About this blog

The purpose and intent of this blog is to capture explorations done on all the many wonderful natural means available, which can support you in living your most vibrant life!

Natural ways of moving your body, living simply, consuming clean / organic foods, herbs and spices, natural supplements, wearing natural fiber clothing, choosing sustainability over “throw away” things, and so on.


Topics will be presented in a positive way, to help you decide what to try next and shift your life in ways that will benefit yourself, your family, and ultimately, the planet we all share.

Opinion vs. qualified health advice

If you’re struggling with a long-term temporary (chronic) health issue, you should consult with two or more qualified licensed healthcare practitioners, along with one or more experts in nutrition and detoxification. Don’t just take one doctor’s advice (who rely on surgical pharmaceutical options) to ease symptoms. Don’t listen to only one perspective about your issue.

It’s your body

Do you know who really has your best interest in mind?


Ask your health professional as many questions as you need, to ensure the information you receive is well-suited to you – as we are each unique.


Take a friend along for emotional support and reassurance while talking with health practitioners, hold your hand, ask the hard questions, or take notes for you.

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, vibrant, and beautiful. Be who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only, to offer you new ways of thinking. Information presented is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe any disease or illness. This is not a medical blog. Articles are researched information based on cited studies, and / or personal anecdotal experiences.

No information contained in ‘Your Vibrant Self’ or ‘Take It Upon Yourself’ WordPress blogs should be construed as mental or physical health care advice; each person is unique and any mental, spiritual, diet, supplement, or other health regimen should be evaluated and recommended by your own licensed health/wellness team of provider(s) based on the totality of your circumstance, and based on an evaluation of all drugs and supplements being taken, as well as dietary considerations. ‘

Your Vibrant Self’ blog, ‘Take It Upon Yourself’ blog, books, emails, and all other written communications by Sheila Murrey are provided with the intention of giving you anecdotal, and experiential information to assist you in asking more informed questions of your health/wellness team. The hope is you’ll obtain a balanced view, with fresh insights, to hold your care provider(s) responsible (if anything should go awry), so you can live more vibrantly with ease and joy.

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