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In my new book, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, I offer information on myriad holistic health and wellness modalities to those suffering from chronic ills.
When I visited OMercado (written about here), I saw a product in a big blue bottle on the shelf, but as I had just started on a program, I didn’t want to add any other new supplement, so I left the store without inquiring about it.
About a month later, I got an email from a gentleman who had read my OMercado article and asked if I was familiar with the product. Yes, that blue bottle I’d seen at the store was the liquid (revolutionary salt water molecules) supplement–and no, I had never heard of it before.
This gentleman and I talked for a couple of months, while I researched the molecules and cell signaling in general. Mostly though, I had wanted to give the nutritional program I was on, a chance to show results, before trying any other new product.

Trying the supplement

About three months after first talking with my sponsor, Ken “Zeke” Liles (a 31 year Navy veteran), I became intrigued enough to try the liquid product. I’d attended a Thursday night health meeting where they freely offered me a way to try it by applying the gel version topically (which delivers the molecules through the skin). To be clear, the gel contains the same cell signaling molecules that the liquid contains.
I was astounded how much I could feel after only one application of the gel! As well, I was given two more small dabs of the gel (in my hand–about five minutes apart), so I could continue applying more of it on my sore neck.
I was so amazed at the speed at which I could feel this product working! The gel definitely had something going on because it penetrated my skin so fast, and energized my system.

I signed up!

I was so excited about what I was feeling from the gel, I signed up to represent the company and this incredible supplement that night! I didn’t need to wait for weeks to see what additional benefits I would experience. I knew this was bigger, better, and completely different than any other supplement I had used. Plus, and for some of us in product sales — there was no pressure, no sell tactics, nothing. I actually had to ASK to sign up as an associate. That’s a huge difference between this company and other direct sales or multi-level marketing companies I’ve worked with in the past.
At that time, I was wrapping up the writing of my holistic health book, so I only made a brief mention of this product in it. But, I outlined why I needed the gel.

My first article

This article is really the most in depth information I have given anyone about my experience with this revolutionary product. I’m still experimenting with the product line also, and believe this will be a series of articles as I see and feel additional effects.
When my big box of four blue bottles arrived on our RV steps, I immediately began consuming the liquid and giving it to my husband. My hubby had returned to work after being retired for 7 years. He’d been coming home complaining each day of muscle soreness and back pain–so much so, that I’d insisted on taking him to my chiropractor!

Hubby and I both take it

I can’t speak for my hubby, but after drinking the supplement daily (2 ounces in the morning and 2 ounces in the evening), I haven’t heard him complain about his back–and this is one of the main benefits that I’ve read athletes who take this product tout.
UPDATE: Feb. 2019 my husband increased his intake to 8 ounces a day (4 ounces in the morning and 4 ounces in the evening).

Join us!

Join us and learn more about our liquid supplement here: Take It Upon Yourself.
As explained in my book and also in a previous post, I had been integrating nutritional supplements into my daily routine and experiencing improved sleep, and vitality. However, I had felt there was more that I could do. And I was still dealing with a rash that would not seem to clear–no matter what.
Therefore, I’d mainly joined the company in order to buy wholesale. I didn’t really join in order to build a business. But that all changed when I realized my team was growing week by week–through no effort at all on my part. I hadn’t even written a blog article about it!
About two weeks after I’d been taking , I noticed that I was clearing a lot of mucus from my sinuses. Much more than I had cleared any other way, save it be when I used my neti-pot. This caused me to look further into how this supplement was detoxifying my body.
Typically, when I am doing a detoxification (dietary detox) protocol, I also fast (as I’m a big fan of intermittent fasting) and undergo colon hydrotherapy to rest and restore the GI tract and clear the body’s elimination pathways.
Detox Redox.png
Thus, I am thrilled when a product comes along that hastens the detoxification process along in my body, and this is one such product. I believe the liquid supplement has hastened my detoxification, in fact, I created a t-shirt to wear to publicize this idea:

Full transparency – initial results

Now, full transparency here. I’ll tell you the good, bad, or ugly of my experience, not only the up side as I really do not believe any one product, food, or supplement is a panacea for everything that ails us.
If you have amalgam fillings, crowns, or bridges in your mouth, and if you’ve been brushing your teeth WITH hydrogen peroxide (like I had been doing for a couple of months before trying this), you may not want to hold the liquid in your mouth or swish before swallowing. This is because the hydrogen peroxide AND the supplement do something that nobody else who has taken it has ever experienced! My natural teeth turned gray! Thankfully, the result was temporary though!I’m glad it happened though because the experience caused me to do some more research, which led me to Trina Felber’s Dirty Mouth Toothpowder! Woo-hoo!
The two “before” photos of my teeth are on the left, and you can see the darker two front teeth in the picture on the right:
When I noticed that my lower teeth had turned the same gray color as my two upper front teeth, I took the full mouth picture.
Mostly, I’d only realized that my teeth had discolored after I’d done a Facebook Live at a local festival and just happened to catch myself before turning the camera around. Ugh! I was so embarrassed (but I got over it enough to share it with you here):
After that, I quit holding the supplement in my mouth when I consumed it. But, I didn’t know that the cause of all this had actually been the hydrogen peroxide that I’d been brushing with! I only discovered that from watching a Facebook Live of Trina Felber where she explained the science (almost a year later–yes, I just updated this post on Sept 10, 2019)!

Between the Dirty Mouth Toothpowder and the supplement, I have hope now, that I can keep the few natural teeth I have left in my mouth. Talk about a silver lining to the story! #NoMoreHydrogenPeroxide #DirtyMouthToothpowder

Disclaimer: Before starting any new health supplement (such as our supplement products), seek out the services of an integrative or functional medical doctor to get a baseline of your vital statistics, blood work, and so forth.

Many blessings to you all, in ALL ways.

As always, I’m your alternative health researcher, joyful wellness guinea pig, and mindful Spirit-Soul-Mind-Body guru! Reach out to me if you need a boost, or a boot, to get yourself back in charge of YOUR well-being. I’ll be offering a new holistic health & wellness coaching program soon!

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, wholly vibrant, and beautiful.

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