Pros and Cons of Off Grid RV Living

Why are we calling it quits after 17 months in the woods?

Read on. It really comes down to sustainability. Our mental and physical sustainability.

Compare and Contrast


Through sheer will, I’ve been able to turn most of the things that challenged me, into transformative processes! And there have been good times.

  • I walked barefoot in the beach sand of the country road. (This grounded me and eased lonely feelings.)
  • I developed and committed to a daily Gratitude process, that I codified into Integrated Spiral.
  • I loved communing with the grandmother tree on the property and gaining resilience from her.
  • I enjoyed stargazing and looking at the moon on clear nights and dancing outside.
  • We enjoyed hanging out with My son, his girlfriend, and our neighbors.
  • I loved grilling food outside on my son’s Cuisinart propane grill
  • I perfected pan frying frozen salmon and tuna on a gas stove!
  • I loved the sounds of nature.
  • I loved watching the birds, bats, dragonflies, and butterflies.
  • I loved planting herbs and trees. And putting in a garden. My herbs and trees grew well.
  • I enjoyed sitting in a 3 foot deep pool on a hot day with a cold adult beverage in hand.


  • Generating enough power. I could write a book on generators now. I’m not kidding! And even though we live innthe sunshine state, we didn’t get enough sun on our solar panels to meet our needs.
  • We did use less. We turned off our RV refrigerator and bought a dorm size fridge. Used our microwave for only 30 seconds at a time, eventually quit using it after my son tried using it for 6 minutes (after we had installed a new inverter and new lithium batteries and knocked out our power—it was never quite right after that).
  • We did without our electric fireplace, which we always loved. It used too much power. My son put in a small propane buddy heater to resolve our heating needs in the winter, and that worked well.
  • We couldn’t run our built in RV vacuum. It used too much power.
  • We tried living the first few months without air conditioning. I couldn’t work (with sweat running from my armpits), and do all I was doing without AC. We had to run one dedicated generator (turning it on/off several times a day) to maintain a comfortable temp and humidity. My son had to direct wire it.
  • Speaking of my son, we had to rely on him for any handy work that had to be done. No RV tech, electrician or such would come to the country or come out during COVID.
  • Speaking of humidity, we had to deal with mold inside the RV. We removed all the cabinet doors and ran two or three small fans and two dehumidifiers to establish proper air flow and ventilation.
  • Bugs. The county doesn’t spray for mosquitoes, which is also good (reduces our toxic load), provides food for lizards, bats, etc. But we can’t step out our door without something biting us. And even while taking a shower outside in the bathhouse, we swat a few bugs away—and duck when a mama bird chose to build a nest in there!
  • Speaking of critters, we only saw one snake, but thought we heard sasquatch one night! Though that inspired a song!
  • Falling tree limbs. Yes, falling trees and branches have killed people! Enough said.
  • Our vegetable garden failed. First year it was too hot or we planted too late. Second year it rained too much.
Why are we calling it quits?


I didn’t want to pay $500 a month for RV park lot rent (that included $100 worth of electricity per month), because the park had raised its monthly rent $50 a month each year we’d lived there, and we had no amenities.

YET, after moving to the country (to my son’s property), we spent $25k+ on solar setup to live rent free Off Grid. AND after 17 months of that (mentally and physically challenging time), we are now (about to be) paying $1000 a month, plus electricity, for a 1 bedroom apartment! Hahahaha!!!

The only difference is that we’ve never lived in a 55+ community before! Hope we’ll like it!

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Green Acres

Get back to Nature they said. It will be fun they said! Life showed me what a bitch it could be!

Given all the Pros detailed above, here’s the thing: Life is unsustainable. All good things must come to an end. Bodies eventually get old and tired. And though this unique (yet old and basic) lifestyle seems like it would be fun, exciting, and glamorous—it takes W-O-R-K. A whole lotta work!

And after living on grid all our lives, we’re lazy and spoiled. And that’s okay!

March 2020, I wrote:

Learning from the trees

As Roger Miller famously sings, “You can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd.” And apparently, we can’t get enough sun on solar panels in the woods.

Yet, I continue to meditate upon what I’ve learned. This experience has bared me to my soul. I can stand strong in my power, determining with wisdom, what I can and cannot change.

Perhaps you noticed I had 11 Pros and 11 Cons to Off Grid RV living in my lists above. Choosing to stay or go really comes down to the deal breakers, and how much we are willing to put up with.

When an available apartment figuratively, fell into our laps, we felt it was the right move to make. After all, Everything in life is temporary, so why not rent?

Life is good, and God is good—ALL the time.

You can read more here (and see pictures of our off grid living:

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