Gloves, masks, sanitizer? Oh, my!

Gloves, masks, or both?

Thankfully, I was schooled by an RN when all this COVID-19 pandemic started—on the ways to wear a mask (if nothing else, a mask discourages one from face touching), and when and how to wear gloves.

HINT: One doesn’t need to wear gloves all the time when you are out and about. Plus, you can sanitize your gloves and reuse them to save money and landfill space. As well, you can double-glove (as doctors do), as an extra precaution during certain circumstances.

Gloves, masks, or both?

I have worn the mask, not the gloves, and use essential oils or Illuminent Results hand sanitizer (when I return to my car after grocery shopping or pumping gas), followed by good hand washing and applying Primal Life Organics Hand Repair when I get home.

Illuminent Results sanitizer and Primal Life Organics Hand Repair

I use the top of the canvas bags I carry into the store and place in that small area of the cart, to cover the cart handle and push the cart. And I use the little veggie baggies while shopping and picking up items to put in and take out of the cart.

When I unload the groceries at home, I wash down the packages, bottles, and cans with dishwashing liquid—the soapy bubbles are enough, before my hubby (who is over 65), touches any of the items.

Here’s a link to my nurse friend’s proper hand washing video:

More than six weeks into this pandemic, I see people doing all sorts of things at the grocery store, but still about half take their children with them and don’t use any form of protection (and these are families, not single parents). But, I don’t want to judge them or live in fear either.

So, I get it. I can only manage my own Energy.