shop at a pharmacy, but at the time, we lived near a little neighborhood one, which had a post office inside—maybe that’s their tactic to attract more clients (and it worked in this case). The next time I went to ship a package, I happened to spy a pulse oximeter on the shelf, so I purchased it. $24.95. What a deal, as now I hear they go for about $50.00!

Leader brand pulse oximeter

Since I have had a history of asthma (though I have been asymptomatic and not needed any pharmaceutical medications since 2005), my daughter always worries about me when I pick up a respiratory bug. I guess my husband just gets nervous whenever I am sick, no matter what.

So, we do a lot of preventive things for ourselves (like take ASEA, vitamins, eat clean, fresh, and local foods, and supplements), but one can self test to ease worrying thoughts. That reason alone, to ease anxious thoughts is reason enough to add a pulse oximeter to your medicine cabinet—right alongside your handy dandy thermometer.

And while I may err on the side of skepticism at times (I am analytical by nature), I couldn’t help but notice where this device was made! Oh, the irony!

Made in China

Focus on health

Focused on holistic health and wellness since 2005, I continue to practice all the methods and use all the protocols that made a difference to improve my health and life. The bottom line is that when we help our cells repair and rejuvenate, the rest elegantly falls into place. Would you eat toxic, synthetic food? Not knowingly I bet. That’s why I promote non-toxic products, both for internal and external use.

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